Petition – Solve the crisis in Social Care

Funding for Social Care is creating a crisis and I have created a Petition – Solve the crisis in Social Care.

To access the petition please follow the link below and please consider to sign and then share to show your support

Please could I mention that the forthcoming Budget is an important opportunity to address the crucial issue of funding for Social Care, but will it.

  • Boris has promised, but will he keep his promise and even if money is made available will it be sufficient.
  • Boris has now mentioned it will take 5 years to get the funding, Social Care can not wait that long.
  • Boris needs to be told this is not good enough, so it is essential we keep the pressure on Boris and my petition ‘Solve the crisis in Social Care could be the means.

Please see below

We now have the New Year 2020.

However, if the ‘Crisis in Social Care’ is not Solved soon there will not be many more New Years for the care, required for persons in need of care, to be provided by Local Authorities due to their lack of funding. This will then have a much greater impact on health care provision, which is itself in crisis.

The petition is crucial to bring the crisis to the Government’s attention and then for them to take action to Solve the crisis in Social Care

For further information, please follow the link

Solve the crisis in Social Care

This Petition needs You, please sign to show your support for you will not know when you or someone in your family will need social care.



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7 thoughts on “Petition – Solve the crisis in Social Care

  1. Social care does what it says on the tin, but the tin is bare. We need to recognise that these professional put their time into a world most people never consider.


    1. I agree, that is one of the reasons Social Care does not get a good press as many are not fully aware what Social Care is, that is, until they themselves are in need of Social Care.

      I have lived and breathed Social Care for over 40 years in respect of my own family and have experienced problems all the time.

      Children’s Social Care is bad enough, but on transition to Adult Social Care it is even, many times worse and funding is one of the major problem areas.

      We keep on getting Government promises, but that is what they are, for they never, appear to come to fruition.


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