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Disabled Passengers Bearing Brunt Of Travel Disruption, Say Charities | Same Difference

It goes without saying that every passenger is important, but persons with disabilities should be treat as equally important, which in many instances they are not, unfortunately to some as an inconvenience, as considerable time and assistance is required to ensure they are boarded safely on any forms of transport, but especially so on Planes and Trains.

Not only because of their disability, but for a disabled person, especially one who needs a wheelchair for mobility much time and planning as to be undertaken by the person with disabilities and any delay, however slight can cause major problems, especially so, if there are other connections required, on top of the major safety issues.

So, in many respects there importance should be a major priority and not the last, which on many occasions is the case.

This should be a major priority for every transport provider and for everyone of their employees and it should be included in all equality legislation, with every aspect of accountability and transparency, with quoting ignorance not being a valid excuse, as should also be lack of staff.

This should always be referred also as a safeguarding issue and an erosion of human rights.

Apologies are way to common and while needed to be given, an apology is not the last word, but the start of correcting what went wrong, with legal penalties being imposed in every instance. Until these are done the transport providers will not take the issues as seriously as they should be doing.


Source: Disabled Passengers Bearing Brunt Of Travel Disruption, Say Charities | Same Difference