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GPs complain of ‘malicious criticism’ over plan to increase face-to-face appointments

I  believe there is misinformation and lack of understanding on all sides, being doctors, Government and patients and no one is listening to the others.

For GPs to say patients are not wanting face to face is far from what I hear, as this is leading to many misdiagnosis leading to some deaths and much suffering on patients.

Some telephone appointments are better than face to face, but many patients are not even being given a choice. There is talk of some patients being given video links, but certainly not at my practice.

But the Government is not listening as they are totally blaming GPs which is not right for much of the problem is serious lack of funding by Governments over the years.

Then patients are not seeing the true picture as they can’t believe the information coming from GPs and certainly the Government.

So it is not just down to money for there is  a serious lack of trust from and by all parties, so trust has to be gained and then also have the required investment. For trust there has to be total transparency and this is down to Government and GPs, which I can’t see coming from either side.

But it is not all down to health funding, but also a greater need for substantial funding in Social Care, which could even be a greater issue than funding for health and even a greater need on Government to fully understand all the issues in Social Care, which they are totally unwilling to do currently. For even when the Government does mention Social Care, they only appear to believe this is for the elderly, when it is for all age areas from young children through all the years to the elderly.

By not dealing with Social Care issues the Government is putting much more pressures on health, which health could well do without.

So, on reflection the Government is the major cause of the problems, followed by GPs and then patients, but to solve all need to be on-board



Source: GPs complain of ‘malicious criticism’ over plan to increase face-to-face appointments

Flintshire County Council’s Decision On Care Home Fees- A kick in the teeth! 

This is disgraceful and furthers the continuation of low pay in the Social Care sector, which has been low for far too long and in no way recognises the skills of care workers.

For to be a good care worker you do have to have skills for in care it is not just about feeding and providing forms of Personal Care, such as, toileting, washing, etc., as there are many other skills needed.

Such as, emotional support, providing care as each individual person wishes, (Person-centred Care),.

Unfortunately Social Care has never been sufficiently funded, which as led to many aspects of poor quality care being provided, as the times allowed to perform the various tasks have never been sufficient.

While sufficient funding is a major consideration, it is not the only one, for the whole aspect of social care needs to be looked at, so that it is based on person-centred care and not systems.

For a person should not have to fit a system, but the system be flexible enough to fit the person. As what is right for one person, will, most likely, not be for the next.

The whole model of social care needs to be drastically reorganised, but with the attitude of Councils, such as, Flintshire Council, this will be difficult to achieve, but a way to achieve has to be found, for then and only then, will the quality of all social care being improved.

Also the checking processes of both the Care Quality Commission, (CQC) and Local Authorities have also to be improved, so that there is more checking on actual care delivery, rather than currently, record keeping. For while record keeping is important, anything can be recorded and who guarantees this is an accurate record, especially with regards to actual care delivery.

People have a right to receive, at least, good quality care, whether they have capacity to understand what is happening to them or not.

But one of the first areas is for the Government and Local Authorities to taken on board the aspect of sufficient funding to ensure good quality care is being provided.

This is why I support the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care, https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/solve-the-crisis-in-social-care.


Source: Flintshire County Council’s Decision On Care Home Fees- A kick in the teeth! | #site_titleFlintshire County Council’s Decision On Care Home Fees- A kick in the teeth!

Katie Price: I won’t let Harvey be sectioned – it won’t happen | Metro News

Unfortunately it does happen and far too often.

The authorities know too little about autism and more than likely do not know anything.

Nobody wishes to conduct behaviours which could be challenging even the persons exhibiting the behaviours. For the are various and many ways to communicate, verbal, written, pictorial,  sign language, signing boards, brailee, video, email and many others and the behaviours exhibited by persons with autism is another form of communication. It is not their fault that the authorities fail to understand it.

It is also not the person with autism’s  choice to exhibit these behaviours . For, in many instances there will be triggers before any behaviours occur and again it is not the fault of the persons with autism that others fail to notice these triggers. You may have noticed that before any transmission where there could be flash or flashing lights that a warning is given before such broadcasts. Another could be water, such as a swimming baths. You may say, then do not go, but it may not be the presence of water, but the immersion in water, so forcing someone or pushing a person into water could cause such behaviours. These are just 2 of possible triggers, but there are many more and it may not be one trigger but a multitude of triggers either happening individually or some together.

But, no one person with autism is the same as another, for it is said, if you know one person with autism, then you will know one person with autism.

The more you know about autism, the more you will need to know.

Drugs or restrictive practices are not the answer, but understanding is certainly a start, but only a start for you will never know all the answers.

It is a continual learning curve , but not a circle.

With my own daughter I am aware of some of the signs and triggers and it I spot a situation early enough, I have more of a chance of diverting attention to calm an occasion to some extent, but not always.Shouting at her or even asking her why or other questions will only exacerbate the situation, you need to act early and calmly to have any degree of minimising the behavioural actions.

On some occasions it could be a reaction to being misunderstood, so an action emanating out of frustration, but not in anyway a choice to act in that way, it is because the frustration takes charge and the way forward is to minimise the frustration not by the autistic person, but by others present.

They are not easy situations to manage, but experience gained over the years is a bonus, but not always, for what worked yesterday is no guarantee it will work the next day or the next.

My own daughter is a wonderful person to be with and will do whatever she can to help, but when behaviours occur, it is not an unwillingness to help, but not being able to. When the situation is passed the helpful person is back, but in effect, they did not go away, but the behaviours gained control and this is, in no way her fault.


Source: Katie Price: I won’t let Harvey be sectioned – it won’t happen | Metro News

Rough sleeping crisis ‘just the tip of the iceberg’ of poverty and destitution, warn Labour

This is indeed a very serious crisis, yet another that this Governments policies and many previous Governments policies, be they be Labour or Conservative, have created and done little or nothing to solve.

Instead of playing Party politics all in Government and Parliament should be working together to manage and reduce this situation, so that both short and long-term solutions can be formed.

Improving Social Housing, in quality, quantity, costs and more would be one solution, but there are many more.

A more substantial and creative welfare benefits system would be another, one that is there to help and not punish.

Another would be to improve the legal entity, where all authorities are there to help, rather than see the problem as a reason to arrest or move persons on, so that it is a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

Another would be for the authorities to talk to the ‘homeless’ and find out from them, ‘first hand’ what could be done to solve the homelessness for each individual, as there will be many reasons for them to be homeless and be seen to be both reactive and more importantly proactive by providing what homeless people are looking for, rather than just create what authorities believe would be solutions, for the solutions will be many and there could well be a mixture of solutions.

Perhaps a more difficult one to solve would be to improve the public opinion to the homeless situation, but first the Government opinion needs to be improved considerably.

These are just some of the possible solutions, but there will be many more and the solutions will need to be ‘fluid’ so that changes, which will occur from time to time, can be accommodated quickly and responsibly.


Source: Rough sleeping crisis ‘just the tip of the iceberg’ of poverty and destitution, warn Labour

‘I wasn’t even allowed outside’: Autistic girl restrained for hours on the floor | UK News | Sky News

Holly Clark tells Sky News there were 70 incidents when she was forcibly restrained in a treatment and assessment unit.

Source: ‘I wasn’t even allowed outside’: Autistic girl restrained for hours on the floor | UK News | Sky News

Children with disabilities disproportionately affected by pandemic – iPolitics

Unfortunately, this comes as no surprise to myself, as this is usually the case, when changes occur, for persons with disabilities, certainly with intellectual disabilities, as they need more not less to be equal.

Hopefully, this has occurred by accident or lack of knowledge, which is bad enough, but if, it was done with knowledge then that would be inexcusable.

It is often the case that systems and changes to systems are implemented on the ‘one size fits all’ approach, but children, especially children with intellectual disabilities, are not automations and, therefore, do not fit the ‘one fits all’ approach.

This appears to have happened in Canada, but it could easily and does, occur anywhere in the world.

The authorities wherever and whoever they are need to understand disabilities, especially unseen disabilities, but, initially they need to understand and before that they need to understand that they need to understand.



Source: Children with disabilities disproportionately affected by pandemic – iPolitics

GENERAL ELECTION: What does the Conservatives’ victory mean for Social Care? : 61chrissterry

Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party secured a huge majority as the British public headed to the polls yesterday.


Source: GENERAL ELECTION: What does the Conservatives’ victory mean for Social Care? : 61chrissterry