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Solve the Crisis in Social Care

We all have reasons for reaching out and some of mine are mentioned below

As I am very concerned about Social Care could I also introduce you to my latest Petition, ‘Solve the crisis in Social Care’.


With the Government, Social Care is the forgotten service and Yes, the Government as plenty to deal with currently, but more should have been done for Social Care well before the COVID 19 situation.

This section of care has been devoid of enough money for far too long and austerity measures only compounded this.

The starting salary for all care workers should be the Real Living Wage and not, as currently the National Living Wage or for some under 25 years The Minimum Wage.

The rate of pay is abysmal when compared to the responsibilities they undertake.

Therefore, I created the Petition ‘Solve the crisis in Social Care’,


It is not just the rate of pay, but many others including

• Conditions of Service

• Travel Expenses

• Sick Pay schemes

My own family and many other families rely on Social Care to help us look after our relatives who have major needs relating to care. We all have, over the years, done what we can to help manage these needs of our relatives, but there comes a time when the needs exceed what we ourselves can realistically deliver, hence our, now, reliance on Social Care and without it our relatives needs will not be met.

If the crisis in Social Care is not met, this will then increase the crisis in health.

Please could you consider signing the petition and then sharing it.


Lack of funding for Social Care is a major problem and this leads to

1. not only insufficient funding for all forms of Social Care

2. a lack of people wishing to come into the profession due to the abysmal rate of pay

3. partly causing a lack of quality of care being delivered in some areas and other problems

4. causing stress and exhaustion for family members providing care to their relatives, due to the lack of Social Care

Please could you see if you could show your support by signing this petition and then sharing it wherever you can.


For more information I refer you to my web page https://carervoice.wordpress.com/petition-solve-the-crisis-in-social-care /

Please consider signing the petition and then sharing. https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/solve-the-crisis-in-social-care

It goes without saying that I am greatly disappointed with the latest Budget, not even the miserly £1 or £1.5 billion promised by Boris, but unfortunately this is how it is for Social Care and those in need of Social Care.

It is what we have come to accept, but not without question and challenge and the Coronavirus Pandemic is making Social Care even more important.

Thank you


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‘My autistic son was locked away in a Charles Dickens-era asylum’ : inews

The family of a teenager with autism and a learning disability who was “locked away” for over a year have said his experience of being detained “felt like being in an asylum from a Dickens novel”.

Matthew Garnett, 18, whose conditions include extreme generalised anxiety, recently spent 15 months under section in a mental health inpatient unit until his family successfully fought for his release.

His mother, Isabel, said: “Matthew spent 15 months under section, during which time, his mental and physical health deteriorated catastrophically, and we became more and more concerned about his safety and wellbeing. Matthew thought he was in prison, and to us, it felt like he was being punished for being autistic.

“Rather than his behaviour being seen as a communication of what he might not be coping with, or struggling to understand, Matthew was routinely over-medicated, secluded and restrained. It felt like an asylum from a Dickens novel, and that Matthew was considered less than human.”


Source: ‘My autistic son was locked away in a Charles Dickens-era asylum’ :  inews