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GPs offered teenage patients with learning disabilities ‘do not resuscitate’ orders | Daily Mail Online

This is disgraceful as DNRs should never be given without a persons or persons family authorisation and to even mention them is very insensitive.. The GPs who did mention the DNRs should be ashamed because I believe it goes against their code of ethics for I doubt it is not what they mention to all their patients.

The MPS are right the DNRs should be withdrawn, but wrong to say by the end of the year for they should be withdrawn immediately as they should never have been placed or asked about in the first place.


Source: GPs offered teenage patients with learning disabilities ‘do not resuscitate’ orders | Daily Mail Online

£300m boost for adult social care workforce through winter – Community Care

True there are some care providers who do cream off money but they are few and far between.

I am a family carer, those who provides care and are unpaid, but with advancing years and deteriorating health I now can’t provide the care required. So I applied to our Local Authority for a Direct Payment so I could employ carers myself and when we did in 1988 the rate allowed by our Local Authority was very good, but since 2010 when it was £7.20 per hour the value of the rate continued to deteriorate.

From 2011 to 2015 I was allowed only one rate uplift, which brought the rate to £8.00 per hour and in 2016 requested another and that was granted in 2019 to £9.00 per hour.

During 2020 no uplifts were allowed for anyone using Direct Payments, but a good uplift was granted in 2021 being £9.50 per hour.

However, while it was a good rate in care those care workers could have earned around £14 per hour in a supermarket or Amazon, with much less experience and responsibility required.

So, the rate for care work is in no way sufficient and no I am not creaming off any money for the LA only pays sufficient for the rate in question. Care workers in providers are getting similar.

By saying what you do you are degrading care workers and the whole care profession.

Hardly anyone wishes to come into care to receive abysmal rewards. For to do care work to a good recognised standard considerable training, dedication and the will to provide good quality care is required.

The miserly £300million goes nowhere near far enough, as it is well short of the required £1.5 billion requested. Even that falls far short of what is required to bring pay levels back to 2010, which would require at least £12 billion.

But, even that falls far short of what should be coming from this Government, for it is not just pay rates that need to be improved.

There needs to be a

recognised sick pay arrangement

alterations to the UK Immigration regulations to allow more persons wishing to do care work from outside the UK

sufficient travel expenses

allowances for unsocial hours working

and much more.

Care work is in very grave danger of being ‘run into the ground’ causing even more problems for persons requiring care, leading to calamitous deteriorations of persons in need of care and also their families, which will greatly increase the demand for care from the NHS.

We are quickly sliding into Victorian conditions, when care for the poor and vulnerable was non-existent.


Source: £300m boost for adult social care workforce through winter – Community Care

Patients are at risk as NHS reaches unsafe “tipping point,” leaders warn government | The BMJ

So much pressure on the NHS and this Government does nothing, but that is what we have come to expect from this Government.

Now there is mandatory COVID vaccinations which will apply even more pressure, does this Government really care I doubt it.

Social care can’t help because there is severe pressures  there also and care homes could have to closed due to staff shortages, compounded by mandatory COVID vaccinations. Then in time this could also affect home care, but the Government will not help only go out of their way to hinder.


Source: Patients are at risk as NHS reaches unsafe “tipping point,” leaders warn government | The BMJ

Budget 2021: NHS in England to receive £5.9bn to cut waiting lists – BBC News

It is good to see more funding coming through for the NHS, whether it is fully sufficient is open to debate.

But, the other major problem is social care, where no funding is coming forward except the way insufficient amount announced earlier and even then the main focus is on the NHS and what is coming to social care is not immediate.

So again Social Care is forgotten about, when it should not be as it is as important as the NHS, if not more so and should been seen as such. Unfortunately no one appears to recognise the importance of social care and even if they do are not prepared to do anything about it.

But, to disregard social care is done at peril, not only for those who desperately have to rely on social care, but for every social care failure it rebounds two-fold on the NHS, for it further increases care inequalities, but also causes more reliance on the NHS.

So to ignore social care is in fact a very false economy factor, for to sufficiently fund social care will provide benefits, not only for those on social care, but will mean that health deteriorations will be much minimised and therefore save costs on the NHS.

Source: Budget 2021: NHS in England to receive £5.9bn to cut waiting lists – BBC News

‘Tsunami of unmet need’: Care watchdog contradicts government with dire NHS warning | The Independent

Everyone is now telling the Government they are wrong and wrong again, for during this COVID pandemic they have been wrong more than they have been right, for they have only been right once, that being the COVID vaccine programme. Even there, that success is beginning to wane, but this Government still clings to that one success as though they are scared to do differently.

But they need to think of those who are suffering and will continue to suffer due to their inactions.

All areas of care are suffering but social care much more than health, even though the suffering in health is considerable.

Both areas are suffering because of lack of investment, social care much more than health, while both are severely short of staff for in these areas there is insufficient workforce in the UK and more are desperately needed for out side the UK.

So there are a number of actions this Government needs to do, which includes

  • ensuring the COVID vaccination programme continues to be successful both 1st and 2nd vaccinations and also the booster
  • replace the new Minister for Vaccines and Public Health Maggie Throup MP with someone who is more capable
  • increase the investment in social care so that care workers receive a salary more inline with the responsibilities they undertake, around £14-£15 per hour
  • change UK Immigration Policy to allow more persons to enter to work as care workers in social care
  • look to provide a sick pay scheme for care workers
  • improve care workers terms and conditions of employment

Only then will social care be saved, for currently it is doomed to fail and then the pressures on the NHS would increase considerably so it too would fail.

By not looking to improve social care the Government is causing much unnecessary pain and suffering.

But their first actions need to bring back mandatory face coverings and social distancing and even consider making it compulsory for all eligible persons to have the COVID vaccinations, even the booster.


Source: ‘Tsunami of unmet need’: Care watchdog contradicts government with dire NHS warning | The Independent

Covid: Bring back rules amid rising cases, urge NHS chiefs – BBC News

I completely disagree with the Government, but then when have I ever agreed.

But the proof is there for when has this Government been right over the last 2 years, well very little with exception to the COVID vaccine programme, which has said is no longer as successful as it was.

This is a Government of dither and mainly due to the view of the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, MP that he does not wish to place restrictions on the population of England. But, in doing so, he is playing with the lives of people in England. This is wrong, as when he does eventually change his mind, which he does with regularity, it is way too late, too late which means the many losses of lives and very much suffering on the people of England.

If he can’t manage effectively then it is well time for him to go and the sooner the better.

The case of Social Care is another good example, but here he is not alone with dithering for many Prime Ministers before him are just as guilty if not even more so. Actions need to be swift, rather than not as by waiting many hours, minutes and seconds are lost, leading to days, weeks, month and very many years , creating years of neglect, much suffering, loss of lives and very much increased demand on our NHS, which, itself is in great danger of becoming unstable.

This is seen very clearly by many in the NHS and while they have been very supportive of the NHS, many have now had enough, especially with COVID adding greatly to the stresses, of working extremely long periods and being virtually ignored by successive Governments. Funding has been insufficient, although not nearly as insufficient as that with Social Care, which is very much bordering on criminality of much neglect and great abandonment.

Actions are required not in the future but now as the inactions are causing many safeguarding issues with neglect being one.

Source: Covid: Bring back rules amid rising cases, urge NHS chiefs – BBC News

Rise in national insurance could fund post-Covid boost for NHS | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Source suggests government will expedite manifesto-busting 1p rise before party conference season

£10 billion seems a lot, but not only will it not be sufficient for both the NHS and Social Care, it is not even sufficient for Social Care, as it will only bring the funding back to the 2010 level, which in itself was wholly insufficient.

Source: Rise in national insurance could fund post-Covid boost for NHS | Coronavirus | The Guardian

NHS drafted plans to ‘deny care to elderly and offer end of life pathways’ in a pandemic – Mirror Online

This is disgraceful and disgusting, but it is what I would expect from this Government, in fact any Government.

I don’t trust any politicians, no matter what colour Party they come from.

Yes, Labour say they would be against this now, but, if they were in power would they do as they say. We will never know until it is too late.

For it is Government policy to govern for the whole and not the few and as there are more who are under 70 and don’t have learning disabilities and/or autism I can see it being policy.

Even, if there is a law against it the Government of the day only need to declare a ‘National emergency’ and usual parliament debate will not take place.

We would have to rely on the honesty and integrity of the NHS and Care staff to see that right came through.


Source: NHS drafted plans to ‘deny care to elderly and offer end of life pathways’ in a pandemic – Mirror Online

NHS facing ‘unforgivable’ workforce crisis as number of doctors stands 25 years behind similar EU nations | Yorkshire Post

This is disgraceful, but it is what occurs when Governments are responsible for financing organisations, for the finance given is only what each Governments feels is sufficient, not whether it is sufficient or not.

It is the same with pay rises, which is of course a matter of concern currently, as only a derisory 1% has been put forward so far. But even when a pay uplift is authorised, it is usual for no additional funding to be given, but just taken from the funding already in place, so thereby making an insufficient funding even more insufficient.

Is this the way for any organisation to be funded, well the answer is no and especially an organisation, such as the NHS, which is a very essential service.

But, at least they are receiving some increased funding, which can’t be said for social care, for if the NHS is in crisis, the crisis in Social Care is even more so. When considering the close relationship between the NHS and Social Care is even more worrying news, for any crisis in Social Care will cause even more demands on the NHS, causing even more demands on the insufficient funding on the NHS.

So, what is the answer, well the answer is that both the NHS and Social Care need to be sufficiently fund, not tomorrow, but immediately, for any delays will only increase the extent of the crisis in both the NHS and Social Care.

This is why I support the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,


So if you care for either the NHS or Social Care or both, then you need to be considering supporting this petition.


: NHS facing ‘unforgivable’ workforce crisis as number of doctors stands 25 years behind similar EU nations | Yorkshire Post

NHS Has Been ‘Nothing Special’ In Covid Pandemic, Right-Wing Think Tank Claims | HuffPost UK

A ‘right-wing Think Tank, the clue is there for it is right wing and a tank, where a tank is a vehicle for waste, a good place for this Right-wing Think Tank.
The other clue is that it promotes privatisation, why should an organisation profit from delivering care, so that it can reward its shareholders.
The NHS does, over and above what it can with insufficient funding, in fact, to try to keep within its funding. 
Any, so called, waste has been cut, but was it waste or was it resources to be used in the time of crisis. With COVID we have seen, in great detail, what the lack of PPE, bed shortages, staff vacancies and others create.
Lack of PPE or lack of the required type of PPE – leaving staff vulnerable to infection
Bed shortages – insufficient capacity, hence the creation of the Nightingale Hospitals
staff vacancies – requiring staff to work longer hours than they reasonably should, excessive workloads leading to stress and depression, insufficient staff to allow the Nightingale hospitals to be open
Every member of staff have been working to above their own capacity, while providing excellent care and I do not need a Think Tank or others to advise me, for I have seen this with my own eyes. As I had three hospital admissions in 2020 and one, so far in 2021. All these admissions have been for non-COVID reasons, as have the numerous outpatient visits I have had to have in connection with my hospital admissions.
So, Think Tank from my own observations and receiving of treatment, I know you are totally wrong. Have any of the Thing Tank even had treatment within the NHS, or, more than likely making these comments for other reasons, likely to further advance health privatisation.
For an example of privatisation, just say ‘Test and Trace’, need anymore be said.
The NHS and the staff are exceptional and thoroughly deserve the “Clap for Carers”, but they are not on their own.
For there are many carers not in the NHS, these being in Care Homes, Home Care, respite, Hospices, supported Living, etc who are also providing exceptional care, but were they recognised in the “Clap for Carers”, most likely not. Also many of these carers are on the National Living Wage or just above, much less than many in the NHS, although insufficient for what they do, and certainly those persons in the Think Tank, which is, most likely, over sufficient for what they appear to do, if any.
Carers should be on or above the Real Living Wage.


Source: NHS Has Been ‘Nothing Special’ In Covid Pandemic, Right-Wing Think Tank Claims | HuffPost UK