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‘Not Again!’: BBC Journalist Frank Gardner Left Stuck On Plane At Gatwick | Same Difference


This is happening with too much regularity and how many are occurring which are not being reported as the person in the wheelchair assumes this is the ‘normal’ or usual service.

But it should not be normal or usual, as persons in wheelchairs should not have to wait for assistance, for it is not as though no one knew the plane was not landing.

in this instance Gatwick are blaming Iberia, who are then stating they had complied with the requirements, but will anyone get to know who is at fault does anyone really care.`

It should be law that the person enquiring assistance be disembarked before other passengers, so if there is a delay with the assistance required then all passengers will be delayed. Only then will true equality be achieved, for either the airport or airline would not wish to inconvenience all their passengers, but currently feel it is OK to inconvenience passengers in wheelchairs.

This is an infringement on human rights and in every incident appropriate actions to compensate should be made.

BBC journalist Frank Gardner has expressed outrage at being left on a plane after it landed at Gatwick. The security correspondent, who uses a wheelchair, was stranded on the aircraft after fly…




Source: ‘Not Again!’: BBC Journalist Frank Gardner Left Stuck On Plane At Gatwick | Same Difference