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One in eight councils moved to ‘life and limb care only’ for at least some people over Christmas, warns ADASS – Community Care

Surely Social Care is there to provide care where there is a need and not to redefine need due to lack of resources.

But this is not down to Local Authorities as it is not their fault there are lack of resources, for this is down to this Government and previous Tory Governments with their insane policy of austerity cuts. Forcing Local Authorities by cutting grants to make savings when in reality there were no real savings to be made, so these problems are solely at the door of this Tory Government.

As did the Tory Governments, all Local Authorities should be working together to force this Government to reimburse all the authorities with all the moneys that were withheld from them due to the austerity cuts.

The Care Act 2014 was created due to the needs required, so it should not be abandoned when the needs get greater.

Where is the ‘Duty of Care‘ from this Government.

Care needs to come from somewhere for if it does not it will and is at the door of the NHS, so not only is Social Care suffering but also the care from the NHS.

Much of this is causing safeguarding issues for which funding always has to be found.

These Governments found to money to bail out the Banks when it was the fault of the bankers, so they should be bailing out Local Authorities when the blame is the Government.


Source: One in eight councils moved to ‘life and limb care only’ for at least some people over Christmas, warns ADASS – Community Care

Children and adults with disabilities are feeling abandoned | The Star

This article is in the Toronto Star so is referring to the situations in Canada, but it could so be elsewhere.

So why are persons with disabilities and many other conditions (of which there are many) so discounted by some who do not have disabilities.

With some it will be ignorance as they will not have been, in many aspects anywhere really near persons with disabilities and do not fully understand what is occurring, what has occurred or could occur. These people where ever they are need to be educated and especially so where these persons are in positions of power and influence. As persons with disabilities have rights as do anyone and as such their rights need to be respected.

With others it will because they are selfish and will always put themselves above others be they be with disabilities or not. With these individuals to alter their beliefs will not be easy, if it is ever possible.

It is therefore that there needs to be regulations and Laws to ensure that the rights of persons with disabilities will always be respected and if they are not there will be easily effected means to ensure they are.

This is not down to special treatment being given, but that to achieve equality more may need to be done to ensure equality is achieved.

Much of this could be done by having essential welfare benefits being available which need to be claimed for.

But not all for benefits will not cater for access issues, be they to be with buildings, services, all forms of transport, work and many more as well as many other issues.

We, who do not have any disabilities take much of what there is for granted and maybe don’t notice that difficulties could arrive, but for some many difficulties will arise and there has to be means which will diminish these difficulties to ensure equality for all.

Source: Children and adults with disabilities are feeling abandoned | The Star

Family of autistic man plan legal challenge over care conditions | Social care | The Guardian

Campaigners are calling for greater efforts to provide care in the community for people with severe learning disabilities. Photograph: AA Pix/Alamy

I have for years been saying that funding for social care is extremely important, but until recently I feel no one has been listening. That is certainly true about this Government for even now they are not listening and when it comes down to the facts, it is because, in reality, they do not even care.

I therefore support this legal challenge in every aspect.

To remedy the funding situation this Government needs to immediately refund to all Local Authorities (LAs) all the money withheld by Austerity Cuts and fully refund all the COVID costs LAs have had to encounter.

Only then will there be any chance that social care could be improved and in doing so relieve some of the burden the lack of social care has been causing to the NHS and the resulting effects on health care.

But there are also other measures this Government could do, one of which to immediately allow more non-UK citizens the enter the UK so they can be employed in social care for this would go a long way to ensure more persons would be available to work in social care. But also to ensure funding is sufficient to LAs so that care providers can be able to pay their care workers a more reasonable salary, to the extent of at least £14 per hour rather that the current National Living wage of £8.91or even the Real Living wage of £ 9.90 out of London (£11.05 within London).

But others need to be improves which includes

realistic sick pay rates

travel rates

unsocial hours rates

working conditions

and more

Social care is just as important as the NHS as both are inter-reliable on each other.

Source: Family of autistic man plan legal challenge over care conditions | Social care | The Guardian

Lockdown means I can’t be there for my brother, but thankfully his carers are | Metro News

I know full well that caring is not easy for I care for my adult daughter and unlike with Adam, my daughter lives with me, but my days of doing the actual caring are long gone. Now she receives 24/7 care by carers coming into our home. In some respects this is better than with Adam, as I see her everyday, but this just brings home my inability to provide the actual care, but I do know the care she is receiving is verry good.

However, I always worry that the carers will be able to come, for will they become ill themselves and if so, will the care provider be able to send others to replace them, especially with COVID and the easily transmittable Omicron variant.

B ut, it is not just COVID, for there is a very large shortage of carers and has been for sometime, but the lack of carers is becoming more serious.

Not only because of COVID, but many other reasons

One being funding for Social Care has not been sufficiently funded for many years and this has been getting worse over the years. There has been from 2010 over 10 years of severe austerity cuts imposed on all Local Authorities, (LAs) by this and other Conservative Governments then followed by going on 2 years of COVID costs.

The salaries received by care worker are very poor, many only on the National Living Wage of £8.91 per hour, rather than the Real Living Wage of £9.90 per hour. Even the £9.90 is too low when people can earn around £14 per hour at Amazon and £13/£14 per hour at supermarkets where the responsibilities are not as demanding.

So there are low numbers of people wishing to come into the care profession, but we are all grateful for those that do. The numbers used to be supplemented by Non-UK workers, but the introduction of the Immigration Act 2021, reduced the ability of non-UK persons to enter the UK for work, especially those from the UK, which the care profession and some parts of the NHS have relied upon.

Now there is the mandatory vaccination of frontline carer and  NHS workers, with the deadline for care home workers already passed and other care and NHS workers to be here soon  in 2022.

So, this has already made that certain care home workers have had to be made unable to work in the care profession. While I agree that vaccinations are required, mandatory was not really the line to go down.

There are other difficulties, some of which are, lack of sick pay, travel allowance, working condition and much more.

Social Care has been in crisis for many years, but the crisis is now becoming much deeper, so workers  may not be there to cover as they used to be, so how will those in need of care b e able to be cared for.

This Government by design or not appears to be incapable or not wishing to solve these problem areas, so thereby causing people in need of care to suffer or even worse. This not only affects the care profession, but the very treasured NHS and while this Government says it wishes to look after the NHS, by its actions or many inactions, it is not doing so.

Yet again a very serious lack of care from  this Government. It says it cares, but in reality it does not.


Source: Lockdown means I can’t be there for my brother, but thankfully his carers are | Metro News

£300m boost for adult social care workforce through winter – Community Care

True there are some care providers who do cream off money but they are few and far between.

I am a family carer, those who provides care and are unpaid, but with advancing years and deteriorating health I now can’t provide the care required. So I applied to our Local Authority for a Direct Payment so I could employ carers myself and when we did in 1988 the rate allowed by our Local Authority was very good, but since 2010 when it was £7.20 per hour the value of the rate continued to deteriorate.

From 2011 to 2015 I was allowed only one rate uplift, which brought the rate to £8.00 per hour and in 2016 requested another and that was granted in 2019 to £9.00 per hour.

During 2020 no uplifts were allowed for anyone using Direct Payments, but a good uplift was granted in 2021 being £9.50 per hour.

However, while it was a good rate in care those care workers could have earned around £14 per hour in a supermarket or Amazon, with much less experience and responsibility required.

So, the rate for care work is in no way sufficient and no I am not creaming off any money for the LA only pays sufficient for the rate in question. Care workers in providers are getting similar.

By saying what you do you are degrading care workers and the whole care profession.

Hardly anyone wishes to come into care to receive abysmal rewards. For to do care work to a good recognised standard considerable training, dedication and the will to provide good quality care is required.

The miserly £300million goes nowhere near far enough, as it is well short of the required £1.5 billion requested. Even that falls far short of what is required to bring pay levels back to 2010, which would require at least £12 billion.

But, even that falls far short of what should be coming from this Government, for it is not just pay rates that need to be improved.

There needs to be a

recognised sick pay arrangement

alterations to the UK Immigration regulations to allow more persons wishing to do care work from outside the UK

sufficient travel expenses

allowances for unsocial hours working

and much more.

Care work is in very grave danger of being ‘run into the ground’ causing even more problems for persons requiring care, leading to calamitous deteriorations of persons in need of care and also their families, which will greatly increase the demand for care from the NHS.

We are quickly sliding into Victorian conditions, when care for the poor and vulnerable was non-existent.


Source: £300m boost for adult social care workforce through winter – Community Care

Full spirit of Care Act not being met, says DHSC ahead of return of local authority performance assessment – Community Care

This government, what more needs to be said!!

They issue these edicts but they have no clue, or do not wish to have a clue.

The Care Act 2014 was a start, but only a start and as we see Local Authorities are just ignoring it as they know, they will hardly ever be brought to account.

Yes, you can complain and maybe the complaint will be upheld, but will there be any alterations to improve, I fear not. There are Judicial Reviews but try to get a Solicitor to take one on is virtually impossible, especially on a no win, no fee basis, as to get Legal Aid is an impossibility, again down to the Government making it harder.

Local Authorities also have problems, especially with finance again down to this Government and previous Tory Governments with their austerity cuts, so much of the problems emanate from the Government, yes, the same Government who are making all the noises about non-compliance with the Care Act. Surely they should be complaining to themselves, especially to the Department of Health and Social Care, which is only connected to social care in the title for they do little else for Social Care.

They do provide some funding for the NHS, but perhaps not enough, but funding for Social Care is virtually non-existent, it is so little to have no real value.

This Government as no ‘Duty of Care’ for Social Care, which is also borne out by this disgrace of a welfare system, where benefits such as PIP. ESA and UC are so difficult to obtain, especially from the assessment process which is so much against claimants.

This Government needs to change for if it does not there will be no credible Social Care to speak of.


Source: Full spirit of Care Act not being met, says DHSC ahead of return of local authority performance assessment – Community Care

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes: national review launched – Community Care

We all know that Social care is in a very great crisis, not only Childrens, but also adult. But what does this Government do, ‘just fiddle while Rome burns’, in other words nothing of any significance.

This and previous Tory Governments have made enormous cuts to Local Authority funding and this in turn to Social care budget and lack of finance has to be a major factor.

As does the shortage of Social Workers, both this and lack of finance leading to massive overburdening of work on social workers and maybe lack of any real supervision are also factors.

While this does not mean lack of quality work should follow, but stress and many other factors are bound to be affecting working qualities.

Yes, further questioning should have took place, but when a social worker comes upon a united front from parents and maybe some resistance what is a social worker supposed to do, when coupled by possible lack of understanding. But also supervisors and care managers will also. be over worked.

This state of affairs can’t continue, but this Government has to listen and take the required actions, which is mainly down to finance, or sever lack of.

But it is not only major problems in social services departments, but in every aspect of social care, care homes, home care, etc. As there are substantial lack of staff in every area.

This Government is saying they are supplying funding, but a few million here and there is no way sufficient, as it requires billions at least £10- £12 and then it may only bring funding back to 2010 levels, which even then was insufficient.

The whole crisis is very, very severe and this only brings more pressures on to the NHS, creating even more problems.

This Government appears to be incapable of understanding the situation or more than likely not wishing to understand, but then no previous Governments have done so, no matter which party.


Source: Arthur Labinjo-Hughes: national review launched – Community Care

‘Rapidly deteriorating situation’ for social care, finds ADASS – Community Care

This is a Government who are failing to understand the situations in Social Care or not wishing to.

The staffing crisis is nothing new for there have been staff shortages for many previous years, but the situation in workforce has become even worse an d even so much more urgent due to a number of reasons

a) the inability for the Government to safeguard care homes during the COVID pandemic by allowing hospitals to discharge COVID patient directly into care homes, thereby infecting other residents and staff. This caused funding problems in care homes by reducing occupancy rates and also reducing staffing due to deaths from COVID

b) the abysmal rate of pay for care workers in all sections of social care

c) reduction in overseas workers coming to the UK due to very restrictive regulations in the Nationality and Borders Bill 2021.

c) care staff sickness rates

d) the introduction of the requirement of mandatory COVID injections for care workers

e) poor working conditions for care workers

The Government appears to have no intention of remedying any one of the above let alone all of them.

This Government is showing no ‘Duty of Care’ for the elderly and disabled people who have to rely on Social Care and have apparently washed their hands in this matter.

This is not only a very serious crisis in Social Care, but this crisis is adding to the problems in health care, so is affecting the NHS, which this Government says is one of their priorities, is this again another untruth spoken by this Government, one of many.

A total, once again, irresponsible and very uncaring Government.


Source: ‘Rapidly deteriorating situation’ for social care, finds ADASS – Community Care

Cap on care costs ‘will do little for less well off’ following government change – Community Care

In all of these calculations, where is the costs of administering such arrangements, as opposed to putting Social Care on the same basis as for health care.

Why should some with certain conditions have to pay when for people with other conditions do not, this is a conditions lottery and is discriminatory.


Source: Cap on care costs ‘will do little for less well off’ following government change – Community Care

Patients are at risk as NHS reaches unsafe “tipping point,” leaders warn government | The BMJ

So much pressure on the NHS and this Government does nothing, but that is what we have come to expect from this Government.

Now there is mandatory COVID vaccinations which will apply even more pressure, does this Government really care I doubt it.

Social care can’t help because there is severe pressures  there also and care homes could have to closed due to staff shortages, compounded by mandatory COVID vaccinations. Then in time this could also affect home care, but the Government will not help only go out of their way to hinder.


Source: Patients are at risk as NHS reaches unsafe “tipping point,” leaders warn government | The BMJ