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COVID-19 vaccine rollout in disability residential accommodation sits at 4pc, as comments labelled ‘cruel’ – ABC News

In the UK persons with Learning Disabilities were also not treated with dignity and respect, but this situation in Australia is even worse, especially the comments from those who should know better.

But it is not just in the UK and Australia, but a Worldwide problem for persons with Learning Disabilities, for they are not second or even third class citizens, which this treatment appears to indicate. They have as much right as any others to be treated with equality and in many respects even more so.

I am disgusted with the Australian authotities and if I was an Australian I would be ashamed to advise anyone I was.

Source: COVID-19 vaccine rollout in disability residential accommodation sits at 4pc, as comments labelled ‘cruel’ – ABC News

Unpaid caregivers need more support|LinkedIn

From this linkedin post it would appear that this situation is not restricted to any given country, for here in the UK family carers, our way of expressing caregivers, are also not supported to any degree.

However, those family carers who are below retirement age could be eligible for Carers Allowance, provided they meet the eligibility conditions.

Many family carers are unable to maintain other forms of employment, so the £67.25 could be their only weekly earned income and it is a taxable benefit, but you may be eligible for other welfare benefits.

With Carers Allowance you would be receiving the equivalent to £1.92 based on the minimum qualifying hours of 35 hours.

When this is compared to our minimum wage, the National Living Wage, (NLW).

£1.92 per week is no real comparison to the NLW of £8.72 per week the minimum a person is expected to live on in the UK.

The UKs, Job Seekers Allowance, £74.35 for persons 25 and over, slightly more than Carers Allowance, but need to be seeking work, which a family carer may not be able to do.

Currently, family carers save £132 billion per year to the costs of Social Care within the UK

Well done family carers, you deserve it, but you should be recognised more. There is the Care Act 2014, but it should have provided much more and at the start of COVID-19 the UK Government created the Coronavirus Act 2020, which provided temporary easements for adults under the Care Act 2014, which are still available to English Local Authorities to apply to use, However, similar easements for children were withdrawn in September 2020, why are adults being treated differently to children, is this not disability discrimination?


Source: Unpaid caregivers need more support|LinkedIn

Coronavirus: AstraZeneca defends EU vaccine rollout plan – BBC News

The EU did not think this through or if they did took the wrong line.

Unfortunately the EU is a well known over bureaucratic organisation, perhaps too big for its own good, and more likely used to having its own way, pleasing itself, rather than understanding others.

It took way too long to approve any vaccines and delayed ordering vaccines to, perhaps, just before the last minute and then expected everyone to ‘jump to attention’.

The the EU does not control the whole world and now, not even the UK, it should abide by international law, not only when it agrees with

it, but especially when not so.

When the UK was threatening to include clauses into the Trade Agreement between the UK and the EU, they were ‘up in arms’ about it and perhaps with justification.

But then within a short time they did, or tried to do something similar and pleased no one.

One of the good points, is they did a ‘U-turn’, which has mitigated some of the outcomes, but the thought they did it once, will not go away.

This does leave a ‘door ajar’, for, perhaps others to do so as well.

What it readily shows is the the EU can’t be trusted, which many in the UK have believed for sometime, whether correctly or not.

The UK, appear to not wish to make, much capital from the EUs actions, for which the UK should be applauded for, and it goes some way so as not to sour relations between the UK and EU, but any similar actions by the EU will not go down well, not only the UK, but many of the countries within the EU.

To some extent this appears to justify the UKs Brexit actions and could, in time, lead other countries to think about their own membership of the EU.

But, all that been said, lets put all this behind us and work better together, if in many respects separately. For it has been shown that the more working together is beneficial for all concerned, for this the COVID-19 pandemic with regards to vaccines development has been a great example.

Lets dwell on the positives and endeavour to discount the negatives.

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Source: Coronavirus: AstraZeneca defends EU vaccine rollout plan – BBC News

COVID vaccine supply is causing an EU crisis – so what’s being done to speed up production?

The EU need to come clean and own the problem instead of diverting blame on others and to try to insist that UK supplies to solve a problem, to some extent of the EUs own making is not on.

However, it does show what an incompetent organisation the EU is and always was.

The EU needs to immediately withdraw from requesting a share of the UK Oxford/AstraZeneca supply and do not restrict the UK supply from Pfizer BioNTech.

For once in its existence the EU needs to become a responsible organisation and own its own problems and not blame others.

For if it does not other countries will come to realise that the UK was right to leave such an organisation and the EU will gradually be dismantled.

In some respects this would be a shame, for the EU can’t be as bad as it is painted, or is it, time will tell and this is in the hands of the EU.


Source: COVID vaccine supply is causing an EU crisis – so what’s being done to speed up production?

UK’s lack of social care is hitting disabled people in Covid-19 lockdown | Vox Political

The United Kingdom is the fifth- or sixth-richest nation in the world; we should be able to afford to handle Covid-19 while still giving the best-quality care to those who need it. But we don’…

Source: UK’s lack of social care is hitting disabled people in Covid-19 lockdown | Vox Political

A phone call can’t make tea: how UK’s lack of social care is hitting disabled people in lockdown | Society | The Guardian



NHS bosses urge Boris Johnson to end ‘escalating crisis’ in social care : iNews

Dozens of hospital and health leaders have joined more than 150,000 people calling on Boris Johnson to take action now to address the escalating crisis in care.

In what is believed to be the largest petition of its kind, the Prime Minister is urged to end the cuts in social care that have left around 1.4 million older people in England unable to access the care and support they need.

The health leaders who have signed the letter span hospital, mental health, community services and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). They believe extra investment and reform of social care is not only the right thing to do for vulnerable people who need support, but that a failure to deliver a solution will result in further pressure on local hospital and other NHS services. They believe the ambitions of the NHS Long Term Plan, launched in January by Theresa May, will be placed in jeopardy as a result.

In their letter to the Mr Johnson, NHS leaders welcome his commitment to “fix the crisis in social care once and for all”’. They have pledged their support and are calling for several responses from No 10, including cross-party talks to help deliver a more sustainable social care system, backed up by a long-term financial settlement, and “immediate funding increases” in the upcoming one-year government spending review that is being conducted this autumn to shore up care services in the short term.

The health experts also want to see reforms “to help deliver a solution for social care that lasts a generation and more”, which must include a widening of the eligibility criteria to ensure those people most in need get the care and support they require.

Joining forces


Source: NHS bosses urge Boris Johnson to end ‘escalating crisis’ in social care : iNews