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Homecare costs outstrip funding from councils, says report – BBC News

Well, at long last home care is getting some coverage, for on the few occasions social care is mentioned it is usually only regarding care homes and the elderly. But Social Care is much more than that, for there is home care, respite, care, supported living, hospices and more and covers both children and adults.

Here we have home care, which as stated, is mostly paid for through local authorities (LAs) who obtain their funding from Government. However, LAs have suffered 10 years of austerity cuts and going on 2 years of increased costs from COVID and are still not being paid the equivalent to what they were being paid in 2010. So, there is major Government failings here.

Home carers are paid, mostly from £8.91 per hour,the National Living Wage to £9.50 per hour, the Real Living Wage. So, the Care Providers have to be paid much more so they can pay their care workers, which is why there are much higher rates mentioned in the article. For Care providers, have other expenses than just paying care workers, being, office expenses, administration staff salaries, training, recruitment, payroll costs, etc.

In the article it is stating that the pay rate needs to increase to £11.20 per hour, but this is the very bare minimum, but to have any real affect the rate needs to be increased to at least £14.00 per hour and more likely £15 per hour, to offset the rates at Amazon and some supermarkets.

Most people, even the Government class care work as unskilled when it is far from it, as to provide good quality care the care workers need to know who they are caring for, provide emotional support as well as personal care, respect the choices of the person being cared for and their property, be able to understand how to use all the equipment the care for person has, adjust the care to how the person being cared for is on any particular occasion, provide meals as wished for by the person being cared for, understand their medication and much more. So, depending on the person being cared for it is very skilled to provide good quality care. Therefore not everyone is capable of being a skilled care worker.

Due to the insufficient pay there are a vast number of vacancies in social care and to get anywhere near the numbers required the UK Immigration Policy has to be altered to enable more workers from out of the  UK to gain entry to work in the UK. and this needs to be done urgently.

So, much needs to be done in respect of social care in the UK and this starts with the Government

Source: Homecare costs outstrip funding from councils, says report – BBC News

‘Tsunami of unmet need’: Care watchdog contradicts government with dire NHS warning | The Independent

Everyone is now telling the Government they are wrong and wrong again, for during this COVID pandemic they have been wrong more than they have been right, for they have only been right once, that being the COVID vaccine programme. Even there, that success is beginning to wane, but this Government still clings to that one success as though they are scared to do differently.

But they need to think of those who are suffering and will continue to suffer due to their inactions.

All areas of care are suffering but social care much more than health, even though the suffering in health is considerable.

Both areas are suffering because of lack of investment, social care much more than health, while both are severely short of staff for in these areas there is insufficient workforce in the UK and more are desperately needed for out side the UK.

So there are a number of actions this Government needs to do, which includes

  • ensuring the COVID vaccination programme continues to be successful both 1st and 2nd vaccinations and also the booster
  • replace the new Minister for Vaccines and Public Health Maggie Throup MP with someone who is more capable
  • increase the investment in social care so that care workers receive a salary more inline with the responsibilities they undertake, around £14-£15 per hour
  • change UK Immigration Policy to allow more persons to enter to work as care workers in social care
  • look to provide a sick pay scheme for care workers
  • improve care workers terms and conditions of employment

Only then will social care be saved, for currently it is doomed to fail and then the pressures on the NHS would increase considerably so it too would fail.

By not looking to improve social care the Government is causing much unnecessary pain and suffering.

But their first actions need to bring back mandatory face coverings and social distancing and even consider making it compulsory for all eligible persons to have the COVID vaccinations, even the booster.


Source: ‘Tsunami of unmet need’: Care watchdog contradicts government with dire NHS warning | The Independent

Disabled Man Hopes To Challenge Benefit ‘Hospital Rule’

Another benefit rule which makes little sense for many reasons.

But one of the reasons it is there to offset double charging for while in hospital it is deemed that the hospital will provide all means of care so therefore there should be no costs for any other person to do so. However, this does not take in to account persons with Complex needs, whereby care needs to be provided by someone who really knows the person.

But is it really cost effective, as how many instances does this occur in, and in doing so is the cost of stopping the benefit and then recommencing more than paying the benefit double.

Then in this instance when the usual care is required in order to to stop suffering for the cared for person to be present, then it needs to be paid but there are no mechanisms to do so, so this requires and urgently requires a change in the payment rules. For it would not be cost effective and again no mechanism to do so for the hospital to take over payment to the carer.

What also needs to be considered as by not paying a carer what is the carer supposed to do, for they will most likely not be able to care for themselves without the payments and may need to start caring for another person and therefore not be available when the original person is eventually to be discharged from hospital. So then is the person discharged without suitable care being there, or not discharged thereby retaining a bed from being freed for another patient.

The common thought that care can be provided by anyone is is very misunderstood, for in most instances, if not all, it is not true, that is for good quality care to be provided. To get someone will take time and then to be well trained even more time, so discharge could be delayed for months.

Care is very skilled to do it correctly, again not fully realised if realised at all by many, especially the Government who make up all this ridiculous rules and regulations, without any consideration for the carers and those being cared for.

All this , also assumes that there are sufficient people available to do care which there is not again down to the Government in many ways, some which are

great insufficiency of investment in care

this also does not provide sufficient funding for a sufficient salary to be paid to the carer for providing care

lack of reasonable terms and conditions of employment for carers

restrictions in UK Immigration policies to allow more persons to enter the UK to be employed in the care profession

plus much more

Everything is against carers and care being provided of good quality and sufficient remuneration, so the care for are being abandoned by not only this Government all all previous Governments and this and those other Government should be ashamed and made accountable for their inactions with regards to care and allowing carers and the cared for to suffer.

Same Difference

A disabled man who had his welfare benefits paused when he spent more than 28 days in hospital, is hoping to challenge the rule in court.

Cameron Mitchell, 20, from Carlisle, cannot walk or speak, and has seizures. He spent 128 days at the Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Current rules mean he lost his payments while still needing carers, and he has applied for a judicial review.

The Department for Work and Pensions has been contacted for a comment.

‘Needs don’t change’

Mr Mitchell receives Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and his mother and carer – Nicola Clulow – receives a Carer’s Allowance.

Under current regulations, known as the “hospitalisation rule”, a person’s entitlement to their benefits is suspended if they have received care in hospital for more than 28 days.

Legal firm, Leigh Day, has applied for a judicial review – where a judge considers the lawfulness of a decision or…

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Covid cases Sheffield: Infection rate on the rise as Government dicusses ‘Plan B’ to tackle autumn infection spikes | The Star

Too much is not being done, as Plan B needs to be implemented now before the situation worsens any further. However, this Government are Ace at not doing and leaving plan to the last minute to implement, or more often than not well after than they should have.

Their only success was the COVID vaccination programme and now that appears to be failing, but this Government still looks at the success as the only way out. That is completely wrong as all measures have to be implemented, for only relying on one is a very false premise.

So with immediate effect they need to bring back mandatory wearing of face-masks and social distancing, maybe, even working from home.

Also sack the new Minister for Vaccines and Public Health Maggie Throup, MP as she appears to be worse than useless, unlike her predecessor, the former Minister for Vaccines and Public Health Nadhim Zahawi, MP.

What they can’t do is nothing, which they are doing currently, for if they had implemented actions, previously then, perhaps we would not be in this situation. The former is now with hindsight, but not now, so Plan B needs to be implemented immediately, so there is more to rely on than the vaccine and booster vaccination programme.

To not do so will see COVID continue to take off and the collapse of the NHS, as well as Social Care.


Source: Covid cases Sheffield: Infection rate on the rise as Government dicusses ‘Plan B’ to tackle autumn infection spikes | The Star

Covid: Bring back rules amid rising cases, urge NHS chiefs – BBC News

I completely disagree with the Government, but then when have I ever agreed.

But the proof is there for when has this Government been right over the last 2 years, well very little with exception to the COVID vaccine programme, which has said is no longer as successful as it was.

This is a Government of dither and mainly due to the view of the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, MP that he does not wish to place restrictions on the population of England. But, in doing so, he is playing with the lives of people in England. This is wrong, as when he does eventually change his mind, which he does with regularity, it is way too late, too late which means the many losses of lives and very much suffering on the people of England.

If he can’t manage effectively then it is well time for him to go and the sooner the better.

The case of Social Care is another good example, but here he is not alone with dithering for many Prime Ministers before him are just as guilty if not even more so. Actions need to be swift, rather than not as by waiting many hours, minutes and seconds are lost, leading to days, weeks, month and very many years , creating years of neglect, much suffering, loss of lives and very much increased demand on our NHS, which, itself is in great danger of becoming unstable.

This is seen very clearly by many in the NHS and while they have been very supportive of the NHS, many have now had enough, especially with COVID adding greatly to the stresses, of working extremely long periods and being virtually ignored by successive Governments. Funding has been insufficient, although not nearly as insufficient as that with Social Care, which is very much bordering on criminality of much neglect and great abandonment.

Actions are required not in the future but now as the inactions are causing many safeguarding issues with neglect being one.

Source: Covid: Bring back rules amid rising cases, urge NHS chiefs – BBC News

Covid: Bring back rules amid rising cases, urge NHS chiefs – BBC News

I agree with the NHS Confederation that face-masks should be immediately reintroduced to indoor settings and I also feel social distancing be reintroduced for neither of them should have been withdrawn.

Once again this Government is dithering in COVID requirements, as nothing been learned over the last 18 months. Too much is being relied upon with the vaccine programme, which itself is beginning to wane.

All this dithering and uncertainty of this Government is leading to more of the population of England to believe COVID as gone, which it certainly has not.

If we are to avoid any more lockdowns then face-masks and social distancing has to be reintroduced on a mandatory basis.

Also this Government has to learn from its past mistakes and not to ‘put all its eggs into one basket’.




Source: Covid: Bring back rules amid rising cases, urge NHS chiefs – BBC News

Experienced care staff earn 6p an hour more than newcomers – Community Care

All of this was predictable, but the Government did or does not care.

Yes, I agree the £9.50 out of London needs to be the base rate, but that is only a start, for the actual base rate needs to b e much more and then more persons with the responsible degrees of care could be more willing to join the care profession.

In line with this the Government needs to ensure that UK immigration is amended to allow persons out of the UK to come to the UK to work in the care profession. It is a must and it needs to be done urgently as care can not wait much longer.

What this Governments needs to understand is all this reluctance to act to save the care profession and those who need care, is having great adverse affects on the health service. For any lack of care means more demands on the health service. So when the health service fails and it will without Government action on the care profession, the blame will be laid fully at the door of this government.


Source: Experienced care staff earn 6p an hour more than newcomers – Community Care

If Javid expects families to do all the work, social care is not being ‘fixed’ | Frances Ryan | The Guardian

This shows completely that Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Sajid Javid MP has no clue about Social Care and family carers, for family carers have been the stalwarts of providing care to their family members for many, many, years and currently save on costs of Social Care of more than £136 billion. In fact family carers tend to care for much too long and then they themselves are in need of both health and social care.

I know this for I am a Family carer and have seen my health and that of my wife decline and in respect of my wife to such an extent that she died last year. It is not just my family but many, if not all the families I know of.

All over the UK there is currently a substantial shortage of care workers for many reasons some being,

  1. abysmal rates of pay where many care workers earn less that £10 per hour and many even less than £9 per hour, when they can get around £14/15 per hour working at Amazon and some supermarkets for much less skilled work and much less responsibilities
  2. insufficient travel pay
  3. lack of sufficient holiday and sick pay
  4. unsocial hours
  5. poor working conditions
  6. lack of sufficient persons in the UK to do the work, especially to a good quality standard

Care work has to be seen as a skilled employment, rather than thought of being unskilled for a care worker should

  1. show respect for the person being cared for
  2. care with dignity
  3. be able to provide emotional support
  4. be able to provide help in managing the cared fores financials
  5. operate all the cared for persons essential equipment
  6. understand dietary needs and means of feeding
  7. respect the property of the person being cared for
  8. and many others

This Government needs to fund Local Authorities sufficiently so they can provide the funds for sufficient care to be provided.

As there is an insufficiency of suitable persons in the UK to work in the care profession to alter the UK Immigration policy to allow persons to come to the UK to work in the Care profession long-term

Only then will the ability to have consistent good quality provision of care and a consistency of carers attending to care for persons in need of care, for you can’t just walk in and provide good quality care and respect the choices of the person being cared for.

So for once and for all lets have a government who understands Social Care and is capable of funding Social Care as it should always have been, instead of being the forgotten care service. For without a good quality and consistent provision of Social Care then the NHS will have needs to cater for and bring the NHS to be unable to provide any good quality care.


Source: If Javid expects families to do all the work, social care is not being ‘fixed’ | Frances Ryan | The Guardian

Turn to family first – not the state – for social care support, says Sajid Javid

So, Sajid Javid says ‘Turn yo family first’, a good point, but unfortunately this is coming from a person who does not understand the problem, which is very worrying, as the person is the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, yes the very Minister who should be trying to solve the problem, but appears to be unaware what the problem is, That is the worry for to solve a problem you need to be aware of the problem first.

So what is the problem?

Well, in many, if not all areas of social care the family is the first to be there, but families get older, they have their own immediate families and members of these families could well need social care eventually and these days families are not big enough to accommodate providing social care as well as looking after themselves and their own immediate families. Also, now and for many years families are split with in many instances great distances involved, perhaps taking the comments of Norman Tebbit some many years ago, ‘Get on your Bike

Also, he is assuming anyone can provide Social Care, while this may be assumed, it is not, for there are many skills required to provide care

  1. not be judgemental, the carers views may not be the correct view, especially if they do not know the person being cared for
  2. respect the choices of the person being cared for
  3. provide care with dignity and respect for the person being cared for
  4. respect the cared for persons property, especially when this is in their own home
  5. in a persons own home there are places where items should be and it is where the person being cared for wishes them to be, so when they are used by a carer the carer should ensure they are put back where they got them from and make sure they are ready to be used for the next carer to use, clean and dry them were necessary and if necessary put electrical items back on charge
  6. dress appropriately for the work being done
  7. where other family members are around, respect those family members and they will have know the cared for much longer than, in some instances the carer, so please listen to what they say
  8. just because a carer has been trained, did they understand the training and really training is theory, which needs to be adapted when putting into practice
  9. caring is not just making meals and wiping bottoms, which appears to be the general view of care, it should be a very skilled employment, which the pay structures do not into account. As knowledge of medication, health conditions, dietary requirements, emotional support, financial support, good communication to the cared for, their family and other associated professionals, good organisational skills and many more.
  10. the pay structure has to be adjusted to take the above into account and also ensure there is adequate travel expenses, health and sick pay schemes, holiday pay and many others, including safe employment, so a proper contract of employment is required and not one with no reference to hours to be worked.

Social care is in a very deep crisis and until those in power understand what the crisis is, then it will continue to be. If appropriate actions are not taken then there will be no social care, which will have very dire consequences for health care and the NHS, which it is already affecting.

The Government needs to, urgently, put social care on a stable financial footing, so Local Authorities need the funding to do so, so one of the first steps is to reverse all the austerity cuts,, followed by more funding, as the reversal of austerity cuts will only bring authorities back to 2010, which even then was insufficient for social care. In effect social care has always been underfunded, hence the current state of social care.

Source: Turn to family first – not the state – for social care support, says Sajid Javid

Labour Members Vote In Favour Of £15 Minimum Wage | HuffPost UK

On the face of it this appears to be good news, provided Labour get in and do not renege on their promises, for nothing is ever certain.

I was campaigning for at least  £14, but £15 is even better, but is it?

Many organisations will be able to comply, without much bother but what about those organisations that are on restrictive incomes or uncertain incomes, for here I am relating to charities who have to bid for much of their income from ever reducing sources.

it could be that to pay £15 they would have to reduce the hours worked, so in effect the individuals would not be better or even worse if those reduced hours brought their reduced hours to be low the hours required to be eligible for certain tax credits.

Then we have the care profession, and yes, the good care workers should be on £15 or even much more, but for providers to pay that then their rates they charge for care would also have to be considerably increased and their is no mention of that. For Government controls what is paid to Local Authorities who in turn pay the care providers so they in turn pay their care workers.

For this to be achievable the total withdrawn under austerity cuts would have to be returned to Local Authorities and much much. For if the austerity cuts were to be reversed today this would only bring local authorities funding to 2010 levels, which due to the passage of time would have to be uplifted to account for inflation.

But 2010 levels even uplifted for inflation are way too insufficient to account for payments into social care, for in my view social care has never been sufficiently funded  by having an underfunded social care this has a bearing on the NHS, which in itself is also underfunded, but not to the enormous scale of the underfunding of social care.

The crisis in social care is very dire and not all is down to funding, for much is also down to the lack of persons willing to enter the care profession, and this could be partly remedied by allowing persons from outside the UK to enter so they could become employed in social care, but the current Government immigration policy does not allow for this. But it appears there are to be some temporary lifting for lorry drivers and some others, but no mention of social care.

Social Care has to be part of increased funding, substantial increases of funding as well as substantial permanent changes to the immigration policy and then look at working conditions, guaranteed travel pay and sickness and holiday pay as well as unsocial hours payments.

If not social care will not survive which means neither will the NHS.



Source: Labour Members Vote In Favour Of £15 Minimum Wage | HuffPost UK