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The worst of Covid is over for most of us, but it still lingers for those with learning disabilities | Sonia Sodha | The Guardian

As are most headlines, this is misleading for COVID is not over for anyone, it is just the restrictions have been relaxed and some are now only guidelines and the current variants of COVID are milder than the initial variant.

Then we have the Government actions, or in most cases, inactions for in many in stance this Government was slow to react and when they did it was then kept on for longer than some thought was necessary.

There was delayed actions in bringing in some of the restrictions and inactions with regards to PPE and for persons with learning disabilities, (LD).

While for the vaccine programme there was very quick actions.

To some extent the knowledge of COVID-19 was insufficient, but COVID has been with us for many years, just not stated as being COVID, as the yearly invasion of Influenza is a form of COVID, but not as serious, although every year there are deaths relating to flu, but mainly with persons with other underlying conditions, which was not so with COVID-19 where anyone, even with no underlying conditions could die from COVID.

Persons with learning disabilities were always in serious risk from COVID-19 much more so than from the yearly flu. With the flu persons with learning disabilities are eligible for the yearly flu vaccine, but with COVID-19 were not, initially eligible for the priority COVID-19 injections. This action by the Government makes no sense at all and could be seen as an action to rid the UK of persons with LD.

Even though the evidence around the flu. there is also the evidence from the LeDeR programme, which commenced in 2016 through Bristol University, where any deaths of persons with LD had to be reported to the LeDeR section at Bristol University , who then reported back to the Department of Health and Social Care on a regular basis so early deaths of persons with LD could be research. Now is it known that for persons with LD there is seen to be an average of early deaths of 20% earlier than for persons without learning disabilities.

This and other UK Government could do more fore persons with LD, but are very reluctant to do so, even with Welfare Benefits, where in many instances they have to attend some degrading assessments and sometimes conducted by persons who have no respect for the persons with disabilities.

Persons have enough barriers from Society to contend with, without more from the Government. Unfortunately the systems are not fit for purpose and are certainly well underfunded and could well be by design. Under the Care Act 2014 reasonable adjustment have to be made, but the Government conveniently forgets or disregards this when there are Government actions or inactions.

But, that is not just in the UK, for it is much like it the World allover.


Source: The worst of Covid is over for most of us, but it still lingers for those with learning disabilities | Sonia Sodha | The Guardian

Family Of Woman With Down’s Syndrome Denied Intensive Care Seek Answers From Covid-19 Inquiry | Same Difference

While we all hold the NHS in great esteem for all it does and the great staff it employs, it does not mean that it could be better and do much more.

Even though some funding is and has been available for the NHS and other health related services, this funding does fall well short of what is really required, especially when the increases in the UK population are accounted for and the degrees of complex needs and other health related conditions are taken into account.

Some health facilities are more short of funding than others, especially mental health and when this is coupled with the severe lack of funding for social care and some areas of public health, it does show the considerable short fall that the NHS is experiencing. Indeed, even with all these shortfalls the services are still expected to come up with savings, when in re

However, the Government is never held accountable for their lack of funding and the onus is always carried by the NHS when there are no areas where savings can be made, without cutting existing services even further

The Government is causing these dilemmas, but not accepting responsibilities.

Everyone appears to agree that ‘do not resuscitate’, DNRs) should never be considered without consent of each individual and, in many instances their families, especially when there are areas of lack of capacity with the individuals. But, as we can see this consent appears to be, in many instances, ignored by the NHS. To ensure consent is always the priority it, unfortunately means, that the legal aspects should be considered, but that is a costly exercise, especially now that access to legal aid has been more difficult to obtain, due to changes through Government actions.

This creates a great degree of loss of equality rights and this again is due to the current equality legislation being totally inadequate. Again a result of Government actions or more correctly inactions.

Yes, the NHS should be held accountable, for lack of resources should not be an excuse to restrict peoples rights, but in addition the Government and the respective Ministers also need to be made accountable, which they never are.


Source: Family Of Woman With Down’s Syndrome Denied Intensive Care Seek Answers From Covid-19 Inquiry | Same Difference

People with learning disabilities had higher death rate from COVID-19 – GOV.UK

What the LeDeR information may not be reporting is that some of the persons with Learning Disabilities who have died from COVID could well not be able to have the vaccines as they could be averse to needles and due to their Learning Disabilities will not be able to understand the importance of overcoming their aversion so they could have the vaccines.

Thereby, due to this aversion they could well be still shielding and may not understand why they are not going out as they used to, this is the case with my own daughter, who under the ‘Best Interest’ is not going out, so she is protected more from catching COVID. Thus behaviour issues may be more prevalent, which have to be managed by their carers or family members. In their own interests their freedom of movement is being affected.

There is special Needle Aversion therapy available for persons with Learning Disabilities, but there is a very long waiting list to be assessed and then their ability to understand, will also be a factor in whether the therapy will be affective.

Even more problems that persons with learning disabilities have to contend with, but is the Government listening, I very much doubt they are, for they have not appeared to have been in the past. I take this view due to Government actions or is is much more, their in actions with regards to persons with Learning Disabilities, their apparent lack of concern to the crisis  within Social Care, which this Government are still to deal with, just as many previous Governments have failed to do.

Social Care is a forgotten health service, be it by design or not, the very urgent crisis is still not being dealt with, as though people with learning disabilities are not seen as a body of people in the UK.

It is not just the lack of dealing with the ‘Social Care Crisis, , but their whole concept of disability, the impressions they create for the general population around disabilities, the way the benefit system is managed, the lack of concern to ensure that the the UK is truly fully integrated in the terms of ‘Equality’. as there are still too many areas within the UK where equality is nowhere equal. Such as, access to buildings and transport, the benefits system, attitudes of Government departments, comments made by politicians, MPs and Ministers, even the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, MP and other senior Ministers.

Yes, much as been done with legislation, but there is still a long way to go to make the UK a fully equal nation.




Source: People with learning disabilities had higher death rate from COVID-19 – GOV.UK

Guardian Interview With Jo Whiley

There so much wrong with the system, not just the vaccine programme, that I fear is there anything right.

Since 2016 the LeDeR programme as been inforce through Bristol University where all deaths of persons with Learning Disabilities should be reported to and they in there research provide much needed research information on the early deaths of persons with Learning Disability.

This information is reporterd to NHS England so the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, MP should be fully aware of all the apsects of early deaths of persons with Learning Disabilities.

But he ignored all this research evidence when creating the priority lists for the Vaccine Programme and even the assessments for shielding throughout the COVID pandemic.

They have all the evidence, so the only conclusion is the Hancock and the rest of this excuse for a Government purposely ignoring the evidence because they feel people with Learning Disabilities have no equal right to live as others in .

This is abuse, total abuse and the whole Government should be charged with neglect of persons with learning Disabilities, as this is a major safeguarding concern.

This Government have totally disregarded their Duty of Care for all persons with Learning Disabilities, be they Children or adults.

Unfortunately they are not aloner on this for all previous Governments have also been as guilty be they Conservative, Labour, or Coalitions, not one person in any of these Governments have shown any degrees of concern,for a large part of the English population.

It is as though persons with Learning Disabilities are ‘out of sight and out of mind’ can this and previous Governments be seen as the ‘3 Wise Monkeys’.

The general public are also a matter of concern for they also treat persons with Learning Disabilities very similar to the Government as do certain elements of the media.

Social Care is not on anyones radar when it should be the Top Priority.

For as many years as I can remember there has been the promise of a ‘SWhite Paper on Social Care’ which by now has gone completely grey and is now reduced to dust, as is the passage of time.

Funding is and always has been a major concern, or the lack of it has been, and the 10 years of austerity cuts have on ly made it a much more serious concern. With austerity cuts the Government was wanting savings to be mad, but with Social Care there where no opportunities to cuts for these was no slack only a great deal of need, many of which was and is being unmet and the unmet is forever increasing. This then affects the incidences of further and more complexities in the need for health care, so increasing healtyh costs. If there had been proactivity instead of reactivity and in some onstances even no activity, these further draining costs being imposed on health would not have taken placer as the needs would have been met and not lead to health issues because they were unmet.

But this requires forward thinking, commitment and a genuine wish to care, none of which any Government has done for I can see.

Only when deaths occur is action taken by inituation reviews, but are the lessons ever learned from these reviews, well the simple answer is no not ever, for I feel there is a complete unwillingness to do by by all the appropriate authorities.

This is a complete disgrace in any Society and all concerned should be ashamed of themselves, but more than ashamed there should all be prosecuted for their complete lack of Duty of Care.

By supporting the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/solve-the-crisis-in-social-care, would be a start.

Same Difference

The Guardian have interviewed Jo Whiley on her campaign to change the vaccine priority list and her work as a DJ and presenter.

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Call For Urgent Action To Prevent Learning Disability Deaths

It is that, “Despite the pandemic, the NHS has ensured that three-quarters of people over the age of 14 with a learning disability have received their annual health check, two years ahead of the Long Term Plan target,”. However, during the pandemic persons with learning disabilities (LD), even though LeDeR, proved otherwise, were not deemed to be at risk from COVID over and above persons who did not have LD.

This shows there is a very long way to go, especially in Government and maybe in some areas of the NHS and other socalled experts. They were not initially put into an priority at risk group for the vaccines and certainly not with regards to Shielding, well my own daughter was not and she is still at risk as she is averse of needles, so is having to wait for the nasal spray or tablet, whenever they will be authorised.

Same Difference

People with learning disabilities are still dying 25 years earlier than the rest of the population, a report has said.

The Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) calls for urgent action to prevent more avoidable deaths.

A quarter of learning disability deaths were caused by Covid in 2020, compared to 13% of other deaths.

NHS England said improving the health of people with a learning disability was a priority.

The LeDeR was established in 2015 to try to understand why so many people with learning disabilities were dying from avoidable causes, and to try and improve their access to healthcare.

The latest report compares data from the deaths of 9,110 people with learning disabilities who died over the past three years.

It found that while there had been some small improvements – life expectancy had increased by one year – people were still experiencing huge inequalities.

Pandemic highlighted disparity

In 2020…

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Covid Deaths For People With Learning Disability In England Six Times Average

Again persons with learning disabilities are found to be more at risk than those without learning disabilities and the Government is asking SAGE to review these findings and report back. However, I feel this is too little too late, for LeDeR has already proved that before COVID-19 people with learning disabilities were more at risk of dying earlier than persons without learning disabilities, so why has something not already been done.

The Government still appears to be unconcerned at the state of Social Care in the UK, for they are still not actioning any large scale funding increases into Social Care.

It would appear they do not care about persons in need of Social Care, for is it ‘I’m all right Jack‘, .

It would appear so.

But this is wrong and the Government needs to be told so and be pressured into action to resolve the funding issue.

This is nothing new for Social Care has always been underfunded, before and after 1970, For 1970 is when the Government of that day brought in legislation to bring all Social Care under the responsibility of Local Authorities, (LAs),  but without the necessary funding. Is that always the case, create more work and responsibility, but not provide the funding to do so. How would this be seen if this was the case in Parliament with regards to MPs salaries, I feel we would have ‘revolting MPs!

It is more than the due time for Government action and I therefore created the petition,’Solve the crisis in Social Care‘,

If further information is required, please see,

If action is not taken, then there could well be the total collapse of Social Care, which would certainly bring the NHS to virtual collapse also.

That would certainly cause much more of a crisis in health care, than anything previously, even, COVID-19.

Same Difference

People with learning disabilities are dying of coronavirus at more than six times the rate of the general population, according to “deeply troubling” figures that have prompted a government review.

A report from Public Health England (PHE) found that 451 per 100,000 people registered as having learning disabilities died after contracting Covid-19 in the first wave of the pandemic, when the figures were adjusted for age and sex.

Because not all Covid deaths among people with learning disabilities are registered as such, the true figure is likely to be 692 per 100,000, or 6.3 times the UK average, the report estimated.

Campaigners said the figures showed the government had failed to protect the most vulnerable.

The report found that Covid deaths among those with learning disabilities were also more widely spread across age groups, with far greater mortality rates among younger adults.

Those aged 18-34 were 30 times more likely…

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