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Major Change Planned For PIP And WCA Assessment System

The big question will remain, will these changes mean that persons entitled to these benefits will receive them and that people will not receive degrading assessments.

Same Difference

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The DWP are to introduce a major change to the assessment system for PIP and the work capability assessment for ESA and UC with just one company carrying out both assessments for any given claimant from August 2023.

Contracts for all assessment providers have been extended for two years to August 2023, after which the change to a single assessment provider in each of an undisclosed number of geographic regions will be introduced.

This means that the same company will have to have expertise in both PIP assessments and the WCA and will be able to use some of the evidence from one type of assessment when carrying out the other for the same claimant.

At present, all WCA’s a re carried out by Maximus.

PIP assessments are carried out by IAS (formerly Atos) and Capita.

Many readers will remember that Atos abandoned…

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Roy Curtis: Autistic man killed himself six days after latest ‘fitness for work’ demand – Disability News Service

Why do these events keep occurring is it because the DWP do not listen or are incapable of listening, or they are just following Government policy to get people off benefits and back to work irrespective of their health.

In these mentioned cases the DWP were regularly informed that their actions were causing major mental health problems, but they still continued with their systems as though there were impervious of how their actions would affect people.

The article states ‘But a DWP spokesperson said: “Our thoughts remain with Mr Curtis’ family and friends at this difficult time.”.’ is it not a pity that their thoughts were not with Roy Curtis, let alone Errol Graham, for if they were, then may be they could be still alive.

These are just 2 persons, but there will be many others and I bet, the DWP will say ‘our thoughts are with the family and friends at this difficult time.’

Words are easy to say, but it is actions that speak louder than words and it is these actions which are not forthcoming from the DWP.

Do the DWP not care that they are causing vulnerable people to take their own lives, for with how they are proceeding it would appear that they do not care.

This can not be right and should not be allowed to happen, for if anymanslaughter, but the DWP appears to escape prosecution. For the State would, more than likely, be responsible to bring these charges, but it is aone-else did this, then, could they not be charged with murder or at least n arm of the State that are causing them, so if they did, would they be prosecuting themselves?

Source: Roy Curtis: Autistic man killed himself six days after latest ‘fitness for work’ demand – Disability News Service