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Homecare costs outstrip funding from councils, says report – BBC News

Well, at long last home care is getting some coverage, for on the few occasions social care is mentioned it is usually only regarding care homes and the elderly. But Social Care is much more than that, for there is home care, respite, care, supported living, hospices and more and covers both children and adults.

Here we have home care, which as stated, is mostly paid for through local authorities (LAs) who obtain their funding from Government. However, LAs have suffered 10 years of austerity cuts and going on 2 years of increased costs from COVID and are still not being paid the equivalent to what they were being paid in 2010. So, there is major Government failings here.

Home carers are paid, mostly from £8.91 per hour,the National Living Wage to £9.50 per hour, the Real Living Wage. So, the Care Providers have to be paid much more so they can pay their care workers, which is why there are much higher rates mentioned in the article. For Care providers, have other expenses than just paying care workers, being, office expenses, administration staff salaries, training, recruitment, payroll costs, etc.

In the article it is stating that the pay rate needs to increase to £11.20 per hour, but this is the very bare minimum, but to have any real affect the rate needs to be increased to at least £14.00 per hour and more likely £15 per hour, to offset the rates at Amazon and some supermarkets.

Most people, even the Government class care work as unskilled when it is far from it, as to provide good quality care the care workers need to know who they are caring for, provide emotional support as well as personal care, respect the choices of the person being cared for and their property, be able to understand how to use all the equipment the care for person has, adjust the care to how the person being cared for is on any particular occasion, provide meals as wished for by the person being cared for, understand their medication and much more. So, depending on the person being cared for it is very skilled to provide good quality care. Therefore not everyone is capable of being a skilled care worker.

Due to the insufficient pay there are a vast number of vacancies in social care and to get anywhere near the numbers required the UK Immigration Policy has to be altered to enable more workers from out of the  UK to gain entry to work in the UK. and this needs to be done urgently.

So, much needs to be done in respect of social care in the UK and this starts with the Government

Source: Homecare costs outstrip funding from councils, says report – BBC News

Budget 2021: NHS in England to receive £5.9bn to cut waiting lists – BBC News

It is good to see more funding coming through for the NHS, whether it is fully sufficient is open to debate.

But, the other major problem is social care, where no funding is coming forward except the way insufficient amount announced earlier and even then the main focus is on the NHS and what is coming to social care is not immediate.

So again Social Care is forgotten about, when it should not be as it is as important as the NHS, if not more so and should been seen as such. Unfortunately no one appears to recognise the importance of social care and even if they do are not prepared to do anything about it.

But, to disregard social care is done at peril, not only for those who desperately have to rely on social care, but for every social care failure it rebounds two-fold on the NHS, for it further increases care inequalities, but also causes more reliance on the NHS.

So to ignore social care is in fact a very false economy factor, for to sufficiently fund social care will provide benefits, not only for those on social care, but will mean that health deteriorations will be much minimised and therefore save costs on the NHS.

Source: Budget 2021: NHS in England to receive £5.9bn to cut waiting lists – BBC News

‘Tsunami of unmet need’: Care watchdog contradicts government with dire NHS warning | The Independent

Everyone is now telling the Government they are wrong and wrong again, for during this COVID pandemic they have been wrong more than they have been right, for they have only been right once, that being the COVID vaccine programme. Even there, that success is beginning to wane, but this Government still clings to that one success as though they are scared to do differently.

But they need to think of those who are suffering and will continue to suffer due to their inactions.

All areas of care are suffering but social care much more than health, even though the suffering in health is considerable.

Both areas are suffering because of lack of investment, social care much more than health, while both are severely short of staff for in these areas there is insufficient workforce in the UK and more are desperately needed for out side the UK.

So there are a number of actions this Government needs to do, which includes

  • ensuring the COVID vaccination programme continues to be successful both 1st and 2nd vaccinations and also the booster
  • replace the new Minister for Vaccines and Public Health Maggie Throup MP with someone who is more capable
  • increase the investment in social care so that care workers receive a salary more inline with the responsibilities they undertake, around £14-£15 per hour
  • change UK Immigration Policy to allow more persons to enter to work as care workers in social care
  • look to provide a sick pay scheme for care workers
  • improve care workers terms and conditions of employment

Only then will social care be saved, for currently it is doomed to fail and then the pressures on the NHS would increase considerably so it too would fail.

By not looking to improve social care the Government is causing much unnecessary pain and suffering.

But their first actions need to bring back mandatory face coverings and social distancing and even consider making it compulsory for all eligible persons to have the COVID vaccinations, even the booster.


Source: ‘Tsunami of unmet need’: Care watchdog contradicts government with dire NHS warning | The Independent

If Javid expects families to do all the work, social care is not being ‘fixed’ | Frances Ryan | The Guardian

This shows completely that Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Sajid Javid MP has no clue about Social Care and family carers, for family carers have been the stalwarts of providing care to their family members for many, many, years and currently save on costs of Social Care of more than £136 billion. In fact family carers tend to care for much too long and then they themselves are in need of both health and social care.

I know this for I am a Family carer and have seen my health and that of my wife decline and in respect of my wife to such an extent that she died last year. It is not just my family but many, if not all the families I know of.

All over the UK there is currently a substantial shortage of care workers for many reasons some being,

  1. abysmal rates of pay where many care workers earn less that £10 per hour and many even less than £9 per hour, when they can get around £14/15 per hour working at Amazon and some supermarkets for much less skilled work and much less responsibilities
  2. insufficient travel pay
  3. lack of sufficient holiday and sick pay
  4. unsocial hours
  5. poor working conditions
  6. lack of sufficient persons in the UK to do the work, especially to a good quality standard

Care work has to be seen as a skilled employment, rather than thought of being unskilled for a care worker should

  1. show respect for the person being cared for
  2. care with dignity
  3. be able to provide emotional support
  4. be able to provide help in managing the cared fores financials
  5. operate all the cared for persons essential equipment
  6. understand dietary needs and means of feeding
  7. respect the property of the person being cared for
  8. and many others

This Government needs to fund Local Authorities sufficiently so they can provide the funds for sufficient care to be provided.

As there is an insufficiency of suitable persons in the UK to work in the care profession to alter the UK Immigration policy to allow persons to come to the UK to work in the Care profession long-term

Only then will the ability to have consistent good quality provision of care and a consistency of carers attending to care for persons in need of care, for you can’t just walk in and provide good quality care and respect the choices of the person being cared for.

So for once and for all lets have a government who understands Social Care and is capable of funding Social Care as it should always have been, instead of being the forgotten care service. For without a good quality and consistent provision of Social Care then the NHS will have needs to cater for and bring the NHS to be unable to provide any good quality care.


Source: If Javid expects families to do all the work, social care is not being ‘fixed’ | Frances Ryan | The Guardian

Rise in national insurance could fund post-Covid boost for NHS | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Source suggests government will expedite manifesto-busting 1p rise before party conference season

£10 billion seems a lot, but not only will it not be sufficient for both the NHS and Social Care, it is not even sufficient for Social Care, as it will only bring the funding back to the 2010 level, which in itself was wholly insufficient.

Source: Rise in national insurance could fund post-Covid boost for NHS | Coronavirus | The Guardian

National Insurance: Minister refuses to deny reports of tax hike for social care – BBC News

The justice secretary says social care must be properly funded but declines to “speculate” on plans.

I completely agree that Social care should be properly funded and I would say, totally funded, but there is a problems, one of many.

Currently, is there sufficient funding to be funding back to 2010 levels which is around £10 billion, I fear not.

Then, it was not sufficient to provide all the Social Care required, as directed by the Assessments of Needs done in 2010 and funding has dropped considerably so many in need of Social Care or receiving no care or a bare, insufficient minimum.

But the problem is even deeper than that, as for many years Assessments of Need have not been sufficiently completed, as not all reasonable needs have been recorded, only those that the assessor felt would be funded. So, in affect, there is no written record of the total care needs that are required, even from 2010 and since then many more have not been recorded.

In fact, many in need of care have not been coming forward, until the situations reached a safeguarding situation and not even then, which has results in many persons suffering when they should not have been and for some the ultimate was the outcome, being deaths.

Any none covering of needs, will eventually cause even more demands on the NHS, so the continuous ignoring of the problems in Social Care has had dire effects on the NHS and will continue to do so for many years to come, even if sufficient funding is made immediately.

For Social Care can’t be looked on in isolation from health as they are so intermixed, lack of social care requiring more health involvement and with health continuing involvement as there is insufficient social care to allow discharges from health care. This causing many to be kept in hospital longer than should be or in some instances discharged before any social care has been organised, which in some respects could have caused some of the elderly discharges into Nursing Homes and the result being excess deaths from COVID-19.

To say this is now the 21st century, the complete lack of dealing with the Social Care crisis is in effect, bringing health and social care back to the 19th century or even earlier.

People in authority have to be brought to account, both currently and even more so, previously.

Funding is but one aspect, but there are many others, some being

a severe lack of people wishing to come to be employed in Social Care

Government interventions to severely restrict people wishing to come from outside the UK to work in Social Care

Abysmal rates of pay for the work undertaken and the responsibilities

Poor working conditions

In some instances the lack of dignity and respect by persons working in Social Care for the persons they are caring for

The lack of sufficient quality of care supervision by, not only, Care Providers but also the Statutory Authorities, which includes Local Authorities and CQC(Care Quality Commission) which has been shown in Winterbourne Scandal, and many more since.

Much needs to be done, but there is very little action being taken currently and this needs to change immediately, for it appears this Government are happy to see deaths to occur as this reduces the amount of persons needing to be looked after.


Source: National Insurance: Minister refuses to deny reports of tax hike for social care – BBC News

After scandals like Winterbourne View, why is basic decency still remarkable? | Sara Ryan | The Guardian

It is a continual shame on our Society that these abuses for persons with learning (Intellectual) disabilities and/or Autism are still occurring, not just occasion ally, but with regularity.

What ‘have we learned’, or should it be ‘why have we not learned’ for the immortal phrase ‘Lessons will be Learned’, which is always stated but never accomplished or is it even, never started.

For to learn there has to be a wish to do so, not just for a few but all.

It should be that everyone receives good quality care, but they do not. Some put forward the lack of a reasonable pay structure, but would increasing pay for carers really make any difference, for good quality and consistent care should be there no matter how much a person earns.

Not to say that carers should not be receiving a reasonable salary for the work that they do, for they should and the starting point should be the Real Living Wage and not the National Living Wage or even less if the carer is below age 23.

Unfortunately it is not just the Care and Treatment Centres that abuses occur for they could occur in any care setting, be it care homes, home care, supported living, respite, etc.

Is CQC, (Care Quality Commission) up to checking on the quality of care, well that is the question, for they should be, but I feel so much time is spent checking on records and insufficient on actual care delivery. I say this for anything can be written in a record, but actual care delivery is there for all to see.

It is so true that care is nowhere sufficiently funded and the total blame can’t be placed on Local Authorities for they are funded by the Government to a large extent and this and previous Governments have failed completely to fund Social Care anywhere near sufficiently.

Again it is true that the Government do not directly fund Social Care, but forward a grant to local authorities (LAs) for their complete areas of responsibilities and  LAS then split the grant over all their responsibilities, but it is the Grants that woefully insufficient. Not only tat but for 10 years LAs were subjected to Austerity Cuts in order to make savings, where savings could not realistically be made, so cuts were the order of the day.

Not only that, but then there have been the additional costs due to COVID, which the Government promised to cover, which they have to some extent, but not all.

So how do I view Government promises, well with great speculation and never believe that the promises will ever be fulfilled and to some extent never even kept at all.

So will care ever be good and consistent, well I always hope so, but then we all need to keep our eyes and ears open and report without any delays when we see and/or hear that they are not being.

Safeguarding is the responsibility for everyone of us and any concerns or alerts always need to be reported.

Source: After scandals like Winterbourne View, why is basic decency still remarkable? | Sara Ryan | The Guardian

A ‘national shame’: MPs demand an end to some autistic people being detained for years | UK News | Sky News

I do not usually agree with MPS, but in this instance I agree wholeheartedly with them for hospitals ate supposed to be there to cure persons with illnesses and autism and learning disabilities (LD) are not illnesses, but conditions and there is no cure. To give the impression there is should be made illegal and not, as currently incorporated into Law. Hospitals are not supposed to be prisons for you always have a right to leave an hospital, even if it is not recommended, unless it is deemed you do not have the capacity to do so. In which case, a ‘Best Interest Advisor is appointed, under the terms of DoLS (Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards) in the Mental Health Act 1983 as amended in Mental Capacity Act 2005.

It is totally wrong to place persons with autism and also learning disabilities in any form of captivity as not only is this restricting their freedom, but the whole act of restriction makes their condition worse, and it is this worsening, which is usually used to justify their continued admission.

They are not being helped, but are in effect being kept out of Society by misguided intentions and making them have a worsening quality of life, so I agree the Institutions need to be closed.

But by the reliance on these institutions nothing is being done to create much more suitable accommodations, where their freedoms are respected with appropriate care being offered.

This will require a whole new process, much more funding and employment and training of staff. Also a re-education of many Health, Justice, Social Care and Legal staff and organisations. In fact, in reality the Care and Treatment facilities and not that much different to the Mental health institutions they were meant to replace. In these many of the persons with Mental health issues have been discharged into the community but not that many LD and autism have.

It is a disgrace and should be illegal that the required funding for improvements are not being funded. But, to some extent this is all connected with the complete in ability to fund Social Care and not fully fund health and mental health, due to political motives.

All these areas of health and care have to be fully funded, completely sufficient training be made available and for staffing levels to be filled 100%, if not we can’t say the UK is provided first class care to everyone.

If a realignment of capital spending is required then so be it for only then could we say the UK is working to provide good quality life for all of its population and not just a stated few.

: A ‘national shame’: MPs demand an end to some autistic people being detained for years | UK News | Sky News

People with learning disabilities had higher death rate from COVID-19 – GOV.UK

What the LeDeR information may not be reporting is that some of the persons with Learning Disabilities who have died from COVID could well not be able to have the vaccines as they could be averse to needles and due to their Learning Disabilities will not be able to understand the importance of overcoming their aversion so they could have the vaccines.

Thereby, due to this aversion they could well be still shielding and may not understand why they are not going out as they used to, this is the case with my own daughter, who under the ‘Best Interest’ is not going out, so she is protected more from catching COVID. Thus behaviour issues may be more prevalent, which have to be managed by their carers or family members. In their own interests their freedom of movement is being affected.

There is special Needle Aversion therapy available for persons with Learning Disabilities, but there is a very long waiting list to be assessed and then their ability to understand, will also be a factor in whether the therapy will be affective.

Even more problems that persons with learning disabilities have to contend with, but is the Government listening, I very much doubt they are, for they have not appeared to have been in the past. I take this view due to Government actions or is is much more, their in actions with regards to persons with Learning Disabilities, their apparent lack of concern to the crisis  within Social Care, which this Government are still to deal with, just as many previous Governments have failed to do.

Social Care is a forgotten health service, be it by design or not, the very urgent crisis is still not being dealt with, as though people with learning disabilities are not seen as a body of people in the UK.

It is not just the lack of dealing with the ‘Social Care Crisis, , but their whole concept of disability, the impressions they create for the general population around disabilities, the way the benefit system is managed, the lack of concern to ensure that the the UK is truly fully integrated in the terms of ‘Equality’. as there are still too many areas within the UK where equality is nowhere equal. Such as, access to buildings and transport, the benefits system, attitudes of Government departments, comments made by politicians, MPs and Ministers, even the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, MP and other senior Ministers.

Yes, much as been done with legislation, but there is still a long way to go to make the UK a fully equal nation.




Source: People with learning disabilities had higher death rate from COVID-19 – GOV.UK

NHS facing ‘unforgivable’ workforce crisis as number of doctors stands 25 years behind similar EU nations | Yorkshire Post

This is disgraceful, but it is what occurs when Governments are responsible for financing organisations, for the finance given is only what each Governments feels is sufficient, not whether it is sufficient or not.

It is the same with pay rises, which is of course a matter of concern currently, as only a derisory 1% has been put forward so far. But even when a pay uplift is authorised, it is usual for no additional funding to be given, but just taken from the funding already in place, so thereby making an insufficient funding even more insufficient.

Is this the way for any organisation to be funded, well the answer is no and especially an organisation, such as the NHS, which is a very essential service.

But, at least they are receiving some increased funding, which can’t be said for social care, for if the NHS is in crisis, the crisis in Social Care is even more so. When considering the close relationship between the NHS and Social Care is even more worrying news, for any crisis in Social Care will cause even more demands on the NHS, causing even more demands on the insufficient funding on the NHS.

So, what is the answer, well the answer is that both the NHS and Social Care need to be sufficiently fund, not tomorrow, but immediately, for any delays will only increase the extent of the crisis in both the NHS and Social Care.

This is why I support the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,


So if you care for either the NHS or Social Care or both, then you need to be considering supporting this petition.


: NHS facing ‘unforgivable’ workforce crisis as number of doctors stands 25 years behind similar EU nations | Yorkshire Post