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NHS services on black alert as hospitals struggle to store medicines | The Independent

Yes, another crisis, but where are the solutions and from where and who is really sorting out each and every crisis.

Unfortunately, in the UK and maybe many other countries the rich are getting richer, while the poor, disabled and those in poor health are getting much poorer. None of this is new, as it has been occurring for as many years as I can remember and that is spread over, at least, 70 years, but has been occurring for many years before.

In the UK, many inventions where started, but in most they were progressed out of the UK as the structures to gain the required investments were not readily available within the UK.

We started railways, but our infrastructure suffered from lack of investment in British Railways and still under British Rail, which was a National Institution, but previous Governments did not attend to the investments and the rail structures were left to age, similar with aviation and much of the UK manufacturing base.

The NHS is also a case in point, its creation in 1948 was great and while some new hospitals were built there were never enough. Many staff, while well thought of never did receive, on a regular basis, the financial investment they richly deserved. When you look at Social Care this is even more so, for the investment was never there and in many instances the care staff did not and still do not receive the appreciation they also deserve, in fact, in many instances it was the complete opposite, for successive Governments and many of the UK public have never thought well of care staff, except for those who are in receipt of social care.

Now, of course, they are saying the intense heatwave is creating ‘black’ alerts, but it could have been COVID, lack of investment, lack of finance and more than likely, lack of Social Car or a mixture of anyone or all and others.

Every crisis needs sorting but, where is the Government, well engrossed in the Conservative leadership challenge and the eventual Prime Minister, which should be sorted by September 2022. You may well asked, where is the ‘Opposition’ The Labour Party, well they want a new General Election, which would further delay for a new Government to say October or even November and all the while, no effective Government.

A Government is needed now, not a ‘lame duck’ Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, MP, so the UK goes from one crisis to another, strikes after strikes, while inflation goes up and up with the poor, disabled and sick getter poorer by the second and no one lifting a finger and the rich will get by.


Source: NHS services on black alert as hospitals struggle to store medicines | The Independent

Homes not hospitals – Social work with adults

Hospitals will never be homes and should never be classes being, for hospitals are there to care for people and do all they can to ensure people recover from what ailments they have.

However, persons with learning disabilities and /or autism have conditions from which there is no recovery and therefore should never be admitted to any institution that is there under the impression that they will offer a cure.

Persons with learning disabilities and/or autism are not ill so there is never to be a recovery, what is required is for people to understand them and treat them with the respect and dignity to which they are all entitled.

Medication to keep them quite or in a composed state is never the answer, and should be illegal, but by listening to them, be calm with them and give then reassurance and more is what is required.

Giving medication is this manner is never the answer and is a misuse of medication Known as STOMP (Stopping over medication of people)

What is the answer is building of suitable accommodations in the community, either with care being provided or not. That is assuming that the care being provided is of good and sufficient quality and quantity.

But the authorities feel the easy answer is to imprison persons with learning disabilities and/or autism in these so called hospitals, but effectively they are prisons, for once a person is in one of these institutions it is very difficult to be discharged. This is because the conditions and treatments in these institutions are geared to make persons worse, if they do, so called, actions, which the institutions do not care for they will be given medication and also be in seclusion.

The actions that are shown are usually because the person has not been listened to and the action is another form of communication. If the persons caring for them had understood and done what was required, it would be more than likely that the actions to which the carers are objecting to would never have occurred.

A greater understanding of learning disability and autism is required by everyone in an authoritative organisation and medication and seclusion should never be required.


Source: Homes not hospitals – Social work with adults

Five things to watch out for in Rishi Sunak’s spending review | Politics | The Guardian

Rishi Sunak
Chancellor of the Exchequer


The Guardian believes there are 5 things to watch for in Rishi Sunak’s spending review this coming Wednesday.

However, I believe there is, at least, a 6th and this is Social Care, for Social Care has been under-funded for as long as I can remember, going back to 1970, or even before and no Government, be it Labour or Conservative has looked at this, which is a very sad state of affairs.

Unfortunately Social Care is not looked upon in such a high esteem as healthcare, but it should be, as it is as vital, if not more so than health for those who have to depend on it.

By not sufficiently funding social care, this is adding to the costs for health care, where a proactive approach would remedy many of the factors which cause health referrals and thereby increasing the need for those persons to have to use the NHS.

A main area which could be one that would, more than likely be referred to less, would be mental health, as the factors which lead to a mental health deterioration would be mitigated, not only for the person at the centre, the person in need of Social Care, but also their family, who could well be caring for them or at least have some input.

But, it is not just mental health, in varying degrees, but other aspects of health, be it physical or leading to many various health conditions, such as, relating to the heart and other organs, strains, injuries, arthritis and many others.

However, health is only one factor, for as mentioned above there is a very serious funding deficit in Social Care, resulting in many in need having no social care input, or, just as important, insufficient input.

Much is said about pay in health and other areas of public service, but the pay in social care, for care workers is abysmal, with many only on or just above the National Living Wage, or, if under 25 the Minimum Living Wage, while many, if not all public service workers are on, at least the Real Living Wage, as calculated by the Living Wage Foundation.

The Real Living wage is, currently, £9.50 per hour across the UK and £10.85 for London for persons 18 years and over, while the National Living Wage is, currently, £8.72 for persons 25 and over, with the Minimum Wage, currently, £8.21 for persons 21 and over. So, persons under 21 could well be on a lower rate.

Time as long gone for in-action, for now is the time to act, yesterday would have been even better.

I felt so strongly on this, that I created the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,


Should more information be required this can be obtained here.

If you agree, please sign and share.

This Governments in-action on Social Care, is even more worrying, for the only actions this year is to allow the elderly to be discharged from hospitals in March/April 2020, without being COVID-19 tested and then bringing them into Care Homes, effectively bringing ‘Death’ into those homes for the residents and care staff.

This was not their only actions causing concern, there was the ineffective measures to ensure there was insufficient PPE, (Personal Protective Equipment), in care homes and the rest of the Social Care market.

The delays in introducing the National Lockdowns, allowing millions to come into the UK in March/April/May 2020 without checking if they had COVID-19 or not.

Then there was the actions of Dominic Cummings, now, belatedly former Chief Adviser to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), in his jaunts to the North of England and then allowing him to continue in post, thereby making a mockery of the restrictions being placed on others within the UK.

These and others have created a National Scandal and now there are many who are refusing to abide by the National Lockdown 2 and the Tier systems.

Now we may have a relaxation of restrictions for Christmas and New Year with the reintroduction of restrictions in 2021, is this really a suitable Christmas present and New Year resolution, for many could well succumb to COVID-19 due to this.

This will then cause much more admissions to hospitals at a time when the Flu could well be around.

What this will do to Social Care, I do not, really wish to consider, for it could well be seismic and insufficient funding on top.

Please Boris, step up and govern and not take a ‘laissez-faire’ approach.

2021 could well be the disaster of all disasters.


Source: Five things to watch out for in Rishi Sunak’s spending review | Politics | The Guardian

‘Worrying’ rise in ‘inadequate’ inpatient care for people with autism and learning disabilities | Community Care

Much of hospital care follows the ‘medical’ model, which is generally not good for many patients and certainly not for patients with Learning Disabilities and Autism.

All care should be modeled on a model based on ‘patient-centred’ care, rather than ‘institutional’ care, that is care based on the needs of each individual and not the system that is in force currently.

Patients views and choices should be obtained as early as possible, at admission would be ideal.

This could be more expensive, but it is what is needed.

I realise the article is referring to private hospitals in the field of mental health, but this is also relevant to General Hospitals dealing with the variety of medical issues.


Source: ‘Worrying’ rise in ‘inadequate’ inpatient care for people with autism and learning disabilities | Community Care