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DWP Refuses To Contact Over 100,000 ESA Claimants Owed Compensation Totaling Many Millions

Unfortunately, DWP believes it is a law unto itself, in some ways just as our outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnsom MP, whereas, they are a Govenment office staffed by civil servants, but in reality some are far from civil and don’t appear to agree they are servants, but some act as dictators. A generalisation, as there will be many go people in the DWP, but we hear about the bad experiences as bad makes good press, whereas good does not.

The DWP in total needs to work as they should be and that is helping people to obtain benefits while weeding out the claimants who are committing fraud, who will be a very small percentage. But from media and actions of some in the DWP it appears they believe that all claimants could be committing fraud and the claimants have to prove otherwise, not a very satisfactory situation at all.

The DWP should go out of its way to find anyone who should be paid compensation and then pay it without delay, not as it seems to ignore that mistakes have been made and put the responsibility on claimants to make contact.

In reality they should make every endeavour to get it right first time, as that is the correct way, save time, saves money and does not distress claimants more than needs be. It could be the system which is at fault and if it is all means should be done to make the system exceedingly better, for all concerned.

By not doing so they are creating safeguarding concerns and causing abuses of human rights.

Same Difference

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

The DWP has refused to follow a recommendation by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) to contact over 100,000 ESA claimants who are owed compensation totalling many millions for DWP errors.  However, one claimant has been awarded £7,500 in compensation and we explain below how you can begin a claim if you were affected.

The issue relates to mistakes made by the DWP which began over a decade ago.

In 2011 the DWP began transferring claimants from incapacity benefit to employment and support allowance (ESA).  However, in many thousands of cases the DWP only assessed claimants for contribution based ESA and failed to check whether they should also have been awarded income-based ESA.

Eventually, after many complaints and awards to claimants who had missed out, the DWP reluctantly launched a LEAP exercise to identify claimants who had been victims of their error. 

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Assessment Dirty Tricks To Be Urgently Investigated | Same Difference

It is disgraceful and shows no respect for disability claimants and if these were indeed ‘dirty tricks’ it just shows how despicable the DWP is and reinforces why no one trusts the DWP.

This is no way to run a Government department and casts an extremely wary ‘eye’ on every aspect of Government.


Source: Assessment Dirty Tricks To Be Urgently Investigated | Same Difference

500,000 ESA Claimants To Be Worse Off Under UC As Managed Migration Begins | Same Difference

Many people will be unsure of which ESA they are in and therefore will have no idea whether they will be better off, worse off or stay the same, the DWP should be aware of who and how they will be affected, so before the forced (managed) migration from legacy benefits to universal credit (UC) begins the DWP should be advising those who are going to be migrated on how they will be.

The DWP should be there to help persons on benefits and not to hinder, but from past experiences they appear to go out of their way to hinder.

The benefit system is already too complicated and more should be done to remove complications, be open, transparent and honest, but past experiences have shown that the DWP and in fact all Government departments are not any of those, as they are completely the opposite being non-transparent, not open and dishonest.

It is as though people are being penalised for being on benefits.


Source: 500,000 ESA Claimants To Be Worse Off Under UC As Managed Migration Begins | Same Difference

Merry Christmas one and all.

A good Christmas to you and yes, the benefits system is not good for anyone, which is a deliberate act by this Government and many before them. Is it that these Governments want the benefit system to fail, so that more problems have to be taken on by persons who need benefits to exist.

Perhaps these Government do not want people to exist, but to go past existing and be deceased, for then they would not need benefits.

But you may say no Government would do this, put it is occurring before our eyes.

This is further compounded by the state of Social Care, which is in a very serious crisis, due to many years of serious underfunding. In the last decade due to austerity cuts imposed on Local Authorities, by many previous Tory Governments and now by the considerable costs due to COVID-19.

This and many other Governments have promised to solve the crisis in Social Care, but while this and the other Governments dither, the social care crisis goes deeper and deeper into crisis, causing people in need of social care to receive no care or insufficient.

This coupled with the insufficient welfare benefits causes persons in need to decline even further, but still no reactions from this Government.

Yes, they are dealing, or are they dealing with COVID-19, as some of the actions, or more inactions relate to the latter, so many will say they have no time to solve the crisis in Social Care.

Well people will be right on one thing that the Government do not have the time, but not because of COVID-19, for if it was not COVID-19 there would be another excuse for this Government does not care.

The UK population has to do all they can to bring a caring attitude in to this Government and to help, I created the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care, https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/solve-the-crisis-in-social-care.

More supportive information can be seen at, https://1drv.ms/w/s!Aq2MsYduiazgoEy6ROxeV0abd2mT?e=7xypqe.

If you believe in miracles, then by supporting this petition it could ‘kickstart’ the Government into action, perhaps, not only to solve the crisis in social care, but also to improve the welfare benefits.

The poor side of life

Dear readers I write this blog on Christmas Day, a day when people are expected to celebrate and be happy.

Sadly because of the government’s cruel Universal Credit system and the torturous PIP and ESA DWP ‘medical’ assessments thousands of people won’t be able to celebrate, cook a Christmas dinner and exchange gifts.

This year is tougher than normal because we are still in the middle of a pandemic that the government is trying it’s best to ignore.

Today the UK’s official Covid death toll has surpassed 70,000 on as 570 more people died today.

Let that sink in 570 people have died from Covid 19 on Christmas day. Also a total of 70,000 people have died as a result of Covid 19.

Meanwhile the government continues to ignore this, they just don’t want to know and they certainly don’t want to help.

70,000 families will be grieving as will…

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Roy Curtis: Autistic man killed himself six days after latest ‘fitness for work’ demand – Disability News Service

Why do these events keep occurring is it because the DWP do not listen or are incapable of listening, or they are just following Government policy to get people off benefits and back to work irrespective of their health.

In these mentioned cases the DWP were regularly informed that their actions were causing major mental health problems, but they still continued with their systems as though there were impervious of how their actions would affect people.

The article states ‘But a DWP spokesperson said: “Our thoughts remain with Mr Curtis’ family and friends at this difficult time.”.’ is it not a pity that their thoughts were not with Roy Curtis, let alone Errol Graham, for if they were, then may be they could be still alive.

These are just 2 persons, but there will be many others and I bet, the DWP will say ‘our thoughts are with the family and friends at this difficult time.’

Words are easy to say, but it is actions that speak louder than words and it is these actions which are not forthcoming from the DWP.

Do the DWP not care that they are causing vulnerable people to take their own lives, for with how they are proceeding it would appear that they do not care.

This can not be right and should not be allowed to happen, for if anymanslaughter, but the DWP appears to escape prosecution. For the State would, more than likely, be responsible to bring these charges, but it is aone-else did this, then, could they not be charged with murder or at least n arm of the State that are causing them, so if they did, would they be prosecuting themselves?

Source: Roy Curtis: Autistic man killed himself six days after latest ‘fitness for work’ demand – Disability News Service

DWP splashes £120m fighting disability benefit appeals despite record claimant success rates : Welfare Weekly


Source: DWP splashes £120m fighting disability benefit appeals despite record claimant success rates : Welfare Weekly

Does the government really want to support disabled young people to go to university? – Special Needs Jungle

It’s never easy to fund yourself through university u less you parents have very deep pockets. Students usually have to have a part-time job to get by. But for disabled students that’s often not feasible.

However, if they’ve been very persistent, and have Personal Independence Payment, disabled students have been able to claim universal credit and, sometimes, housing benefit from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

But last month, in the wake of a legal case, DWP has issued new regulations it claims are to “restore the policy intent” that means a disabled student “must already have been determined to have Limited Capability for Work on or before the day they claim Universal Credit (UC)”. What? How?

The rules have always said you can’t claim UC while you’re in full-time education, unless you are disabled. But that’s not enough for the DWP. These regulations mean they’ve land-mined the jungle of benefits-claiming.


Source: Does the government really want to support disabled young people to go to university? – Special Needs Jungle

DWP splashes £120m fighting disability benefit appeals despite record claimant success rates ; Welfare Weekly

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has spent more that £120 million of taxpayers money contesting benefit appeals brought by sick and disabled people in the last two years alone, new research reveals.

The UK government introduced a system of ‘mandatory reconsiderations’, seemingly designed to reduce the number of contested claims that are taken before a social security tribunal, in the hope that more decisions can be corrected as quickly as possible without the need for judicial involvement.

However, official DWP figures show that in spite of this change more than three in four decisions on Personal Indendence Payments (76%), including those made after the reconsideration stage, are over-turned in favour of claimants.


Source: DWP splashes £120m fighting disability benefit appeals despite record claimant success rates : Welfare Weekly



Government forced into U-turn over disability benefits for chronically ill | Benefits | The Guardian

Campaigners have forced a government U-turn after demonstrating that chronically ill claimants suffering severe pain were wrongly denied disability benefits on the basis that they were not taking powerful, opiate-based painkillers.

Bristol Law Centre said disability benefit assessors routinely assumed that if a claimant had been prescribed an “over the counter” drug such as paracetamol then their pain must be mild or moderate, and denied or reduced benefits accordingly.

It estimates that thousands of claimants nationally have been incorrectly refused disability benefits in this way.

Campaigners had argued that it was unfair and dangerous for assessors to use painkiller strength as a proxy for the level of illness because GPs were reluctant to prescribe stronger opiates because of the harmful side effects.

The law centre said the guidance had encouraged ill and disabled people claiming Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) to demand stronger drugs from their GP as a guarantee of benefit eligibility.

“Every year, thousands of claims for disability benefits are refused because of an over-reliance on analgesics as a guide to pain levels. The signal these assessments send to claimants is that they must go back to their doctor and ask for stronger pain relief,” said Andy King, a benefits adviser at Bristol Law Centre.

Public Health England recently warned of the dangers of wrongly prescribed opioid painkillers for joint and back pain. Over half a million people had been on addictive opioid drugs for longer than three years.

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has issued new guidance which makes it clear that “healthcare practitioners [disability benefits assessors] should be mindful that the level of analgesia used does not necessarily correlate with the level of pain”.


Source: Government forced into U-turn over disability benefits for chronically ill | Benefits | The Guardian