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Camberley autism care home staff were ‘rude and some were bullies’ to residents, say CQC inspectors – Surrey Live

By the reports it is clear that this care home is not a care home, for care appears to be non-existent and as to home, it is far from.

Any staff who have been or found to be abusive need to be fully investigated and reported to safeguarding and suspended from working while doing so.

The lack of management is beyond belief, so responsible managers have to be placed in the establishment as a matter of urgency.

As to a revisit in 6 months, well in a place so severely inadequate as this, that is a very long time and much could occur to make matters worse before getting better, if ever.

Ideally, unannounced visits should be taking place on a weekly basis.



Source: Camberley autism care home staff were ‘rude and some were bullies’ to residents, say CQC inspectors – Surrey Live


‘Tsunami of unmet need’: Care watchdog contradicts government with dire NHS warning | The Independent

Everyone is now telling the Government they are wrong and wrong again, for during this COVID pandemic they have been wrong more than they have been right, for they have only been right once, that being the COVID vaccine programme. Even there, that success is beginning to wane, but this Government still clings to that one success as though they are scared to do differently.

But they need to think of those who are suffering and will continue to suffer due to their inactions.

All areas of care are suffering but social care much more than health, even though the suffering in health is considerable.

Both areas are suffering because of lack of investment, social care much more than health, while both are severely short of staff for in these areas there is insufficient workforce in the UK and more are desperately needed for out side the UK.

So there are a number of actions this Government needs to do, which includes

  • ensuring the COVID vaccination programme continues to be successful both 1st and 2nd vaccinations and also the booster
  • replace the new Minister for Vaccines and Public Health Maggie Throup MP with someone who is more capable
  • increase the investment in social care so that care workers receive a salary more inline with the responsibilities they undertake, around £14-£15 per hour
  • change UK Immigration Policy to allow more persons to enter to work as care workers in social care
  • look to provide a sick pay scheme for care workers
  • improve care workers terms and conditions of employment

Only then will social care be saved, for currently it is doomed to fail and then the pressures on the NHS would increase considerably so it too would fail.

By not looking to improve social care the Government is causing much unnecessary pain and suffering.

But their first actions need to bring back mandatory face coverings and social distancing and even consider making it compulsory for all eligible persons to have the COVID vaccinations, even the booster.


Source: ‘Tsunami of unmet need’: Care watchdog contradicts government with dire NHS warning | The Independent

People with learning disabilities ‘failed again’ as CQC closes unit over abuse | Nursing Times

Yet again persons with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism are being let down by the system, a system that due to many years of underfunding is far from ‘fit for purpose’. But underfunding should not be used as an excuse for cruelty and abuse, for this is purely down to management and the standard of carers employed.

However, as the article states if Social Care was sufficiently funded persons could live in their own communities and not be locked away in these , so called, hospitals, for that is a disgrace for they are not hospitals, but more like . But, it is also wrong to say prisons, for prisons would not be allowed to cause suffering in these ways.

What needs to occur is for this Government make good their promises and promises of many previous Governments to once and for all put Social Care on a very secure financial footing. For it is my belief that Social Care has never been sufficiently funded, but 10 years of austerity cuts and then going on 2 years of COVID have caused many more problems for social care, when one would have expected it could not get worse. But much worse is has become, due to many years of Government inactivity with regards to social care.

Unfortunately social care does not receive a good press, for many in the population feel that spending on social care is a waste of money, just because they fail to see the need for social care. This is compounded by government actions in many areas, including the benefits system and how the majority of the media view social care and the persons in need of social care. That is, until a scandal is uncovered, but it is the lead to the scandal which is also of concern. So decrying social care at every opportunity leads to the scandals in the first place.

A ‘White Paper’ on Social care has been promised by many UK governments, but to date not one has delivered. Even when a White Paper is published it may not be the solution, for it will be coming from a Government which has shown many times it cares nothing for social care and the persons who are in need of receiving social care.

So the attitudes of many within the UK, or just England have to improve. For until they do the Human Rights of Persons with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism will not be adhered to.


Source: People with learning disabilities ‘failed again’ as CQC closes unit over abuse | Nursing Times

Flintshire County Council’s Decision On Care Home Fees- A kick in the teeth! 

This is disgraceful and furthers the continuation of low pay in the Social Care sector, which has been low for far too long and in no way recognises the skills of care workers.

For to be a good care worker you do have to have skills for in care it is not just about feeding and providing forms of Personal Care, such as, toileting, washing, etc., as there are many other skills needed.

Such as, emotional support, providing care as each individual person wishes, (Person-centred Care),.

Unfortunately Social Care has never been sufficiently funded, which as led to many aspects of poor quality care being provided, as the times allowed to perform the various tasks have never been sufficient.

While sufficient funding is a major consideration, it is not the only one, for the whole aspect of social care needs to be looked at, so that it is based on person-centred care and not systems.

For a person should not have to fit a system, but the system be flexible enough to fit the person. As what is right for one person, will, most likely, not be for the next.

The whole model of social care needs to be drastically reorganised, but with the attitude of Councils, such as, Flintshire Council, this will be difficult to achieve, but a way to achieve has to be found, for then and only then, will the quality of all social care being improved.

Also the checking processes of both the Care Quality Commission, (CQC) and Local Authorities have also to be improved, so that there is more checking on actual care delivery, rather than currently, record keeping. For while record keeping is important, anything can be recorded and who guarantees this is an accurate record, especially with regards to actual care delivery.

People have a right to receive, at least, good quality care, whether they have capacity to understand what is happening to them or not.

But one of the first areas is for the Government and Local Authorities to taken on board the aspect of sufficient funding to ensure good quality care is being provided.

This is why I support the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care, https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/solve-the-crisis-in-social-care.


Source: Flintshire County Council’s Decision On Care Home Fees- A kick in the teeth! | #site_titleFlintshire County Council’s Decision On Care Home Fees- A kick in the teeth!

Government to revive CQC ratings of council adults’ services after more than decade-long gap | Community Care

Worrying times for many reasons, lack of sufficient finance, but that is nothing new, Government interventions and again nothing new.

I agree with jan, fix the system first, for the system has to be flexible to meet all needs, while currently it is far from it. persons with needs have to fit the system, while it should be the system fitting the person. All persons are individuals with having many interwoven factors, so what is perhaps correct for one, may not be for another who appears to be displaying similar needs.

Social care has never been sufficiently funded and 10 years of austerity cuts by Conservative Governments has caused untold damage and then we have the costs related to COVID. Here the Government promised to cover these costs, but to date the funding supplied is falling way short, causing cash strapped councils even more funding problems.

Social care like health care is not cheap and it should not be run on a ‘shoestring’, for to not provide sufficient social care is storing more problems to be catered for under health, like it or not health and social care are instinkingly interwoven.

So, get the funding correct and then work to get the system fixed.

More powers are to be given to the CQC, but again they are kept short of funding and getting good and consistent good quality costs, so, for them to get anywhere near to monitoring quality then they also need to be sufficiently funded.

Neither social care, health care or checking on quality should be used as a ‘political football’ in that funding is given, restricted, etc on the whims of Governments. Within that funding staff care has also to be a priority, for there is much clamour for sufficient wages for health staff, do you notice it is always referenced to nurses and doctors, when there are a multitude of others within health and none can work without the others, for it is as a team that health is provided. An unclean area, will be detrimental to health carer no matter how good the nurses and doctors are.

This is the same in social care, where pay is abysmal, especially to those who deliver direct care, care work is a skilled employment for it is not just preparing meals, toileting, personal hygiene,etc, for while important, it has to be done in conjunction with emotional care, financial care, safeguarding, and many others, which are far from easy to place a monetary cost on for time is the main factor. Short calls 2 or 3 times per day are not the answer, for these do not allow sufficient time for the recognised care, toileting, dressing, meal preparation, etc, so no time for the other aspects.

So funding is way short even for the recognised care, let alone a pay rate for care workers to recognise the skills they should have and this all adds to quality of care, less time and money reduces quality, no matter how good the care workers are.

This Government has throughout COVID spent money here and there without looking to see if they have the funding to do so, but, in reality, no funding for social care. It is as though this and previous Governments do not see the ne4ed for social care and this needs to change, for if it does not the outlook for social care is not good.

Many are looking to the new White Paper, Integration and innovation: working together to improve health and social care for all, as a possible saviour, but that has to be seen. On face value, it appears to have some good points, but within are some that are not so good. The reduction from 135 CCGs to 42 ICSs could well be not a good point, that is not that the existing CCGs were good, for they did have their faults, as to how many, that depended on who you were asking.

So, the White Paper needs to be looked at very carefully.

Will Social Care survive, now that is the question?


Source: Government to revive CQC ratings of council adults’ services after more than decade-long gap | Community Care

Thousands of vulnerable people held unlawfully in care homes – report | Dementia | The Guardian

So, another problem relating to social care,  but is it another problem for it is relating to an existing problem and that is the insufficiencies in Social Care.

For in Social Care there is a capacity problem, in that there are insufficient care workers to provide care to all the persons in need of care in the location they wish to be in.

Many of these persons placed in care homes would wish to stay in their own homes, but to do that more care workers would be required in home care.

Also many of these persons in need of care will need 24/7 care, but there are insufficient care worker to provide the minimum care of, say, visits of 15 minutes to 1 hour. Then there is the question of good quality care, which is far from consistent.

But the lack of care workers is but one of the problems, the main being insufficient funding to provide all the care which is needed.

However, if there was a miracle and a Government came that was prepared to fund social care sufficiently, it would not be able to do so.

This being because when Social Workers do Assessments of Need they tend to only record needs which they feel their Local Authorities (LAs) will fund.

Unfortunately Social Care has never been sufficiently funded, due to this current and previous Governments not willing to fund social care sufficiently. With the 10 years of austerity cuts and now the additional costs relating to COVID-19, this insufficiency is even more serious, which could lead to social care fail for everyone.

When this occurs, even more pressured will be placed on health care, which is already under great pressures.

Yes, this current Government has provided some funding to cover some of the costs relating to COVID-19 costs, but nowhere to the extent required.

An immediate amount of £12 billion needs to be provided, but this will only return the funding to 2010 levels, which has previously been stated was insufficient.

As  this should be monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and(LAs), but again there is an insufficiency of funding for this to be done fully.

So, Social Care is in a very serious crisis, which led me to create the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care, https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/solve-the-crisis-in-social-care.

Some of the issues raised in the petition were mentioned on Boxing day in a Sky News report, Social Care – The Other Health Crisis, https://news.sky.com/video/social-care-the-other-health-crisis-12172633, regarding an investigation they have done into the crisis in social care.

They highlighted many of these issues and called on the Government to abide by the promise made by Boris Johnson in 2019 in his election winning speech outside 10 Downing Street, one promise that is still outstanding.

Unfortunately Social Care is not well thought of by many persons not in need of Social Care, that is until they do need it. Much of this is down to the Media in how they report on care and the attitudes of Governments, both now and previously and this is also reflected in how benefit claimants are treated.

This all has to change and change now.

Supporting the petition could be a start.

Source: Thousands of vulnerable people held unlawfully in care homes – report | Dementia | The Guardian

COVID-19: Do not resuscitate orders might have been put in place without consent, watchdog says | UK News | Sky News

It is being said that ‘An investigation by the CQC has found DNACPRs may have been used inappropriately as care services were under extreme pressure and had misunderstood guidance on their use.’, but is that just not a ‘copout’?

Surely this guidance has been around for sometime and to not know is just incompetence. For this to be took seriously should not issuing DNRs incorrectly be a criminal offence?

Source: COVID-19: Do not resuscitate orders might have been put in place without consent, watchdog says | UK News | Sky News

State of Care | Care Quality Commission

At long last the Care Quality Commission (CQC) is speaking out about the state of care in the UK and especially the crisis in Social Care, which justifies the need for the petition I created, Solve the crisis in Social Care, https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/solve-the-crisis-in-social-care.

By signing and sharing the petition it will add more weight to the CQC report.

I have also put together further information, should you wish to see it, being Solve the crisis in Social Care more information







Source: State of Care | Care Quality Commission

Do-Not-Resuscitate Order: Care Home Use Reviewed | Same Difference

The use of do-not-attempt-resuscitate (DNAR) orders is to be reviewed after a number were wrongly applied in care homes at the start of the pandemic.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) will investigate concerns that some care homes still have blanket orders in place covering groups of residents.

It became clear that blanket use was in place in some care homes in the early weeks of the pandemic.

But it was widely condemned by the CQC and medical bodies.

The decision about whether or not to attempt resuscitation if a very sick person falls dangerously ill is supposed to be discussed with the individual, or family members if they are too sick.

Doctors can make a decision on the spot without consultation in exceptional circumstances.

However, the decisions are always supposed to be made on an individual case-by-case basis.

The health minister Lord Bethell has asked the CQC to investigate the latest claims. He told the House of Lords that blanket use of DNARs was “unacceptable”.


Source: Do-Not-Resuscitate Order: Care Home Use Reviewed | Same Difference

CQC campaign calls on public to shape future of social care : Care Home Professional

The Care Quality Commission and Healthwatch England have launched a new campaign that calls on the public to help shape the future of health and social care.

Source: CQC campaign calls on public to shape future of social care : Care Home Professional