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DWP Refuses To Help Claimants During Cost Of Living Crisis

So, nothing really new there as it appears bemnefit claimants are penalised by the DWP for daring to claim benefits, for surely the DWP should be there to benefit claimants rather than punish them.

They appear to easily go out of their way to hinder claimants, rather than help them.

This is a very sorry state of affairs and one that should be reversed without delay.

But, with the appontment of  Therese Coffey MP as the new Work & Pension Secretary, situations will get much worse, before there is any degree of them feeling better. Penalise claiments now and then again later as though to keep claimants short of funding, will make them to cease to exist, thereby reducing the overall costs of providing benefits, a complete reversal of what should be expected of a department setup to help, but is in effect an hinderence.

Same Difference

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

The DWP has refused to follow any recommendations by the Commons work and pensions committee designed to help claimants through the cost of living crisis.

The simplest suggestions made by MPs was that the DWP pause making deductions from benefits where a claimant owes the department money, perhaps because of an overpayment or loan.

This would have cost the DWP very little, but made a dramatic difference to claimants struggling to make ends meet as prices rocket.  It is a measure that was introduced during the pandemic and one which would be very easy to reinstate.

The DWP’s bizarre excuse for not doing so is that it is not ‘in the claimant’s best interest’ because if debt recovery was reintroduced after next April’s benefits uprating claimants ‘may feel no better off as a result’.

In other words, it’s better to make claimants repay…

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Assessment Dirty Tricks To Be Urgently Investigated | Same Difference

It is disgraceful and shows no respect for disability claimants and if these were indeed ‘dirty tricks’ it just shows how despicable the DWP is and reinforces why no one trusts the DWP.

This is no way to run a Government department and casts an extremely wary ‘eye’ on every aspect of Government.


Source: Assessment Dirty Tricks To Be Urgently Investigated | Same Difference

Thousands of disabled people’s deaths linked to DWP’s failure to act on benefits flaws – Mirror Online

It would be no surprise if this current strategy of ignoring disabled people and apparent actively discriminating against them in benefit assessment was not a Government/DWP ploy to increase situations where people can’t cope in the hope that they do take their own lives as this is a permanent method of reducing the Welfare costs.

Especially with the inability to fund, sufficiently, Social Care, on top of the inadequacy of Welfare benefits, no wonder that deaths and safeguarding concerns are rising.

But it is not just Conservative Government, although they appear to be worst, but also the Labour Governments of Blair, who appeared to do nothing to rectify the situations.



Source: Thousands of disabled people’s deaths linked to DWP’s failure to act on benefits flaws – Mirror Online

Bank Warns Unfair UC Deductions Driving 2 Million Claimants Into Poverty | Same Difference

This is not ‘rocket science’ as welfare benefits are paid as it states for a persons welfare and any non-payment or unauthorised deductions are a means to reduce the welfare of the benefit claimant.

It is as though this Government has no understanding of ‘Duty of Care’ for to make deductions of any nature, especially when the benefit claimant is unaware of deductions being made.

While this benefit was setup with a 5 week wait, this is really extremely unreasonable, even for a new claimant, but especially so for an existing claimant where UC is a replacement for their existing benefit.

In this day and age with all the computerisation it is not unreasonable for UC to immediately replace an existing benefit by not cancelling the existing benefit until the UC is ready for payment, thereby having a seamless transfer from the existing benefit to UC. In not having this is a complete lack of understanding of benefit payments and the reliance on claimants for these benefits. To do this shows a lack of competence on the DWP and the Government and the associated Ministers.

This is far from good enough and the DWP and the Government have to do better. There needs to be transparency, but this is totally lacking.

Source: Bank Warns Unfair UC Deductions Driving 2 Million Claimants Into Poverty | Same Difference

DWP Allegedly Increasing Pressure On Sick And Disabled ESA And UC Claimants | Same Difference

If this is true then it is extremely very worrying, especially with all that has been put on the sick and disabled with welfare benefits and then COVID.

These welfare benefits are supposed, or should be there to help the sick and disabled, but then it is the Government and DWP who appear to be there for their own benefit and not for the welfare benefit claimants.

It would appear that they are being punished for daring to be sick and disabled, when in effect it is the Government and DWP who are not working with the sick and disabled, but against them.

It is as though this Government and many others before are doing all they can to make life difficult for the sick and disabled to the extent of restricting their lives by causing situations from which lives will be lost.

There should be a ‘Duty of Care’, but this is sadly lacking, and is more than likely against UN Conventions, But in the past this Government and other Tory Governments have shown scant regard for UN dictates.

This Government has much to learn on how to look after vulnerable groups of people, but will they learn, as before learning occurs there has to be a recognition that learning is required, but this is sadly lacking in the policies of this Government. So, it appears the Government are not only not wishing to learn, but they are totally ignorant of their need to learn.

This does not bode well for the sick and disabled of the UK, as this Government is extremely uncaring. It is as though safeguarding is not on this Governments agenda.


Source: DWP Allegedly Increasing Pressure On Sick And Disabled ESA And UC Claimants | Same Difference

Disabled Man Hopes To Challenge Benefit ‘Hospital Rule’

Another benefit rule which makes little sense for many reasons.

But one of the reasons it is there to offset double charging for while in hospital it is deemed that the hospital will provide all means of care so therefore there should be no costs for any other person to do so. However, this does not take in to account persons with Complex needs, whereby care needs to be provided by someone who really knows the person.

But is it really cost effective, as how many instances does this occur in, and in doing so is the cost of stopping the benefit and then recommencing more than paying the benefit double.

Then in this instance when the usual care is required in order to to stop suffering for the cared for person to be present, then it needs to be paid but there are no mechanisms to do so, so this requires and urgently requires a change in the payment rules. For it would not be cost effective and again no mechanism to do so for the hospital to take over payment to the carer.

What also needs to be considered as by not paying a carer what is the carer supposed to do, for they will most likely not be able to care for themselves without the payments and may need to start caring for another person and therefore not be available when the original person is eventually to be discharged from hospital. So then is the person discharged without suitable care being there, or not discharged thereby retaining a bed from being freed for another patient.

The common thought that care can be provided by anyone is is very misunderstood, for in most instances, if not all, it is not true, that is for good quality care to be provided. To get someone will take time and then to be well trained even more time, so discharge could be delayed for months.

Care is very skilled to do it correctly, again not fully realised if realised at all by many, especially the Government who make up all this ridiculous rules and regulations, without any consideration for the carers and those being cared for.

All this , also assumes that there are sufficient people available to do care which there is not again down to the Government in many ways, some which are

great insufficiency of investment in care

this also does not provide sufficient funding for a sufficient salary to be paid to the carer for providing care

lack of reasonable terms and conditions of employment for carers

restrictions in UK Immigration policies to allow more persons to enter the UK to be employed in the care profession

plus much more

Everything is against carers and care being provided of good quality and sufficient remuneration, so the care for are being abandoned by not only this Government all all previous Governments and this and those other Government should be ashamed and made accountable for their inactions with regards to care and allowing carers and the cared for to suffer.

Same Difference

A disabled man who had his welfare benefits paused when he spent more than 28 days in hospital, is hoping to challenge the rule in court.

Cameron Mitchell, 20, from Carlisle, cannot walk or speak, and has seizures. He spent 128 days at the Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Current rules mean he lost his payments while still needing carers, and he has applied for a judicial review.

The Department for Work and Pensions has been contacted for a comment.

‘Needs don’t change’

Mr Mitchell receives Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and his mother and carer – Nicola Clulow – receives a Carer’s Allowance.

Under current regulations, known as the “hospitalisation rule”, a person’s entitlement to their benefits is suspended if they have received care in hospital for more than 28 days.

Legal firm, Leigh Day, has applied for a judicial review – where a judge considers the lawfulness of a decision or…

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DWP losing four in five benefit appeals from disabled people at height of pandemic – Mirror Online

In any normal circumstances this should prove to the DWP anf this Government that the benefit decisions they are cost coming to are mostly illegal and is costing more to run the DWP than it should do, for to run it efficiently, the nearer to 100% decisions the better and cheaper. For any appeal is costly and would be unnecessary if the origional outcome was correct, but not even that for in many instances the DWP appear to try to justify their actions, which further leads to enormous costly spending.

It is as though the DWP is there to finance the legal profession rather than what its purpose should be, to administer benefit claims correctly for the benefit of claimants.

Source: DWP losing four in five benefit appeals from disabled people at height of pandemic – Mirror Online

Judge’s ‘astounding’ attack on Coffey’s ‘wholly unsatisfactory’ behaviour – Disability News Service

Is it the DWP that are failing or is it Conservative Policy and expressly that of Coffey, for in everything she does she appears to be deviod, of respect, understanding and empathy, all that is too evident in the Conservative Party, but totally lacking in a Secretary of State for Work and Pensions of the United Kingdom.

For Thérèse Coffey, appears to fit Conservative Policy 100%, which is deeply worrying for all claimants of DWP benefits.

For no one is safe while this woman is Secretary of State for Work and Pensions of the United Kingdom, for she does not even give any indication that she cares, her total commitment is to ground DWP claimants into the ground and to hell with the consequences.

In fact, I feel she is even worse than Ian Duncan Smith and he was bad enough.

A DWP spokesperson said: “Our condolences are with Ms Whiting’s family. It would not be appropriate for us to comment further.”, well at least they are correct on one point, the later, the pity is that it does not support DWP claimants.

Source: Judge’s ‘astounding’ attack on Coffey’s ‘wholly unsatisfactory’ behaviour – Disability News Service

PIP Extension Letters Closely Followed By Review Forms

The problems with PIP are never ending, is it someone’s job to create problems, for if it is, this is the one area which someone is good at. Creating problems, that is and then bringing more grief to PIP claimants.

Pip, since its creation, has been bane for claimants and when one is sorted another problem appears.

problems with PIP is bad enough, but when this occurs in other benefits, this is a further major cause of great distress for claimants, as though having the conditions which create a need to claim ben efits is not enough.

benefits should be there to help people not hinder and cause more distress.

In the situation to which the article refers it is as though one section of the DWP does not know what other sections are doing. For every section should be aware of their own processes and how these process impact on other associated processes within the DWP.

As usual it is the system which is at fault as it takes no account of how it impacts on claimants.

When people query why this and that has been done the usual excuse is, it is the system, whereas the claimants should be central to the process not the system.

However, the system was put together at the outset by Government Ministers and Civil Servants so the pitfalls of the system should have been evident from the start, perhaps the system was created to ensure pitfalls occur, now that is a thought and most likely the correct one.

For is was said that the welfare system was being changed to save money and ensure benefits were only granted to those persons who really need them, when, in fact many who really need them were unable to attain the benefits.

The sanctions where totally unacceptable from the start and punished claimants even further, as in most, if not all instances the system made the imposition of sanctions to be inflexible.

The attitude that came across was that the DWP were unsympathetic to the plight of claimants and were there to cause distress rather than be helpful.

Same Difference

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

The flood of PIP award extension letters we highlighted a fortnight ago is being followed, sometimes within days or weeks, by review forms for some claimants. Others have received extension letters which wrongly reduce the length of the award and one member has warned of issues with Motability vehicles.

Last month we revealed that around 850,000 PIP award extension letters were being sent out by the DWP, with awards typically being extended for 9 months.

It seems though, that in some cases the extension letter is being closely followed by a PIP review form which may be due to be returned before the original award has even ended, leaving claimants feeling that the extension wasn’t so much of a boon after all.

One commenter told us:

Many including me rec’d an extension letter mine came last sept extending my pip award from mar…

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Major DWP benefits change today prompts warning for 500,000 disabled people – Mirror Online

Yet another problem for disabled people to cope with. Are not benefits complicated enough, before they are complicated more.

Currently most people are trying to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Government through the DWP are adding to the difficulties.

I am getting more and convinced that this Government wants all disabled people to disappear and by doing so, the need to pay welfare benefits will be reduced, as disabled people will not be around for them to claim the benefits.

Would this Government be so callous to do this, yes, I could not be more certain.


Source: Major DWP benefits change today prompts warning for 500,000 disabled people – Mirror Online