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Wheelchair User Dragged Himself Up Stairs ‘After Rail Staff Refused To Help’ | Same Difference

Yet another example of Disability discrimination, however, this time at a Rail Station and not at an airport, just shows that the existing legislation is in no way providing equality.

Accessibility needs to be there as a right and all staff to be educated to ensure access is available at all times and to the right quality. To not provide what is required is, in effect, stating that persons with disabilities are not welcome and appropriate actions should be taken as a matter of course whenever this is evident.

Equality is a human right with no exceptions.

Access covers a large and many areas for it is not just at entrances and exits, but throughout the business property in every area and facility. This includes all hospitality venues including suitable toilets, for while disability toilets are available in most areas, they should be available in all areas and they should be of good quality in every sense.

What is not currently available in most areas are Changing places toilets, https://www.changing-places.org/, which are very few and this needs to change.


Source: Wheelchair User Dragged Himself Up Stairs ‘After Rail Staff Refused To Help’ | Same Difference

Wheelchair User Says Life Has Become A Battle | Same Difference

Problems are everywhere for many people don’t care for they believe that they come first and no thought for others.

Our towns and cities were not built to accommodate everyone and most are way outdated, but endeavour to accommodate the 21st century with 18th centuries structures.

Even modern structures are no that disabled friendly.

Yes, equality legislation have been brought in to use, but in its drafting there are so many get out clauses for business, especially those in old buildings were if the costs to change are too great then they are aloud to continue as they were or adapt using inferior structures, such as portable ramps rather than a permanent structure.

These Governments past and present ‘talk the talk’ but never the ‘walk’, the legislation they produce is just playing at equality.

As to street furniture and illegal parking there are insufficient persons looking out for such offences. This is mainly due to years of austerity cuts, where costs are the priority together with cuts, rather than quality and quantity.

We see this everywhere, health, social care, police, etc. you name it numbers have been reduced until efficiency and effectiveness are there to fail. Currently it is passports, DVLA, airports, etc

We are on a downward spiral, with no reverse gear.


Source: Wheelchair User Says Life Has Become A Battle | Same Difference

As Sheffield opens up, for some of us, our world shrinks | Now Then Sheffield

This is so true, for access means so many different aspects for many people, but I feel that access is not fully understood by planners, developers and many organisations.

Yes, pedestrianisation is good for many, but for those with limited mobility, sensory disabilities and other aspects of disability it may not be. Not all persons with mobility issues have wheelchairs, so may not be able to travel even small distances. Even a small step up or down could cause no access facility, the width of doorways could also be a problem, let alone placement of toilets and will there be a disabled toilet and if so is it being used as a store room or even large enough to accommodated a wheelchair and maybe one or even 2 carers.

Ideally not only would there be more than one disabled toilet that is fully accessible, at least 2, or would a Changing Places toilet be too much to ask for.

Disabled parking is also a problem, for is there a sufficiency and are they were they are most needed and is the waiting period time limited, for with limited mobility comes a time component to manage to go between A and B, let alone going to C. Leaving one disabled parking place to another more near, will there be one and will it be available.

Then lets look at public transport, well most buses and trains should have at least one wheelchair space, and if lucky maybe even two, but will they be there for wheelchairs, some in some instances pushchairs are taking the space or spaces. I have heard some people say you can get the next bus to a person in a wheelchair because the wheelchair places are taken, but why should a person in a wheelchair have to wait for another bus.   Why is there not more flexibility on wheelchair spaces, for the priority should be for wheelchair and not prams, for in many instances prams could be folded which is not possible for wheelchairs.

When you come to trains, it is not just the availability of spaces for wheelchairs, but also toilets, for is there a disabled toilet in each carriage and is there one at both ends of each carriage. Then for persons who require a Changing Places toilet, are there any carriages which have these?

These are only some of the problems persons with disabilities can come across for there will be many others, so opening for most is far away from opening for many persons with disabilities.


Source: As Sheffield opens up, for some of us, our world shrinks | Now Then Sheffield

The new dawn of disability activism – where it started, where it’s going

Like Katherine, I too am looking forward to 2021, for surely it could not be worse than 2020.

But, also like Katherine, much more needs to be done for persons with learning disabilities and/or autism.

While the Discrimination acts of 1995 and 2005 and then the Equality Act 2010, there is still much discrimination to persons with learning disabilities and/or autism.

Hopefully, much of this could be down to ignorance, but ignorance should not be an excuse, as there are many areas to look at to solve the issue of ignorance.

Much of this is with vaccines, topical at the moment, firstly with regards to flu.

For anyone with a learning disability (LD) is eligible for the flu vaccine, but I find that there are still some GP practices that are unaware of this, if you find this, please report them to your local CCG, (Clinical Commissioning Group).

Also, where adults with LD have an aversion to needles they are entitled to the nasal spray, which is usually given to children under 12. Granted for adults it may not be as effective as the vaccine, but it is better than nothing.

However, for some unknown reason, people with LD have not been made fully eligible for the COVID-19, which needs to be remedied, urgently.

Another, oversight is the adults with LD who have an aversion to needles, for in my own research there is nothing, currently available for them and maybe no research is being conducted on this, another situation which needs to be urgently attended to.

But there are still many other areas where there is still discrimination, some being employment, access to buildings and transport, disabled toilets including Changing Places toilets, the latter being few and far between and even fewer available for 7 full days.

These are just some of the issues but there are many others and this is an expanding problem, for, on a daily basis more and more persons are being born with learning disabilities and/or autism.

Please those in authority do not ignore persons with LD and/or autism for we are soon to be 21 years into the 21st century not the 19th.

Katharine Quarmby

2020 was grim, right? I hate to say this, but I’m looking forward to the year turning, and that 2021 brings us vaccination (everywhere) and fewer deaths and serious illnesses because of Covid-19.

One of the main communities affected particularly harshly by Covid, in terms of excess deaths, has been disabled people. This year marks the 25th anniversary since the passing of the Disability Discrimination Act, and there’s been a lot of assessment of how much has been won and lost. My publishers, Granta, re-issued a chapter of my book, Scapegoat, which looks at the rise of the movement and you can read it here, free of charge, at Granta Magazine. You can also buy the book on the same link.

I hope that this coming year we’ll see more disability activism, as journalists and activists assess progress so far.

I’m going to be doing more journalism this year…

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