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Covid cases Sheffield: Infection rate on the rise as Government dicusses ‘Plan B’ to tackle autumn infection spikes | The Star

Too much is not being done, as Plan B needs to be implemented now before the situation worsens any further. However, this Government are Ace at not doing and leaving plan to the last minute to implement, or more often than not well after than they should have.

Their only success was the COVID vaccination programme and now that appears to be failing, but this Government still looks at the success as the only way out. That is completely wrong as all measures have to be implemented, for only relying on one is a very false premise.

So with immediate effect they need to bring back mandatory wearing of face-masks and social distancing, maybe, even working from home.

Also sack the new Minister for Vaccines and Public Health Maggie Throup, MP as she appears to be worse than useless, unlike her predecessor, the former Minister for Vaccines and Public Health Nadhim Zahawi, MP.

What they can’t do is nothing, which they are doing currently, for if they had implemented actions, previously then, perhaps we would not be in this situation. The former is now with hindsight, but not now, so Plan B needs to be implemented immediately, so there is more to rely on than the vaccine and booster vaccination programme.

To not do so will see COVID continue to take off and the collapse of the NHS, as well as Social Care.


Source: Covid cases Sheffield: Infection rate on the rise as Government dicusses ‘Plan B’ to tackle autumn infection spikes | The Star

NHS drafted plans to ‘deny care to elderly and offer end of life pathways’ in a pandemic – Mirror Online

This is disgraceful and disgusting, but it is what I would expect from this Government, in fact any Government.

I don’t trust any politicians, no matter what colour Party they come from.

Yes, Labour say they would be against this now, but, if they were in power would they do as they say. We will never know until it is too late.

For it is Government policy to govern for the whole and not the few and as there are more who are under 70 and don’t have learning disabilities and/or autism I can see it being policy.

Even, if there is a law against it the Government of the day only need to declare a ‘National emergency’ and usual parliament debate will not take place.

We would have to rely on the honesty and integrity of the NHS and Care staff to see that right came through.


Source: NHS drafted plans to ‘deny care to elderly and offer end of life pathways’ in a pandemic – Mirror Online

What is happening to people in inpatient care, 10 years on from Winterbourne View? | Community Care

This is very worrying and I feel it stems from either a lack of knowedge around Learning Disabilities and certainly autism by the powers that place people in these hospitals or a reluctance to understand, both aspects being very worrying.

It is also to the complete lack of facilities in the community for persons with learning disabilities and autism and also a complete lack of finance in all areas of social and health care.

Much of this is deliberate inaction by various UK Governments including both many past and the current.

No urgency is apparently being considered by this Government, as was also so with past Governments.

Now this Government appears to be ready to issue a directive on COVID Vaccines with regards to staff at Care Homes and again without no apparent understanding of the care profession.

If this directive goes ahead as it is currently understood then this will bring another area of crisis to the care profession and could well mean that the staff shortages could be increased.

This Government is showing a complete lack of duty of care to a profession and people in need of care, for COVID vaccinations is one of many areas that need to be improved.

Such as

Working conditions
staff pay
staff sickness benefits
let alone the quality and quantity of care

I say forget about the making vaccinations compulsary, sort out the long stay provision of people admitted when other areas would be better to consider.

What it will mean is a considerable cash injection and not a million here and a million there, but one that will put social care on an even footing. It will mean, at least reversing all the austerity cuts and much more.


Source: What is happening to people in inpatient care, 10 years on from Winterbourne View? | Community Care

COVID-19 vaccine rollout in disability residential accommodation sits at 4pc, as comments labelled ‘cruel’ – ABC News

In the UK persons with Learning Disabilities were also not treated with dignity and respect, but this situation in Australia is even worse, especially the comments from those who should know better.

But it is not just in the UK and Australia, but a Worldwide problem for persons with Learning Disabilities, for they are not second or even third class citizens, which this treatment appears to indicate. They have as much right as any others to be treated with equality and in many respects even more so.

I am disgusted with the Australian authotities and if I was an Australian I would be ashamed to advise anyone I was.

Source: COVID-19 vaccine rollout in disability residential accommodation sits at 4pc, as comments labelled ‘cruel’ – ABC News

Councils in England facing funding gaps plan to cut special needs support | Special educational needs | The Guardian

So funding for Social Care is again in the news and once again the news is not good.

You do not need to be a genius to understand that funding for Social Care is nowhere near sufficient , be it for children or adults and how could it be for since 2010 there was 10 years of austerity cuts to Local Authorities and since the additional costs due to COVID, ay a time when need is increasing.

For is there any a time when need is not increasing, but the Government, this current one and many previous, are unable to understand, or more likely unwilling to understand how austerity cuts will lead to poorer services.

It was said savings could be made from making savings but any savings, if there were ever any have been long gone.

What appeared to be where saving could be made was, in many respects from areas where there was good reasons the areas to be there, for they were there to be used as required. Many examples of this has appeared during COVID, PPE for one and bed capacity for another, although the later could be more to health than social care, but both are very interrelated, so a problem in one will cause problems in the other.

Social Care has always been the poor relation when compared to health and its need has never been so clear as that of health. But the need is there greatly and any lack of need capacity will always have a bearing on health care delivery.

Another reason for social care not being fully recognised is that until you neeed it you, in most instances, can’t see the need for it to be there, but if it is not there when needed then that has serious consecquenses for the people in need of social care. Care that can’t be delayed so, to ensure it is then saving have to be made elsewhere, but that, in turn, creates a shortage from where it has been taken.

For there is no ‘pot of gold’ at the end of a Rainbow.

So send provision will be cut, which then means the ‘Local Offer‘ will not be met.

This is a complete disaster to Children with Special Needs and there families and one where there is no chance fror recovery to be made.

This is disgraceful in a country such as England.

Source: Councils in England facing funding gaps plan to cut special needs support | Special educational needs | The Guardian

Covid: People With Learning Disabilities ‘Left Behind’ By Needle Vaccine

My own daughter who has a Learning Disability and autism is also needle averse, so will not be able to have the vaccination.

There are 2 courses of action

to have needle aversion therapy, which, may enable her to overcome her needle aversion

but the best option would be the authorisation of a nasal spray of which, I believe, 2 are currently being researched in the UK.

Until then I am relying on shielding.

I pray that all will be OK.

Same Difference

People with learning disabilities have been “left behind” while the Covid-19 vaccine can only be delivered by injection, their families say.

One parent said their son, who is clinically extremely vulnerable, would “flip completely” if approached by someone with a needle.

A government-funded trial for an inhaled vaccine is not expected to be completed until August.

Families say it means loved ones remain at high-risk of dying from Covid.

People with learning disabilities are up to six times more likely to die from Covid-19, a report from Public Health England (PHE) shows.

Everyone on the GP learning disability register will be invited for vaccination as part of priority group six, PHE confirmed.

But some parents say the jab remains an unviable option for their children.

Sue Keegan, from Chudleigh Knighton in Devon, is a single carer for her 30-year-old son Sam.

He has Down’s Syndrome and autism, and an…

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Nasal Sprays Are Part Of The Fight Against Covid-19. Here’s How | HuffPost UK Life

For children and those who are averse to needles nasal sprays may be the only or best way to provide some protection against COVID-19, but are they really effective.

Taffix has been on the market for sometime and if it is effective why is it not being authorised and used as an alternative to the injection. Have any the claims been substantiated by any recognised medical authority. The claim ‘authorised for marketing’ is not a medical based authorisation. So are the claims medically based.

I do not know, but do wish to be advised.

Others, such as, SaNOtize is currently being researched at the Ashford and St Peters NHS Foundation Trust and the possible outcomes look to be promising.

I would welcome a fully medically authorised nasal spray, especially for my own adult daughter who is needle averse and has severe learning disabilities and autism.


Source: Nasal Sprays Are Part Of The Fight Against Covid-19. Here’s How | HuffPost UK Life

Doctors Issuing Unlawful ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Orders For Disabled Covid Patients ‘Outrageous’

Yet again persons with learning disabilities, (LD), are, apparently, going unnoticed by the UK Authorities, especially in Wales. This is in spite of a report in November 2020 from Public Health England,  which showed that people with learning disabilities were three to six times more likely to die from covid-19 than the general population during the pandemic’s first wave

This is when, before COVID-19, the risk of persons with LD dying earlier than persons without LD is well known and the reason the LeDeR programme with the University of Bristol, is being researched, which started on 1 July 2016 and is funded by NHS England.

So, why with all the above are persons with LD being ignored and even worse, if they went into hospital could well have a DNR (Do not resuscitate), placed on their record.

It would appear all is against persons with LD, but why?

Do these authorities feel the right to life of persons with LD should be ignored, if this is correct, then this is a very dangerous and very worrying premise, for to believe, this is how exterminations start, just look at Germany in the 1930/40s.

This needs to be stopped forthwith for persons with LD have as much right to life as anyone


Source: Doctors Issuing Unlawful ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Orders For Disabled Covid Patients ‘Outrageous’

‘Short-termist’ government funding for children’s services ‘destabilising’ councils’ ability to sustain provision | Community Care

This Government and many previous Governments appear to have no knowledge about sustainable Social Care, in this respect with regards to children, but there are also many examples regarding adults.

All aspects of care, certainly need sufficient funding at the outset, but sustainability is also essential.

It would be bad enough if Local Authorities had sufficient funding to start with, but 10 years of Tory austerity cuts, then the additional costs relating to COVID and the continual Government requests to find saving. These saving have long gone and were they even there to start with, for technically there were no savings to be effectively made. If there were savings these should have been used to build reserves to be used in times of unplanned events.

COVID being one, but many do occur and have done so over the years. But Governments are only, it appears, prepared to entertain short-term outlooks and some even feel even short-term is not a consideration.

If resources are pared to the minimum and even below, then this is, at times, not sufficient for everyday occurrences, let alone the unplanned.

Cuts to services are not good for anyone, let alone those in real need and this explains the situations, over the years, which have left those in need in many safeguarding situations.

How many times do we hear the dreaded phrase, ‘lessons will be learnt’, but they are not ever, for there is never the finance for lessons to be learnt, let alone the time.

Authorities just move from one crisis to another, without really solving the current and many past.

Our Government needs to learn that Local Authorities, be they social or health need to be sufficiently funded and stop requiring savings.

The UK population is increasing with people living longer and it should not need an ‘Einstein’ to understand that increasing populations, living longer and new innovations will require more funding, not less.

It was wrong to start austerity cuts and all these need to be reversed immediately. It will be said the UK can not afford to do so, to which I say, can it afford not to do so.


Source: ‘Short-termist’ government funding for children’s services ‘destabilising’ councils’ ability to sustain provision | Community Care

Government ‘seriously considering’ allowing care homes to insist staff get Covid-19 vaccine | Community Care

I feel it is a shame that some persons working with vulnerable people are so thoughtless and have little feeling for those who they care for.

These vaccines have been proved to be effective and provided enough people do get vaccinated, this could well eradicate COVID-19 to an extent that it will not mutate. Anyone refusing to have the vaccine could well be responsible for allowing future mutations to occur.

Within any care setting the persons working within that setting are not only responsible for themselves, but also for those to whom they provide care and in not having the vaccine they are not being responsible to those who they care for.

If they do not wish to have the vaccine then they should not be working to provide care.


Source: Government ‘seriously considering’ allowing care homes to insist staff get Covid-19 vaccine | Community Care