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Disabled Man Hopes To Challenge Benefit ‘Hospital Rule’

Another benefit rule which makes little sense for many reasons.

But one of the reasons it is there to offset double charging for while in hospital it is deemed that the hospital will provide all means of care so therefore there should be no costs for any other person to do so. However, this does not take in to account persons with Complex needs, whereby care needs to be provided by someone who really knows the person.

But is it really cost effective, as how many instances does this occur in, and in doing so is the cost of stopping the benefit and then recommencing more than paying the benefit double.

Then in this instance when the usual care is required in order to to stop suffering for the cared for person to be present, then it needs to be paid but there are no mechanisms to do so, so this requires and urgently requires a change in the payment rules. For it would not be cost effective and again no mechanism to do so for the hospital to take over payment to the carer.

What also needs to be considered as by not paying a carer what is the carer supposed to do, for they will most likely not be able to care for themselves without the payments and may need to start caring for another person and therefore not be available when the original person is eventually to be discharged from hospital. So then is the person discharged without suitable care being there, or not discharged thereby retaining a bed from being freed for another patient.

The common thought that care can be provided by anyone is is very misunderstood, for in most instances, if not all, it is not true, that is for good quality care to be provided. To get someone will take time and then to be well trained even more time, so discharge could be delayed for months.

Care is very skilled to do it correctly, again not fully realised if realised at all by many, especially the Government who make up all this ridiculous rules and regulations, without any consideration for the carers and those being cared for.

All this , also assumes that there are sufficient people available to do care which there is not again down to the Government in many ways, some which are

great insufficiency of investment in care

this also does not provide sufficient funding for a sufficient salary to be paid to the carer for providing care

lack of reasonable terms and conditions of employment for carers

restrictions in UK Immigration policies to allow more persons to enter the UK to be employed in the care profession

plus much more

Everything is against carers and care being provided of good quality and sufficient remuneration, so the care for are being abandoned by not only this Government all all previous Governments and this and those other Government should be ashamed and made accountable for their inactions with regards to care and allowing carers and the cared for to suffer.

Same Difference

A disabled man who had his welfare benefits paused when he spent more than 28 days in hospital, is hoping to challenge the rule in court.

Cameron Mitchell, 20, from Carlisle, cannot walk or speak, and has seizures. He spent 128 days at the Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Current rules mean he lost his payments while still needing carers, and he has applied for a judicial review.

The Department for Work and Pensions has been contacted for a comment.

‘Needs don’t change’

Mr Mitchell receives Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and his mother and carer – Nicola Clulow – receives a Carer’s Allowance.

Under current regulations, known as the “hospitalisation rule”, a person’s entitlement to their benefits is suspended if they have received care in hospital for more than 28 days.

Legal firm, Leigh Day, has applied for a judicial review – where a judge considers the lawfulness of a decision or…

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Minister invited 44 ‘leaders’ to care summit, but not one disabled people’s organisation – Disability News Service

Am I surprised at this, well the answer is no, for, really, I feel this Government does not care about persons with disabilities and just going through the motions of showing they do care and not even doing a good job of that.

But is it that they don;t really care or is it that the despise them, for the actions of governments, this one and those previously appear to do so and when looked at it is a reasonable conclusion to come to.

Just look at the history, created a welfare system that is not easy to obtain benefits from, unless you are criminally minded, the reason the Government states to make it difficult. But criminals always find a way, while those that deserve the benefits will more than likely not. For criminals are unscrupulous and real benefit claimants are not.

Not only are the benefit claim forms confusing, but the assessment process is weighed against claimants, with a fair number of benefit assessors purposely misrepresenting claimants and is some instances putting total untruths in the assessments.

Then we have the funding, which is totally inappropriate and is greatly less than required. But not only that as successive Governments have refused to do anything to make Social Care any better and when they do it is wholly insufficient, ‘way too little and way too late’.

When the banks were in crisis the Government came forward, but then they were benefiting their own, where with Social Care they are not, as the persons in the Government either do not need Social Care or if they do, can afford to pay for the care themselves, which the majority of the UK population can not.


Source: Minister invited 44 ‘leaders’ to care summit, but not one disabled people’s organisation – Disability News Service

Search Finally Begins For Claimants Owed Up To £16,000 In PIP Back-Payments

Well it is about time, for if this was in reverse the DWP would have been requesting repayment, like yesterday.

But that is unfortunately how it is, but should not be, for these payments are a lifeline for all these claimants and what happen s if they are already deceased for those payments should be due to their estate and paid accordingly to whom their estate was addressed to. But that will nit happen, but it should and what was the result with any investigation of why the DWP got it all so wrong in the first placed, no accountability at all.

Same Difference

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

A year after we first wrote about it, the DWP have finally begun a search for PIP claimants owed up to £16,000 in PIP back payments.

This latest review follows a supreme court decision in July 2019 which found that the DWP had not been awarding the correct points to some claimants with mental health conditions who need prompting or social support to engage face-to-face with other people.

Back on 17 September 2020 the DWP announced that they were now following the decision of the supreme court and that they would be reviewing awards made between 6 April 2016 and 17 September 2020 to identify claimants owed money.

But it has taken another full year before Therese Coffey finally announced last week that the review had begun

Amongst PIP claimants who may have missed out are:

people who have regular meetings with a…

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Major Change Planned For PIP And WCA Assessment System

The big question will remain, will these changes mean that persons entitled to these benefits will receive them and that people will not receive degrading assessments.

Same Difference

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

The DWP are to introduce a major change to the assessment system for PIP and the work capability assessment for ESA and UC with just one company carrying out both assessments for any given claimant from August 2023.

Contracts for all assessment providers have been extended for two years to August 2023, after which the change to a single assessment provider in each of an undisclosed number of geographic regions will be introduced.

This means that the same company will have to have expertise in both PIP assessments and the WCA and will be able to use some of the evidence from one type of assessment when carrying out the other for the same claimant.

At present, all WCA’s a re carried out by Maximus.

PIP assessments are carried out by IAS (formerly Atos) and Capita.

Many readers will remember that Atos abandoned…

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Emma Raducanu Was Not The Only Brit To Win The US Open | Same Difference

In the media they decide who and what they are willing to publish and we can get a disjointed or a not true reflection on what is happening.

So I applaud you for bringing us to the attention of the great result by Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett who became the first all-British pairing to complete the Grand Slam, with victory in the men’s wheelchair doubles final at the US Open, this was so as important as the success of Emma Raducanu.

While I offer my congratulations to Emma I also offer them to Gordon and Alfie also.

Source: Emma Raducanu Was Not The Only Brit To Win The US Open | Same Difference

Vulnerable patient’s death at private hospital is a ‘scandal’, says mother | Hospitals | The Guardian

Yet another scandal regarding to persons with learning Disabilities, so why are these situations allowed to happen and why are there no prosecutions on the persons who allowed the scandals to occur, where is the accountability.

Where is the public outcry?

Where is the Government action?

What are the Legal Authorities doing?

What are the authorities doing about the supervision and monitoring of all the various areas which are involved in the caring of persons with Learning Disabilities?

So many What’s and Where’s, but are any being answered, I fear not and if not why.

Is Learning Disability and/or Autism really at the forefront of Safeguarding and if not why not?

Is this Government doing all it can to safeguard persons with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism and as any previous Governments done so? On all counts I regret the answer is no.

In the UK there are approximately 1.5 million people with a Learning Disability (2019), with approximately 1% of the UK population has autism

More information regarding Learning Disability in Yorkshire and Humber (2012)

In 2020 the Population of the UK was around 67 million

There is a NHS Learning Disability Register, please if you have a learning Disability or you have a relative with a Learning disability please ensure you or they are recorded on the Register

In Sheffield there is a local Sheffield Learning Disability Register please ensure if you are in Sheffield with a Learning Disability you are also on this register, you can register by using this form.


Source: Vulnerable patient’s death at private hospital is a ‘scandal’, says mother | Hospitals | The Guardian

Boris Johnson has created a ‘social care plan’ without any plan for social care | Frances Ryan | The Guardian

A very good article which has looked at many of the issues around Social Care and a great pity that the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, MP did not have the benefit of the points in the article. However, even, if he had he would have discounted many, if not all for in his supposed good plan he has gone down political lines, instead of non-political lines and put Social Care and those in need of Social care and those working in Social Care first, rather than thinking too much re political concerns.

But, give him some benefit of thought for at least he has done something, which none of his predecessors have done be they Labour or Conservative, even though it is way insufficient. National Insurance (NI) has to be one avenue, but also does Capital Gains Tax and possibly Income Tax and Business Rates  or some other venture.

In  NI some consideration should have been give to increasing the paltry 2% for earnings above £150000 say to 14%.

In Business Rates look at bringing Multi-National Companies into line and cut back on the loopholes where they can reduce their entitlement to pay on their revised profits.

In Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax rates should be looked at to increase by 1% or 2%, with also the tax free allowances being substantially increased to offset any increased taxation on those on low incomes.

Also consideration should be considered to bring Social Care into line with the NHS Health Services as it too should be free at the point of delivery to counter the discrimination between the two.

Prescription Charges, together with Dental and Optician charges should also be abolished, as should the costs of some medications and also equipment required in health and social care settings.

Only when all of the above together with a minimum salary rate of £14 per hour for all care workers and austerity cuts be reversed to all Local Authorities.

Lets for once in the UK have a financial outlook for both health and Social Services which delivers what should be and not governed by political outlooks of any party, but to benefit those who have to rely on both Health and Social Care Services which we are all proud of.


Source: Boris Johnson has created a ‘social care plan’ without any plan for social care | Frances Ryan | The Guardian

Care workers in England leaving for Amazon and other better-paid jobs | Care workers | The Guardian

I have been forecasting this for many years, but no one was listening, especially the Government and the Government is still not listening.

Amazon and other organisations can afford to offer these salaries of over £13 per hour but the care profession can’t unless a massive increase in funding but brought in, so carers are being paid either the national |Living Wage of £

Social Care has always been insufficiently funded, meaning care workers have not been allowed to earn a salary more in keeping with the care work they do.

But the Government insisted in forcing Local Authorities to accept austerity measures, when there was insufficient areas in which they could make saving without cutting back on essential services. The poor, disabled and the sick depend on all these essential services in order for them to lead reasonable lives. and social care is a necessity for them.

By not having sufficient care staff, persons in need of care are not always receiving good quality care, if at all.

So care workers are having to survive on the National Living Wage of £8.91 or in some instances the Read Living Wage of £9.50 or varying rates in-between.  For people to come into the Care profession the starting rate should be £14.00 per hour and the differentials be maintained in the years to come.

Then the other areas should be looked at

sick pay arrangements

Holiday pay

travel expenses

unsocial hours compensation

and others

Also, please could people resist in thinking Social Care is only for the elderly and care homes, for it is not although the elderly may be, currently the majority. For social care is there for anyone, or should be, who needs it, be they children or adults and it will cover Home Care, Respite, Supported Living, Hospices, etc.

The Government should be funding Local Authorities to enable them to fund care workers salaries to £14 per hour as well as bring the Government Grants back to at least pre 2010 levels for other council spending. This would then ensure that Local Governments could provide services more fitting to the 21st Century rather than the 18th/19th century.

This all needs to be addressed immediately for by the promise of the end of the year could well be too late or is that what the Government is really wishing for, as by that time many unnecessary deaths could have occurred.

During all this Government dithering, it is causing more demands on NHS resources at a time when the NHS is still dealing with COVID and the lengthening waiting lists due to the many deferred instances for people requiring non-COVID procedures as well as all the increasing demands due to long COVID ailments and conditions.



Source: Care workers in England leaving for Amazon and other better-paid jobs | Care workers | The Guardian

National Insurance: Minister refuses to deny reports of tax hike for social care – BBC News

The justice secretary says social care must be properly funded but declines to “speculate” on plans.

I completely agree that Social care should be properly funded and I would say, totally funded, but there is a problems, one of many.

Currently, is there sufficient funding to be funding back to 2010 levels which is around £10 billion, I fear not.

Then, it was not sufficient to provide all the Social Care required, as directed by the Assessments of Needs done in 2010 and funding has dropped considerably so many in need of Social Care or receiving no care or a bare, insufficient minimum.

But the problem is even deeper than that, as for many years Assessments of Need have not been sufficiently completed, as not all reasonable needs have been recorded, only those that the assessor felt would be funded. So, in affect, there is no written record of the total care needs that are required, even from 2010 and since then many more have not been recorded.

In fact, many in need of care have not been coming forward, until the situations reached a safeguarding situation and not even then, which has results in many persons suffering when they should not have been and for some the ultimate was the outcome, being deaths.

Any none covering of needs, will eventually cause even more demands on the NHS, so the continuous ignoring of the problems in Social Care has had dire effects on the NHS and will continue to do so for many years to come, even if sufficient funding is made immediately.

For Social Care can’t be looked on in isolation from health as they are so intermixed, lack of social care requiring more health involvement and with health continuing involvement as there is insufficient social care to allow discharges from health care. This causing many to be kept in hospital longer than should be or in some instances discharged before any social care has been organised, which in some respects could have caused some of the elderly discharges into Nursing Homes and the result being excess deaths from COVID-19.

To say this is now the 21st century, the complete lack of dealing with the Social Care crisis is in effect, bringing health and social care back to the 19th century or even earlier.

People in authority have to be brought to account, both currently and even more so, previously.

Funding is but one aspect, but there are many others, some being

a severe lack of people wishing to come to be employed in Social Care

Government interventions to severely restrict people wishing to come from outside the UK to work in Social Care

Abysmal rates of pay for the work undertaken and the responsibilities

Poor working conditions

In some instances the lack of dignity and respect by persons working in Social Care for the persons they are caring for

The lack of sufficient quality of care supervision by, not only, Care Providers but also the Statutory Authorities, which includes Local Authorities and CQC(Care Quality Commission) which has been shown in Winterbourne Scandal, and many more since.

Much needs to be done, but there is very little action being taken currently and this needs to change immediately, for it appears this Government are happy to see deaths to occur as this reduces the amount of persons needing to be looked after.


Source: National Insurance: Minister refuses to deny reports of tax hike for social care – BBC News

Tax rise for 25 million to pay for social care

While any rises in taxes is never good news, Social Care needs to be a special case, for it has been in crisis for far to long and is also affecting more calls on the NHS at a time when everything needs to be done to save the NHS also.

For Social Care is a care service which is just as important as the NHS, if not even more so and with the effects of Long COVID will be for many more years to come.

Social Care has for many years not been seen by many as a deserving service, especially in Governments and the media, who both have gone out of their way to promote Social Care in a very bad light and those you have to call upon Social Care.

Anyone of us could through no fault of our own have cause to access Social Care, but many will never have to, but more and more persons are now having no choice but to do so.

But it is not just about persons accessing Social Care, as people working in Social Care also need to be considered for, they too have not been seriously considered.

Be it

  1. the abysmal salary they receive
  2. their working conditions, unsocial hours, many various venues
  3. lack of travel expenses
  4. lack of some holiday pay
  5. no sickness benefits
  6. lack of persons willing to come into the profession, causing those that do to work more hours than they should for their own health and wellbeing
  7. no benefits for working official Bank Holidays
  8. Government restrictions on who can come into the UK to work in Social Care, to supplement the UK workforce, these restrictions are not great for persons willing to come to the UK to work. Especially when working in Social Care is classed as unskilled work, which it is certainly not. You need to have caring values, be very responsible, willing to work in various situations, in many instances on your own. Be receptive to the needs and choices of the person for whom they are caring for. Be respective to a person’s home and their possessions.
  9. And many others

The whole Government attitude to Social Care needs to be improved. As does the belief that Social Care is only for the elderly, for it is certainly not. While the elderly may, currently, be the majority needing care, care is also required for both children and adults of all ages and varying conditions, be it mental health, physical disabilities, Learning disabilities and Autism, poor health and many others.

These changes and many others need to be done, and done urgently for by not doing so will and is bring forward many Safeguarding issues.

Source: Tax rise for 25 million to pay for social care