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Cap on care costs ‘will do little for less well off’ following government change – Community Care

In all of these calculations, where is the costs of administering such arrangements, as opposed to putting Social Care on the same basis as for health care.

Why should some with certain conditions have to pay when for people with other conditions do not, this is a conditions lottery and is discriminatory.


Source: Cap on care costs ‘will do little for less well off’ following government change – Community Care

University of Sheffield study reveals reasons why some care workers remain unvaccinated | The Star

The majority of unvaccinated care workers who fear losing their jobs as a result of mandatory vaccination ruled did not receive the jabs due to poor working conditions, a University of Sheffield study reveals.


It is well-known that the working conditions and pay for care workers are exceedingly poor and I can quite believe that these are some reasons why some care workers did not get vaccinated, no sick pay being another valid reason. These areas need to be rectified, but this is again down to the Government, yes, the same Government who introduced this no vaccination policy.

Why is it down to Government, well Social care is mainly financed by Local Authorities, (LAs) paying Care Service Providers so they in turn can pay their care workers. But to do this LAs rely to a large extent on the Government Grants they receive to finance Social Care and many other areas under the control of LAs. But since 2010 LAs were subjected to austerity cuts by successive Tory Governments, for 10 years to force them to make saving where in most instances there were not savings to be made, except by reducing funding for essential services with social care being made. LAs had to make many redundancies within their own workforces meaning services to residents where also reduced and maybe even cost much more.

Currently these cuts have not been dealt with by this Government in reimbursing LAs for all the funding, which in my view was taken away without due consideration on how services would be continued, So with costs increasing to inflation as well as salary increases with regards to at least increases in the National Living Wage, which were required, but it is not in any way a ‘Living Wage’ for from it and taxable as well, surely the Tax free allowances should be as the National Living Wage.

Now we see from the University of Sheffield study this austerity legislation and the inability or down-right refusals to reimburse these cuts is leading to persons not complying with other legislation from this Government re COVID vaccinations.

Care workers, especially in Care Homes have been considerably let down by this Government, letting COVID patient be discharged from hospitals is but one let down. But it is not just care workers who have been let down, but also the persons in need of care and also their families.

MPs are saying they can’t exist on their salaries, which are far in excess of those for care workers. There is already a large insufficiency of care workers and this will only make matters worse.

Not only that, but the problems in social care caused by the Government are also affecting the NHS for people are becoming more sick and hospitals are having bed shortages as there is not the availability of aftercare for persons who could be discharged from hospitals.

Care is interrelated within health and social care for one can’t exist without the other.

Hospitals are again in crisis, but this Government is still unwilling to reintroduce mandatory wearing of face covering and social distancing, surely the least this Government should do.

This Government is failing in all areas, is it a ‘Nero Government’, Emperor Nero was supposed to have ‘fiddled while Rome burnt‘. well it is looking like it is fiddling something or is that just ‘Boris’.

Social Care needs much more additional funding and while I agree everyone in all aspects of front-line care should be vaccinated, is mandatory really the only way.


Source: University of Sheffield study reveals reasons why some care workers remain unvaccinated | The Star

Care Workers Charity responds to extension of vaccination legislation to wider care and health settings Care Workers Charity responds to extension of vaccination legislation to wider care and health settings

Care Workers Charity responds to extension of vaccination legislation to wider care and health settings The Care Workers Charity is disappointed in today’s government announcement which will make vaccination a condition of deployment in health and wider social care settings which will impact not only healthcare staff, but also former social care workers who were forced to leave the sector to move to the NHS


There is a conflict here between a persons Human Rights and the Duty of Care but this is not new for is there the same objections to having the Hepatitis B injection. A person in any frontline care occupation needs to fully abide by the Duty of Care and by not having all vaccinations to safeguard the persons they are caring for they are failing in that Duty of Care.

To try to strengthen their argument they are raising the issue of the abysmal rates of pay and the misguided view that care work is unskilled for the pay is extremely abysmal when it should not be and the work that care workers due, especially when it is good quality care, which it should always be. For providing care should not be just attending work and provide care to any standard, for it should always be to a good quality standard where the choices and dignity of those being cared for are always being abided by.

Unfortunately in some instances care provided is on the basis of ‘one fits all, when care to provide good quality should always be on an individual basis in such a way that choice and dignity ate always respected for why should a cared for person be cared for in a way which is not of their choice.

Much needs to be done in the caring profession and that includes being paid in line with the responsibilities being undertaken, which I feel should be in the region of at least £14 per hour rather the £10 or even less per hour.

But this would require the same Government who are insisting on care workers being fully COVID-19 being fully vaccinated for one should not be without the other.

So, the Government is wrong, but for different reasons for no one should be forced to work on an insufficient salary basis, so with immediate effect all care workers should be entitled to receive a pay of at least £14 per hour, while a starting rate of £15 would be more appropriate.

So I say to the Government to immediate reverse all austerity cuts to Local Authorities (LAs) and to raise the grant so to that LAs can pay Care Providers sufficient for the Care Providers to pay their care workers at least £14/15 per hour to make the employment more attractive for people to enter.

As weel i would say the Government need to include Care work as one of the protected employments for immigration purposes, so that will require an immediate alteration to the UK Immigration rules.

There is much more to be done as care workers need to have their terms of employment greatly improved, so that all travel expenses are covered, guaranteed holiday and sick pay paid, a easily seen career structure introduced, additional pay for any further skills required, such as specialised feeding, dispensing medication, working with special mobility equipment, such as hoists and standing aids, working unsocial hours and much more.

Care work is essential work so that our most loved relatives can be cared for with good quality care being guaranteed and the care workers should be viewed as the great workers they are and have working terms and conditions that fully respect their skills.


Source: Care Workers Charity responds to extension of vaccination legislation to wider care and health settings Care Workers Charity responds to extension of vaccination legislation to wider care and health settings

Funding boost for councils not enough to address ‘disastrous’ state of social care, warn sector bodies – Community Care

Many are saying that caring should be brought back in-house to council as there were no problems.

But, I say these people may not have seen problems, but problems there were for there was no control on who comes to care, so lack of choice and many did not respect the people who they were caring for, because their view we are employed by the council and are therefore untouchable.

Now people can employ their own carers and they are the employers so the carers are directly responsible to the person they are caring for.

Yes, I believe these people are looking through ‘rose coloured’ glasses or perhaps even too dark sunglasses.

The real problem here is the complete lack of sufficient funding for social care, which in my view has never been sufficiently funded always the poor relation to health.

This is not the fault of councils, but many previous Governments who have refused to seriously look at Social Care.

Made worse by 10 years of austerity cuts and then additional costs through COVID, so the complete blame is down to the Government, who are still not listening.

Yes, the money put to councils for social care may be a record, but also was the money kept from councils.

The money being put forward is ‘chicken feed’, which is better than nothing, but certainly not much better, as it should be more in the realm of £12 billion and that would only bring social care to the 2010 level, which was again extremely insufficient.

With NI contributions the rate of 2% for those earning over £967 a week (£4,189 a month) should be at least 12% or more. So that all are making a real contribution for social care.


Source: Funding boost for councils not enough to address ‘disastrous’ state of social care, warn sector bodies – Community Care

Homecare costs outstrip funding from councils, says report – BBC News

Well, at long last home care is getting some coverage, for on the few occasions social care is mentioned it is usually only regarding care homes and the elderly. But Social Care is much more than that, for there is home care, respite, care, supported living, hospices and more and covers both children and adults.

Here we have home care, which as stated, is mostly paid for through local authorities (LAs) who obtain their funding from Government. However, LAs have suffered 10 years of austerity cuts and going on 2 years of increased costs from COVID and are still not being paid the equivalent to what they were being paid in 2010. So, there is major Government failings here.

Home carers are paid, mostly from £8.91 per hour,the National Living Wage to £9.50 per hour, the Real Living Wage. So, the Care Providers have to be paid much more so they can pay their care workers, which is why there are much higher rates mentioned in the article. For Care providers, have other expenses than just paying care workers, being, office expenses, administration staff salaries, training, recruitment, payroll costs, etc.

In the article it is stating that the pay rate needs to increase to £11.20 per hour, but this is the very bare minimum, but to have any real affect the rate needs to be increased to at least £14.00 per hour and more likely £15 per hour, to offset the rates at Amazon and some supermarkets.

Most people, even the Government class care work as unskilled when it is far from it, as to provide good quality care the care workers need to know who they are caring for, provide emotional support as well as personal care, respect the choices of the person being cared for and their property, be able to understand how to use all the equipment the care for person has, adjust the care to how the person being cared for is on any particular occasion, provide meals as wished for by the person being cared for, understand their medication and much more. So, depending on the person being cared for it is very skilled to provide good quality care. Therefore not everyone is capable of being a skilled care worker.

Due to the insufficient pay there are a vast number of vacancies in social care and to get anywhere near the numbers required the UK Immigration Policy has to be altered to enable more workers from out of the  UK to gain entry to work in the UK. and this needs to be done urgently.

So, much needs to be done in respect of social care in the UK and this starts with the Government

Source: Homecare costs outstrip funding from councils, says report – BBC News

Adult social care needs £6.1bn funding boost to end ‘low cost low value, low outcome’ approach – Community Care

Adult social care needs in England £6.1bn of additional funding to overhaul a ‘low cost, low value, low outcome’ approach and realise its full potential, a study has found.



Adult social Care certainly does need £6.1 billion and I would say more, maybe even to £10 billion and in doing so no one should forget Children’s Social Care which is also well underfunded.

The lack of Government funding in Social Care is a disgrace and no one should accept it.

Austerity cuts have caused many problems, with many if not all still to be rectified and Local Authorities are still being asked to make savings.

But, there are no savings to be made, only reducing services which are already severely reduced and thereby quality is suffering.

It could be said that when austerity came in there were insufficient areas in which cuts could be made, but the Government were demanding cuts and look where these cuts have left us, as shown through the COVID pandemic and is still doing so.

The government needs to live in the real world and see the suffering being caused to the most vulnerable in English Society.

But I feel this Government does not care about the vulnerable as this has been borne out in the policies that have been introduced.

By not sufficiently investing in Social Care by this and previous Governments this is causing even more drain on NHS resources, when they are already stretched thinly.

So, I call on the Government, for once to show that they do care and make all the required investments in Social Care, not in 3 or more years time, but immediately, as time is not on the side of Social Care.


Source: Adult social care needs £6.1bn funding boost to end ‘low cost low value, low outcome’ approach – Community Care

If Javid expects families to do all the work, social care is not being ‘fixed’ | Frances Ryan | The Guardian

This shows completely that Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Sajid Javid MP has no clue about Social Care and family carers, for family carers have been the stalwarts of providing care to their family members for many, many, years and currently save on costs of Social Care of more than £136 billion. In fact family carers tend to care for much too long and then they themselves are in need of both health and social care.

I know this for I am a Family carer and have seen my health and that of my wife decline and in respect of my wife to such an extent that she died last year. It is not just my family but many, if not all the families I know of.

All over the UK there is currently a substantial shortage of care workers for many reasons some being,

  1. abysmal rates of pay where many care workers earn less that £10 per hour and many even less than £9 per hour, when they can get around £14/15 per hour working at Amazon and some supermarkets for much less skilled work and much less responsibilities
  2. insufficient travel pay
  3. lack of sufficient holiday and sick pay
  4. unsocial hours
  5. poor working conditions
  6. lack of sufficient persons in the UK to do the work, especially to a good quality standard

Care work has to be seen as a skilled employment, rather than thought of being unskilled for a care worker should

  1. show respect for the person being cared for
  2. care with dignity
  3. be able to provide emotional support
  4. be able to provide help in managing the cared fores financials
  5. operate all the cared for persons essential equipment
  6. understand dietary needs and means of feeding
  7. respect the property of the person being cared for
  8. and many others

This Government needs to fund Local Authorities sufficiently so they can provide the funds for sufficient care to be provided.

As there is an insufficiency of suitable persons in the UK to work in the care profession to alter the UK Immigration policy to allow persons to come to the UK to work in the Care profession long-term

Only then will the ability to have consistent good quality provision of care and a consistency of carers attending to care for persons in need of care, for you can’t just walk in and provide good quality care and respect the choices of the person being cared for.

So for once and for all lets have a government who understands Social Care and is capable of funding Social Care as it should always have been, instead of being the forgotten care service. For without a good quality and consistent provision of Social Care then the NHS will have needs to cater for and bring the NHS to be unable to provide any good quality care.


Source: If Javid expects families to do all the work, social care is not being ‘fixed’ | Frances Ryan | The Guardian

Labour Members Vote In Favour Of £15 Minimum Wage | HuffPost UK

On the face of it this appears to be good news, provided Labour get in and do not renege on their promises, for nothing is ever certain.

I was campaigning for at least  £14, but £15 is even better, but is it?

Many organisations will be able to comply, without much bother but what about those organisations that are on restrictive incomes or uncertain incomes, for here I am relating to charities who have to bid for much of their income from ever reducing sources.

it could be that to pay £15 they would have to reduce the hours worked, so in effect the individuals would not be better or even worse if those reduced hours brought their reduced hours to be low the hours required to be eligible for certain tax credits.

Then we have the care profession, and yes, the good care workers should be on £15 or even much more, but for providers to pay that then their rates they charge for care would also have to be considerably increased and their is no mention of that. For Government controls what is paid to Local Authorities who in turn pay the care providers so they in turn pay their care workers.

For this to be achievable the total withdrawn under austerity cuts would have to be returned to Local Authorities and much much. For if the austerity cuts were to be reversed today this would only bring local authorities funding to 2010 levels, which due to the passage of time would have to be uplifted to account for inflation.

But 2010 levels even uplifted for inflation are way too insufficient to account for payments into social care, for in my view social care has never been sufficiently funded  by having an underfunded social care this has a bearing on the NHS, which in itself is also underfunded, but not to the enormous scale of the underfunding of social care.

The crisis in social care is very dire and not all is down to funding, for much is also down to the lack of persons willing to enter the care profession, and this could be partly remedied by allowing persons from outside the UK to enter so they could become employed in social care, but the current Government immigration policy does not allow for this. But it appears there are to be some temporary lifting for lorry drivers and some others, but no mention of social care.

Social Care has to be part of increased funding, substantial increases of funding as well as substantial permanent changes to the immigration policy and then look at working conditions, guaranteed travel pay and sickness and holiday pay as well as unsocial hours payments.

If not social care will not survive which means neither will the NHS.



Source: Labour Members Vote In Favour Of £15 Minimum Wage | HuffPost UK

Care homes are desperately short of staff – why no emergency UK visas for them? | Simon Jenkins | The Guardian

The main difference between lorry drivers and care staff is that the Government feel they will have public support for any U-turn on lorry drivers but not for social care. This is due to the mistaken public opinion of care workers, which is reinforced by Government policy.

Also the Government feels the u-turn will be a quick fix and then the visas will be no more, but for care the visas will need to be long going, perhaps forever.

Also haulage firms are deciding to pay lorry drivers more, but this is not a luxury that is available in care, as because of years of underfunding of local authorities and even more so with the 10 years of austerity cuts the funding is not there for local authorities to pay care providers more so they in turn could pay their care workers more, with most of them only on the currently National Living Wage of £8.91 per hour or at least no more than £10 per hour when they could receive around £14 per hour for working in Supermarkets and Amazon for a much less skilled job than care and certainly much less responsibility.

I also, once again wish to stress that social care is not just for the elderly and care homes for many children and certainly adults are in need of receiving social care in home care, supported living, respite, hospices and more.

I agree the Government needs to do more for care but will they for they know the public support is not there, but many of the public are in denial for there will come a time when they themselves could well be in need of social care, but if something is not done urgently then social care could not be there when they themselves need it.

Also it needs to be said that for any deficit in social care more need is placed on the NHS, which the public do care about.


: Care homes are desperately short of staff – why no emergency UK visas for them? | Simon Jenkins | The Guardian

Vulnerable patient’s death at private hospital is a ‘scandal’, says mother | Hospitals | The Guardian

Yet another scandal regarding to persons with learning Disabilities, so why are these situations allowed to happen and why are there no prosecutions on the persons who allowed the scandals to occur, where is the accountability.

Where is the public outcry?

Where is the Government action?

What are the Legal Authorities doing?

What are the authorities doing about the supervision and monitoring of all the various areas which are involved in the caring of persons with Learning Disabilities?

So many What’s and Where’s, but are any being answered, I fear not and if not why.

Is Learning Disability and/or Autism really at the forefront of Safeguarding and if not why not?

Is this Government doing all it can to safeguard persons with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism and as any previous Governments done so? On all counts I regret the answer is no.

In the UK there are approximately 1.5 million people with a Learning Disability (2019), with approximately 1% of the UK population has autism

More information regarding Learning Disability in Yorkshire and Humber (2012)

In 2020 the Population of the UK was around 67 million

There is a NHS Learning Disability Register, please if you have a learning Disability or you have a relative with a Learning disability please ensure you or they are recorded on the Register

In Sheffield there is a local Sheffield Learning Disability Register please ensure if you are in Sheffield with a Learning Disability you are also on this register, you can register by using this form.


Source: Vulnerable patient’s death at private hospital is a ‘scandal’, says mother | Hospitals | The Guardian