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Emmerdale Star Chris Bisson Reveals Personal Connection To Laurel And Jai’s Emotional Story

This is an extremely emotive issue, whichever way the storyline goes and I do hope Emmerdale deal with it in a sensitive way. The story will generate distress, as they will have to go through the process of deciding whether to terminate or proceed with the birth, which will create many views and opinions through the script and with the viewers, as well as with the cast.

Same Difference

Emmerdale star Chris Bisson has opened up about his personal connection to Jai Sharma’s upcoming storyline.

Jai will face a big decision with his partner Laurel in upcoming episodes after discovering that they’re expecting a baby together.

When the couple learn that their child will be born with Down’s syndrome, they ultimately make the decision that Laurel will have a termination – after some very difficult and intense conversations.

Speaking on Digital Spy’s Soap Scoop podcast, Chris – who plays Jai – explained:It’s a difficult story for me, I’ll be quite straight about that.

“I have a cousin who has Down’s syndrome, and he has been the centre of our family. I’ve had to have difficult conversations with both charities and with family as well.

“I had to speak to my auntie because my cousin is a massive Emmerdale fan, and I wanted her to know that…

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