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Government to revive CQC ratings of council adults’ services after more than decade-long gap | Community Care

Worrying times for many reasons, lack of sufficient finance, but that is nothing new, Government interventions and again nothing new.

I agree with jan, fix the system first, for the system has to be flexible to meet all needs, while currently it is far from it. persons with needs have to fit the system, while it should be the system fitting the person. All persons are individuals with having many interwoven factors, so what is perhaps correct for one, may not be for another who appears to be displaying similar needs.

Social care has never been sufficiently funded and 10 years of austerity cuts by Conservative Governments has caused untold damage and then we have the costs related to COVID. Here the Government promised to cover these costs, but to date the funding supplied is falling way short, causing cash strapped councils even more funding problems.

Social care like health care is not cheap and it should not be run on a ‘shoestring’, for to not provide sufficient social care is storing more problems to be catered for under health, like it or not health and social care are instinkingly interwoven.

So, get the funding correct and then work to get the system fixed.

More powers are to be given to the CQC, but again they are kept short of funding and getting good and consistent good quality costs, so, for them to get anywhere near to monitoring quality then they also need to be sufficiently funded.

Neither social care, health care or checking on quality should be used as a ‘political football’ in that funding is given, restricted, etc on the whims of Governments. Within that funding staff care has also to be a priority, for there is much clamour for sufficient wages for health staff, do you notice it is always referenced to nurses and doctors, when there are a multitude of others within health and none can work without the others, for it is as a team that health is provided. An unclean area, will be detrimental to health carer no matter how good the nurses and doctors are.

This is the same in social care, where pay is abysmal, especially to those who deliver direct care, care work is a skilled employment for it is not just preparing meals, toileting, personal hygiene,etc, for while important, it has to be done in conjunction with emotional care, financial care, safeguarding, and many others, which are far from easy to place a monetary cost on for time is the main factor. Short calls 2 or 3 times per day are not the answer, for these do not allow sufficient time for the recognised care, toileting, dressing, meal preparation, etc, so no time for the other aspects.

So funding is way short even for the recognised care, let alone a pay rate for care workers to recognise the skills they should have and this all adds to quality of care, less time and money reduces quality, no matter how good the care workers are.

This Government has throughout COVID spent money here and there without looking to see if they have the funding to do so, but, in reality, no funding for social care. It is as though this and previous Governments do not see the ne4ed for social care and this needs to change, for if it does not the outlook for social care is not good.

Many are looking to the new White Paper, Integration and innovation: working together to improve health and social care for all, as a possible saviour, but that has to be seen. On face value, it appears to have some good points, but within are some that are not so good. The reduction from 135 CCGs to 42 ICSs could well be not a good point, that is not that the existing CCGs were good, for they did have their faults, as to how many, that depended on who you were asking.

So, the White Paper needs to be looked at very carefully.

Will Social Care survive, now that is the question?


Source: Government to revive CQC ratings of council adults’ services after more than decade-long gap | Community Care

US company in takeover of network of GP practices – The Lowdown

Privatisation within the UK health service is nothing new for it was there before  the NHS was created in 1948 and was allowed to be there after the NHS was created in 1948.

How come, well before 1948 all GP services and Dental practices were all private organisations and they did not wish to lose this when joining the NHS, So with the BMA, (British Medical Association), doctors and dentists voted to not join the NHS. By this it would have meant creating the NHS would have been difficult and may not have been possible and therefore everyone would continue to pay their GP distectly for all health treatments. In fact hospitals  were run by GPs, so in effect all hospital treatments, would, most likely have to be paid for directly by the patients.

Not what the Labour Government and the Beveridge Report 1942 

wanted, so a compromise was found, which allowed GPs and Hospitals consultants to retain their private practices , while signing contracts to work for the NHS, thereby the private practices were allowed to continue, which to this day they continue to do so.

It was, of course, envisaged that the private practices would stay with the GPs and Dentists partners, who ever they were at a particular time.

But, over time large organisations have been allowed to take over some of these practices, which is now allowing American companies to gain more of a ‘foothold’ in the NHS.

But, as the article states each acquisition has to be approved by the local CCG, (Clinical Commission Group), who, currently, hold the health funding and distribute it to all areas within the health services within the area administered by the local CCGs. However, CCGs, themselves could be taken over, as stated in the new White Paper, Integration and innovation: working together to improve health and social care for all

The new ICSs, (Integrated Care Services) will replace the CCGs, so instead of 135 CCGs there will be 42 IGSs throughout England. The ICSs have been around since 2018, but should the ‘White Paper’ be formed into an Act and then becomes law, then the ICSs will gain more powers.



Source: US company in takeover of network of GP practices – The Lowdown