‘Hospitals at home’ plan to save NHS

This is all well and good, but everyone has broadband to allow video links and in many cases the care that could well be required would need social care input, which is not there to any degree due to staff shortages in social care and the exreme lack of funding for social care.

So, in theory yes, but not, in some instances practible.

While looking to releave the crisis in the NHS, the crisis in social care also needs to be dealt with and this, in many instances, is much more serious than that in the NHS.

Not only does it require many £billions, but much needed sustainable funding. If the hourly rate for care workers is not drastically increased to around £15 per hours, not in years, but so much immediately then we can say goodbye, not to just social care, but also the NHS. One can’t exist without the other no matter how you look at it.

That is the main problem as no one is really looking at it, not now and for many years before.

If social care had been part of the NHS then it could well have been in a better position, but it never was.

Every Government up to and including the current has ignored social care to a large extent and as far as I can see forever in the future.

Social care has to be a priority as never before for if not both social care and the NHS will just disappear.

No point looking for family involvement as families are already saving the UK £193 billion in care costs, and in doing so families are ignoring their own health, so delaying treatments and in the end they too require social care and more NHS care.

No longer can social care be ignored, for the future of the NHS depends on the social care crisis being solved, even £12 billion won’t cover it, but just about bring it back to the 2010 level, which even then was way insufficient.

Source: ‘Hospitals at home’ plan to save NHS


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