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University of Sheffield study reveals reasons why some care workers remain unvaccinated | The Star

The majority of unvaccinated care workers who fear losing their jobs as a result of mandatory vaccination ruled did not receive the jabs due to poor working conditions, a University of Sheffield study reveals.


It is well-known that the working conditions and pay for care workers are exceedingly poor and I can quite believe that these are some reasons why some care workers did not get vaccinated, no sick pay being another valid reason. These areas need to be rectified, but this is again down to the Government, yes, the same Government who introduced this no vaccination policy.

Why is it down to Government, well Social care is mainly financed by Local Authorities, (LAs) paying Care Service Providers so they in turn can pay their care workers. But to do this LAs rely to a large extent on the Government Grants they receive to finance Social Care and many other areas under the control of LAs. But since 2010 LAs were subjected to austerity cuts by successive Tory Governments, for 10 years to force them to make saving where in most instances there were not savings to be made, except by reducing funding for essential services with social care being made. LAs had to make many redundancies within their own workforces meaning services to residents where also reduced and maybe even cost much more.

Currently these cuts have not been dealt with by this Government in reimbursing LAs for all the funding, which in my view was taken away without due consideration on how services would be continued, So with costs increasing to inflation as well as salary increases with regards to at least increases in the National Living Wage, which were required, but it is not in any way a ‘Living Wage’ for from it and taxable as well, surely the Tax free allowances should be as the National Living Wage.

Now we see from the University of Sheffield study this austerity legislation and the inability or down-right refusals to reimburse these cuts is leading to persons not complying with other legislation from this Government re COVID vaccinations.

Care workers, especially in Care Homes have been considerably let down by this Government, letting COVID patient be discharged from hospitals is but one let down. But it is not just care workers who have been let down, but also the persons in need of care and also their families.

MPs are saying they can’t exist on their salaries, which are far in excess of those for care workers. There is already a large insufficiency of care workers and this will only make matters worse.

Not only that, but the problems in social care caused by the Government are also affecting the NHS for people are becoming more sick and hospitals are having bed shortages as there is not the availability of aftercare for persons who could be discharged from hospitals.

Care is interrelated within health and social care for one can’t exist without the other.

Hospitals are again in crisis, but this Government is still unwilling to reintroduce mandatory wearing of face covering and social distancing, surely the least this Government should do.

This Government is failing in all areas, is it a ‘Nero Government’, Emperor Nero was supposed to have ‘fiddled while Rome burnt‘. well it is looking like it is fiddling something or is that just ‘Boris’.

Social Care needs much more additional funding and while I agree everyone in all aspects of front-line care should be vaccinated, is mandatory really the only way.


Source: University of Sheffield study reveals reasons why some care workers remain unvaccinated | The Star

Major Bristol inquiry recommends mental health institutions should shut – Bristol Live

This is a concern I have had for a few yearsand I still feel the major problems are as follows

  1. lack of funding throughout the whole of social care, which then filters into health care
  2. lack of knowledge of learning disabilities and more certainly Autism
  3. lack of staff qualified or not, including care staff in social care, due to abymals rates of pay, immigration systems against care workers being allowed into the UK freely, esspecially changes since Brexit affecting EU workers and also others around the world
  4. lack of commitment by the Government to social care, even the now supposed mandatory COVID vaccines
  5. plus many others

The Government need to urgently bring forward the long promised ‘White Paper on Social Care’, immediate reversal and repaying of all the cuts to local authority budgets due to austerity cuts, mandatory training on Autism in every care setting, including the NHS.

I have been promoting the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care (https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/solve-the-crisis-in-social-care), but this petition will prompt the Government into action, all it needs is your support.

This is what you can do, so please sign and then share the petition.

Source: Major Bristol inquiry recommends mental health institutions should shut – Bristol Live

Government betrayal of Social Care Staff : Care Industry News

The decision to exclude social care workers from a new fast-track health and care visa has been blasted as a “betrayal” by care home owners in Wales.

Mary Wimbury, the chief executive of Care Forum Wales, described the omission by Home Secretary Priti Patel as “sheer hypocrisy” when she and other members of the UK Government had been clapping for carers in appreciation of NHS staff and other key workers, including staff working in care homes and domiciliary care, during the coronavirus crisis.

Ms Wimbury, who is also a leading member of the Five Nations Group which represent independent social care providers across the UK and Eire, is calling for a U-turn on the issue.

The new system has been unveiled as part of the UK’s plans for a points-based immigration system when freedom of movement with the EU ends in January.

According to the Home Secretary, employers would be encouraged to invest in workers from within the UK.


Source : Government betrayal of Social Care Staff : Care Industry News