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If we were getting proper care and support, there wouldn’t be premature deaths happening.

So true, and while the NHS is beginning to show some signs of understanding learning disability (LD) and autism there is still a very long way to go.

Until persons with LD and autism are given the priority they should always have had, then early deaths will occur. But, it is not just the NHS, but also social care and mainly the Government.

Unfortunately, this and previous Governments have done very little to address LD and autism. You only have to look at the COVID pandemic to see how persons with LD and autism were not on their agenda. Fir while it should have been obvious that in the vaccine programme that they should have been treated within the priority categories they were not dome so, initially.

For, to some extent, there still is the ‘out of site, out of mind’, as can be seen with persons being referred to specialist hospitals. If the resources were there then these referrals would not be necessary, but that would require a fully funded social care system as well as appropriate housing be available, not just in a few places but in every part of the UK.

Just in the last few days has there been a Select Committee report, which this Government is apparently ignoring. well they have other apparently more urgent priorities in electing a new leader of the Tory Party and Prime Minister. Not once as Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss made any comments on learning disability and autism, so that is proof as to how they view its importance.

But, it is not just this Government but all previous Governments who have not taken learning disability and autism seriously and in doing so, have ignored the extreme crisis in Social Care and only looking at the NHS when it suits them.

To effectively alter how LD and autism is dealt with not only have resources need to be made available directly to those with LD and autism, but the whole of social care needs urgent financing, then in doing so, could the extent of needing the NHS be eventually reduced, so ensuring not only the crisis in social care is resolved but also the NHS.

It will take time and any delays will only extend that time and in doing so the crisis in both social care and NHS will continue to escalate.


Source: If we were getting proper care and support, there wouldn’t be premature deaths happening.

Assessment Dirty Tricks To Be Urgently Investigated | Same Difference

It is disgraceful and shows no respect for disability claimants and if these were indeed ‘dirty tricks’ it just shows how despicable the DWP is and reinforces why no one trusts the DWP.

This is no way to run a Government department and casts an extremely wary ‘eye’ on every aspect of Government.


Source: Assessment Dirty Tricks To Be Urgently Investigated | Same Difference

NHS services on black alert as hospitals struggle to store medicines | The Independent

Yes, another crisis, but where are the solutions and from where and who is really sorting out each and every crisis.

Unfortunately, in the UK and maybe many other countries the rich are getting richer, while the poor, disabled and those in poor health are getting much poorer. None of this is new, as it has been occurring for as many years as I can remember and that is spread over, at least, 70 years, but has been occurring for many years before.

In the UK, many inventions where started, but in most they were progressed out of the UK as the structures to gain the required investments were not readily available within the UK.

We started railways, but our infrastructure suffered from lack of investment in British Railways and still under British Rail, which was a National Institution, but previous Governments did not attend to the investments and the rail structures were left to age, similar with aviation and much of the UK manufacturing base.

The NHS is also a case in point, its creation in 1948 was great and while some new hospitals were built there were never enough. Many staff, while well thought of never did receive, on a regular basis, the financial investment they richly deserved. When you look at Social Care this is even more so, for the investment was never there and in many instances the care staff did not and still do not receive the appreciation they also deserve, in fact, in many instances it was the complete opposite, for successive Governments and many of the UK public have never thought well of care staff, except for those who are in receipt of social care.

Now, of course, they are saying the intense heatwave is creating ‘black’ alerts, but it could have been COVID, lack of investment, lack of finance and more than likely, lack of Social Car or a mixture of anyone or all and others.

Every crisis needs sorting but, where is the Government, well engrossed in the Conservative leadership challenge and the eventual Prime Minister, which should be sorted by September 2022. You may well asked, where is the ‘Opposition’ The Labour Party, well they want a new General Election, which would further delay for a new Government to say October or even November and all the while, no effective Government.

A Government is needed now, not a ‘lame duck’ Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, MP, so the UK goes from one crisis to another, strikes after strikes, while inflation goes up and up with the poor, disabled and sick getter poorer by the second and no one lifting a finger and the rich will get by.


Source: NHS services on black alert as hospitals struggle to store medicines | The Independent

Family Of Woman With Down’s Syndrome Denied Intensive Care Seek Answers From Covid-19 Inquiry | Same Difference

While we all hold the NHS in great esteem for all it does and the great staff it employs, it does not mean that it could be better and do much more.

Even though some funding is and has been available for the NHS and other health related services, this funding does fall well short of what is really required, especially when the increases in the UK population are accounted for and the degrees of complex needs and other health related conditions are taken into account.

Some health facilities are more short of funding than others, especially mental health and when this is coupled with the severe lack of funding for social care and some areas of public health, it does show the considerable short fall that the NHS is experiencing. Indeed, even with all these shortfalls the services are still expected to come up with savings, when in re

However, the Government is never held accountable for their lack of funding and the onus is always carried by the NHS when there are no areas where savings can be made, without cutting existing services even further

The Government is causing these dilemmas, but not accepting responsibilities.

Everyone appears to agree that ‘do not resuscitate’, DNRs) should never be considered without consent of each individual and, in many instances their families, especially when there are areas of lack of capacity with the individuals. But, as we can see this consent appears to be, in many instances, ignored by the NHS. To ensure consent is always the priority it, unfortunately means, that the legal aspects should be considered, but that is a costly exercise, especially now that access to legal aid has been more difficult to obtain, due to changes through Government actions.

This creates a great degree of loss of equality rights and this again is due to the current equality legislation being totally inadequate. Again a result of Government actions or more correctly inactions.

Yes, the NHS should be held accountable, for lack of resources should not be an excuse to restrict peoples rights, but in addition the Government and the respective Ministers also need to be made accountable, which they never are.


Source: Family Of Woman With Down’s Syndrome Denied Intensive Care Seek Answers From Covid-19 Inquiry | Same Difference

Thousands of disabled people’s deaths linked to DWP’s failure to act on benefits flaws – Mirror Online

It would be no surprise if this current strategy of ignoring disabled people and apparent actively discriminating against them in benefit assessment was not a Government/DWP ploy to increase situations where people can’t cope in the hope that they do take their own lives as this is a permanent method of reducing the Welfare costs.

Especially with the inability to fund, sufficiently, Social Care, on top of the inadequacy of Welfare benefits, no wonder that deaths and safeguarding concerns are rising.

But it is not just Conservative Government, although they appear to be worst, but also the Labour Governments of Blair, who appeared to do nothing to rectify the situations.



Source: Thousands of disabled people’s deaths linked to DWP’s failure to act on benefits flaws – Mirror Online

Camberley autism care home staff were ‘rude and some were bullies’ to residents, say CQC inspectors – Surrey Live

By the reports it is clear that this care home is not a care home, for care appears to be non-existent and as to home, it is far from.

Any staff who have been or found to be abusive need to be fully investigated and reported to safeguarding and suspended from working while doing so.

The lack of management is beyond belief, so responsible managers have to be placed in the establishment as a matter of urgency.

As to a revisit in 6 months, well in a place so severely inadequate as this, that is a very long time and much could occur to make matters worse before getting better, if ever.

Ideally, unannounced visits should be taking place on a weekly basis.



Source: Camberley autism care home staff were ‘rude and some were bullies’ to residents, say CQC inspectors – Surrey Live

‘Not Again!’: BBC Journalist Frank Gardner Left Stuck On Plane At Gatwick | Same Difference


This is happening with too much regularity and how many are occurring which are not being reported as the person in the wheelchair assumes this is the ‘normal’ or usual service.

But it should not be normal or usual, as persons in wheelchairs should not have to wait for assistance, for it is not as though no one knew the plane was not landing.

in this instance Gatwick are blaming Iberia, who are then stating they had complied with the requirements, but will anyone get to know who is at fault does anyone really care.`

It should be law that the person enquiring assistance be disembarked before other passengers, so if there is a delay with the assistance required then all passengers will be delayed. Only then will true equality be achieved, for either the airport or airline would not wish to inconvenience all their passengers, but currently feel it is OK to inconvenience passengers in wheelchairs.

This is an infringement on human rights and in every incident appropriate actions to compensate should be made.

BBC journalist Frank Gardner has expressed outrage at being left on a plane after it landed at Gatwick. The security correspondent, who uses a wheelchair, was stranded on the aircraft after fly…




Source: ‘Not Again!’: BBC Journalist Frank Gardner Left Stuck On Plane At Gatwick | Same Difference

Disabled Passengers Bearing Brunt Of Travel Disruption, Say Charities | Same Difference

It goes without saying that every passenger is important, but persons with disabilities should be treat as equally important, which in many instances they are not, unfortunately to some as an inconvenience, as considerable time and assistance is required to ensure they are boarded safely on any forms of transport, but especially so on Planes and Trains.

Not only because of their disability, but for a disabled person, especially one who needs a wheelchair for mobility much time and planning as to be undertaken by the person with disabilities and any delay, however slight can cause major problems, especially so, if there are other connections required, on top of the major safety issues.

So, in many respects there importance should be a major priority and not the last, which on many occasions is the case.

This should be a major priority for every transport provider and for everyone of their employees and it should be included in all equality legislation, with every aspect of accountability and transparency, with quoting ignorance not being a valid excuse, as should also be lack of staff.

This should always be referred also as a safeguarding issue and an erosion of human rights.

Apologies are way to common and while needed to be given, an apology is not the last word, but the start of correcting what went wrong, with legal penalties being imposed in every instance. Until these are done the transport providers will not take the issues as seriously as they should be doing.


Source: Disabled Passengers Bearing Brunt Of Travel Disruption, Say Charities | Same Difference

Wheelchair User Dragged Himself Up Stairs ‘After Rail Staff Refused To Help’ | Same Difference

Yet another example of Disability discrimination, however, this time at a Rail Station and not at an airport, just shows that the existing legislation is in no way providing equality.

Accessibility needs to be there as a right and all staff to be educated to ensure access is available at all times and to the right quality. To not provide what is required is, in effect, stating that persons with disabilities are not welcome and appropriate actions should be taken as a matter of course whenever this is evident.

Equality is a human right with no exceptions.

Access covers a large and many areas for it is not just at entrances and exits, but throughout the business property in every area and facility. This includes all hospitality venues including suitable toilets, for while disability toilets are available in most areas, they should be available in all areas and they should be of good quality in every sense.

What is not currently available in most areas are Changing places toilets,, which are very few and this needs to change.


Source: Wheelchair User Dragged Himself Up Stairs ‘After Rail Staff Refused To Help’ | Same Difference