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Rough sleeping crisis ‘just the tip of the iceberg’ of poverty and destitution, warn Labour

This is indeed a very serious crisis, yet another that this Governments policies and many previous Governments policies, be they be Labour or Conservative, have created and done little or nothing to solve.

Instead of playing Party politics all in Government and Parliament should be working together to manage and reduce this situation, so that both short and long-term solutions can be formed.

Improving Social Housing, in quality, quantity, costs and more would be one solution, but there are many more.

A more substantial and creative welfare benefits system would be another, one that is there to help and not punish.

Another would be to improve the legal entity, where all authorities are there to help, rather than see the problem as a reason to arrest or move persons on, so that it is a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

Another would be for the authorities to talk to the ‘homeless’ and find out from them, ‘first hand’ what could be done to solve the homelessness for each individual, as there will be many reasons for them to be homeless and be seen to be both reactive and more importantly proactive by providing what homeless people are looking for, rather than just create what authorities believe would be solutions, for the solutions will be many and there could well be a mixture of solutions.

Perhaps a more difficult one to solve would be to improve the public opinion to the homeless situation, but first the Government opinion needs to be improved considerably.

These are just some of the possible solutions, but there will be many more and the solutions will need to be ‘fluid’ so that changes, which will occur from time to time, can be accommodated quickly and responsibly.


Source: Rough sleeping crisis ‘just the tip of the iceberg’ of poverty and destitution, warn Labour