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Family Of Woman With Down’s Syndrome Denied Intensive Care Seek Answers From Covid-19 Inquiry | Same Difference

While we all hold the NHS in great esteem for all it does and the great staff it employs, it does not mean that it could be better and do much more.

Even though some funding is and has been available for the NHS and other health related services, this funding does fall well short of what is really required, especially when the increases in the UK population are accounted for and the degrees of complex needs and other health related conditions are taken into account.

Some health facilities are more short of funding than others, especially mental health and when this is coupled with the severe lack of funding for social care and some areas of public health, it does show the considerable short fall that the NHS is experiencing. Indeed, even with all these shortfalls the services are still expected to come up with savings, when in re

However, the Government is never held accountable for their lack of funding and the onus is always carried by the NHS when there are no areas where savings can be made, without cutting existing services even further

The Government is causing these dilemmas, but not accepting responsibilities.

Everyone appears to agree that ‘do not resuscitate’, DNRs) should never be considered without consent of each individual and, in many instances their families, especially when there are areas of lack of capacity with the individuals. But, as we can see this consent appears to be, in many instances, ignored by the NHS. To ensure consent is always the priority it, unfortunately means, that the legal aspects should be considered, but that is a costly exercise, especially now that access to legal aid has been more difficult to obtain, due to changes through Government actions.

This creates a great degree of loss of equality rights and this again is due to the current equality legislation being totally inadequate. Again a result of Government actions or more correctly inactions.

Yes, the NHS should be held accountable, for lack of resources should not be an excuse to restrict peoples rights, but in addition the Government and the respective Ministers also need to be made accountable, which they never are.


Source: Family Of Woman With Down’s Syndrome Denied Intensive Care Seek Answers From Covid-19 Inquiry | Same Difference

Disabled Passengers Bearing Brunt Of Travel Disruption, Say Charities | Same Difference

It goes without saying that every passenger is important, but persons with disabilities should be treat as equally important, which in many instances they are not, unfortunately to some as an inconvenience, as considerable time and assistance is required to ensure they are boarded safely on any forms of transport, but especially so on Planes and Trains.

Not only because of their disability, but for a disabled person, especially one who needs a wheelchair for mobility much time and planning as to be undertaken by the person with disabilities and any delay, however slight can cause major problems, especially so, if there are other connections required, on top of the major safety issues.

So, in many respects there importance should be a major priority and not the last, which on many occasions is the case.

This should be a major priority for every transport provider and for everyone of their employees and it should be included in all equality legislation, with every aspect of accountability and transparency, with quoting ignorance not being a valid excuse, as should also be lack of staff.

This should always be referred also as a safeguarding issue and an erosion of human rights.

Apologies are way to common and while needed to be given, an apology is not the last word, but the start of correcting what went wrong, with legal penalties being imposed in every instance. Until these are done the transport providers will not take the issues as seriously as they should be doing.


Source: Disabled Passengers Bearing Brunt Of Travel Disruption, Say Charities | Same Difference

Government failure to consider risks of asymptomatic Covid spread in care homes was unlawful, rules court – Community Care

We have to be thankful for the judgements against the Government, but I do doubt that ‘lessons will have been learnt’ as this Government has no clue regarding ‘Duty of Care‘ and no real willingness to learn, as is evident from other policies introduced over many years, which includes Immigration Policy, financing of Social Care and many others.

There was a total lack of safeguarding in respect of the Government.

The lack of beds in hospitals and ICU was down to some insufficiencies of funding, planning by the Government and NHS England, insufficient alternatives such as in community care and GP services see King’s Fund Report.

To reduce capacity, while populations are increasing it not a good judgement, but finance appears to be the diving factors, while it should be needs, this is apparent in both the NHS and Social Care and goes some long way to answer why problems are forever occurring.

Now is perhaps not the right time to mention it due to the situation in Ukraine, but in general no one stops to think of the cost of weaponry when it is being used, this this can and does have some impact on some health measures, which are evident from NICE directives

Then the statement from the then Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock MP, that there was ‘a protective fence around care homes’, which evidently there was not, for if there was it was it was ‘full of very large holes’. Not saying that Matt Hancock was not truthful, but not able to offer any other explanation.

We should expect and demand that MPs and certainly Government Ministers, including the Prime Minister, are accountable, honest and transparent, all of which it appears they are not. To ensure these are abided by there should be an independent authority which ensures they are, one should not solely ‘police oneself’ as that is open to abuse.



Source: Government failure to consider risks of asymptomatic Covid spread in care homes was unlawful, rules court – Community Care

Government must fund £10.50 social care minimum wage, urge migration advisers – Community Care

Some people in the care profession are unaware how social care is funded and correctly point out they are not employed by the Government, so can’t see where the Government involvement is. So, no care workers are not employed by the Government, but their employer has to receive the money to pay them from somewhere and that is from the respective Local Authorities, who are funded themselves by the Government. Hence the increase in the  National Insurance from April 2022, however, most of the NI money received will be going to the NHS with only a pittance, if any to social care.

All local authorities have, since 2010 had their funding substantially reduced due to the Government austerity cuts and then 2 years of increased costs due to COVID.

Social care has always been significantly underfunded, mainly due to all previous governments refusing to fund social care substantially.

£10.50 per hour would be a significant increase as many care worker are only on the National Living Wage of £9.50 or maybe the real Living Wage of £9.90 per hour.

But, when workers can earn around £14 per hour at supermarkets even £10.10 is no real incentive, especially when all the responsibilities of caring are taken into account.

But salary is but one aspect others will be, not recognising Bank Holidays, travel allowances, no sick pay and many others.

Caring is a very responsible occupation if done correctly, which, unfortunately is not always so.

The other problem is that many just believe that care workers only look after the elderly in care homes, which is also not correct, as many children and other adults receive social care within home care, supported living, hospices, respite services and others.

The lack of substantial funding by the Government and the restrictive immigration policies they introduced have contributed to the insufficiency in the quantity of persons coming into the caring profession, which is also a factor affecting the quality of care.

This Government needs to do very much more to alleviate the problems in social care, before social care completely disintegrates. The worse social care gets it will heap many more problems on the NHS causing even more funding to be required, so this Governments needs to look after social care and not just ignore it.

Safeguarding in care is of prime importance, as it is in all areas of life and the lack of social care, irrespective of the reasons leads to increases in safeguarding concerns. When this occurs care workers and the local authorities are blamed. While they need to be, no one should forget the responsibilities of the Government, for they are just as to blame for safeguarding concerns due to their complete lack of commitment to social care.

This government and all previous governments have to be held accountable for the current state of Social Care in England.


Source: Government must fund £10.50 social care minimum wage, urge migration advisers – Community Care

Cap on care costs: government change reducing benefit for less wealthy becomes law – Community Care

Why does increased costs have to always fall on the less wealthy and in poorer regions who can least afford it. Here we have care costs, but there are many others, including the NI increase, this could, in some respects be compensated in increased benefits, but they are either not being increased or increased anywhere near in-line with inflation.

Are the less wealthy and in poorer regions being penalised for being so.

Much is said about ‘leveling up’, but I see little is being done to do so, in fact, just the reverse.

Source: Cap on care costs: government change reducing benefit for less wealthy becomes law – Community Care

Cork disability forum hears of ‘children left crushed in wheelchairs they’ve outgrown’

Appears to be a Minister who is prepared to listen, which is the first part, the next is to take action, which could be more difficult and when provide what is required, which is even more of a miracle.

This should not be so, but Ireland is not alone, for you name a country and more than likely disability services are nowhere where they should be. Some countries are much worse than others.

Much is down to money or the lack of it, for disability is but one area within so many others an d others may have a much louder voice and better public and authority focus. But, some is down to ignorance or an unwillingness to do anything substantial, as it, maybe, believed that disability does not have a loud enough voice when many corporate interests do have.

Persons both children and adults with disabilities need to have more, especially as what there is most likely to be expensive as it will be seen that the market is not large enough as there are many ranges of disability, so one person with a disability may not need to same as another. What is required a more person-centred approach and less profit focus and more on respect, dignity and a willingness to do more.

Source: Cork disability forum hears of ‘children left crushed in wheelchairs they’ve outgrown’

Adult social care vacancy rate hits 10% – Community Care

There appears to be some misconception both in the article and in some of the comments.

In the article. ‘the 1.25 percentage point rise in national insurance contributions and dividend taxes introduced this month’ is being split between the NHS and Social Care over 3 years, with, initially the bulk of the money going to the NHS. Even if £500 million is being promised for Social Care is is way below the amounts that are required which is more like, £12 billion, which will only bring funding back to 2010 levels, which then was wholly insufficient.

Then is the social care funding for council run Adult Social Care or for care workers in care homes, home care, respite care, supported living, hospices, etc or both.

The rate of pay for care workers is also wholly insufficient now a minimum, the National Living Wage of £9.50 per hour and not the £10.10 being offered to non-UK workers, while it should be a minimum of the Real Living Wage of £9.90. But, workers can get £14/15 per hour at Supermarkets for much less responsibilities. Care staff have the life of the persons needing care in their hands, not just providing personal care of washing, dressing and toileting, but dispensing medication, meal preparation, emotional support, managing finances, ensuring safeguarding and much more.

It is not just that care is in the private sector, for some councils also have care workers, maybe not employed directly, but through agencies with a long-arm connection, where care rates may be slightly higher but not by much. If done correctly it is a very demanding profession, not the misconception of many that it is unskilled for it does take great skills to provide care consistently of good quality. The workers, if providing good quality care should be respecting their choices and dignity of those to whom they provide care to and not just provide care how they wish for care should be person-centred.

But there are unsocial hours too much travel time and not fully funded, if at all, training should be first class and relevant and much more.

Social care has always been the very poor relation of the NHS, when it should be held in equal esteem by both Government and the UK population and has never been sufficiently funded and even more so over the last 12 years or so.

If more is not done for social care and done urgently, then the quality and quantity of care will be severely diminished to where it is not really available. This will create even more pressures on a currently over-burdened NHS.

You may not, currently require Social Care, but when you do or a family member does then you may find it is not there and it is not just social care for the elderly but for any age starting at times from birth and |COVID| is increasing demand on Social Care as well as the NHS.

Don’t be fooled by the very ignorant and discriminative Government. who are just following many other Governments before them of any Party.


Source: Adult social care vacancy rate hits 10% – Community Care

Lateral Flow Tests

I am a family carer for my 54 year old daughter who has severe learning disabilities and autism with many other health conditions.

I am 72 and my own health is far from good as I have arthritis and severe breathing difficulties, none of which is COVID related, but has got worse since having COVID, so I could now have Long COVID.

The medication I am on from my arthritis affects my immune system and I am therefore vulnerable to COVID and have been isolating ever since COVID. But have been admitted on 4 occasions to hospital during 2020/2021 due to my breathing problems. I have had 4 COVID vaccinations and waiting for my 5th in the next month or so.

Unfortunately my daughter has been unable to be vaccinated as she is needle averse and although she has been receiving needle averse therapy, so far this has not affected her inability to have needle injections. So, we are, patiently awaiting other means to have the COVID vaccines either, by nasal spray, patch or tablet. All of these are being research, but with no apparent urgency, a patch may not be available until 2025, no information on nasal sprays and tablets.

We have been able to obtain the free lateral Flow tests until recently, but now, whenever we try to request such tests are told there are none available. But many establishments are wishing for negative Lateral Flow Tests to have been obtained before attending some appointments.

The inability to obtain the Lateral Flow Test is not only worrying, but is limited our life to a major extent.

All COVID restrictions have now been removed, in England, even the mandatory wearing of face masks, although there is still guidance to do so.

This Government needs to be doing more for vulnerable and disabled people, but by their track record, it is extremely unlikely they will do so, it is as though we don’t exist, well certainly in the minds and actions of this Government.

This is showing a great lack of ‘Duty of Care’ by this Government, but do they care, I fear not.

It is my belief that this Government is doing all they can to eradicate England of vulnerable and disabled persons.

We are still part of the UK, but are discounted by this Government.

Free Lateral Flow Tests are being withdrawn from the end of this month and not sure if they will still be available for Vulnerable persons, let alone the N HS and Social Care. But, with the lack of tests to be issued, it would appear that they have already been withdrawn.

GOVERMENT, this is not good enough, you are supped to be there for all in England, let alone the UK, so be THERE and be SEEN to be THERE.

LAs: SEND failings are everyone’s fault but ours and it’s too easy to get an EHCP – Special Needs Jungle

Thank you SNJ, not only for this article, but for your expert analysis.

Yes, funding or the complete lack of it is a major, as it is in all aspects of special Needs Education and throughout the whole of social care. So here the Government and many previous governments are at fault.

But lack of funding does, and should not result in failing to follow legislation, which is why parents go to tribunals. Local Authorities, (LAs) are total at fault as funding should have no relation to what is required, but unfortunately it is the primary basis behind LAs thinking.

The results from tribunals should be looked on a learning for LAs to do better and not find ways to make no change.

Caring is stressful enough, so these problems add to the stress, while LAs think they are great, which they are not.

Everything should be person-centred and not LA centred and be sufficiently funded.


Source: LAs: SEND failings are everyone’s fault but ours and it’s too easy to get an EHCP – Special Needs Jungle

Peers overturn cap on care costs change that would hit less well-off – Community Care

Yet again this Government are wishing to increase inequalities, even though the Lords have made it abundantly clear what the equal rights are and the consequences of removing the Lords amendment.

Again the Government are sticking to the incorrect assumption that costs are the priority concern, when the priority should needs led, this is in both areas of the cap to care costs and also the intention to not consult carers before discharge of patients.

On the latter during COVID the lack of ‘Duty of Care’ on discharge was made abundantly clear when COVID positive patients where discharged into care homes without a necessary full assessment, causing many deaths of care home residents and staff.

To allow similar into family care where full assessments are not done before discharge is also a dereliction of Duty of Care and could create major risks of neglect leading to safeguarding concerns.

But the Duty of Care is not just on hospitals and health and social care authorities but also on this Government, which in many instances this duty has been ignore either by ignorance or even worse by design.

Money will always be a priority but needs must come first. For when wars occur and other military conflicts occur no one stops to think about the cost and it should be similar in both health and certainly social care. If money can be found for military issues then it should also be for health and social care issues.

Life should be more important than money.


Source: Peers overturn cap on care costs change that would hit less well-off – Community Care