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‘I couldn’t have shouted louder’: Family seeks answers after care system fails son | UK News | Sky News

Although  poor or bad care should never be ignored it is not always the fault of the carers, especially recently when all carers have been working over and beyond due to lack of staff, inappropriate systems, COVID experiences, insufficient management and a serious lack of funding. It is also well known that rates of pay for carers is abysmal, but that should have no bearing on the quality of care, but staff exhaustion could have.

This Government and no previous Governments have valued social care and as such, funding has never been a priority for any UK governments.

This in some respect is so for mental health for when in the 60s/70s it was envisaged that metal health should be transferred from the mainly, Victorian Institutions into the community little or no finance was provided and so appropriate housing was virtually non-existent and has led to the situations of today.

Similarly, the funding of social care on any extent of sufficiency, if any also did not take place and still hasn’t today.

It is a disgrace that persons with learning disabilities and autism have not been sufficiently looked after and this is mainly down to UK governments not providing any real finance for social care and mental health. For while neither learning disabilities and autism are mental health conditions the lack of suitable and sufficient facilities will have a great deal to do with the onset of mental health conditions. In fact, any government since 1948 and certainly within the last 20 years should be ashamed of themselves, for it appears the methodology used was ‘out of sight, out of mind. For they either didn’t wish to know or have the ability to know.

Also as well as insufficient finance and inappropriate systems there is also a great insufficiency around the knowledge of learning disabilities and autism for in most cases , if not all not one person with a learning disability and/or autism should never have been placed in mental health facilities, as appropriate community settings in every area should have been available. But as said before the lack of finance and governments unwillingness to provide any and no real insight to the problems by indifference to the conditions was the main cause.

It is not families letting down their relatives, for they have and are doing more than they could have deemed possible, to the point of making themselves ill by the lack of notice and actions they are receiving.

This is a complete dereliction of ‘Duty of Care’ by UK Governments.


Source: ‘I couldn’t have shouted louder’: Family seeks answers after care system fails son | UK News | Sky News

Rishi Sunak announcement live: Chancellor unveils £150 council tax rebate as gas bills hiked

While it is commended that the Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak MP  has announced and will be bringing in these measures, is it in reality too little too late.

Well, it is too little. but too late maybe yes or no.

Too little why, well the £150 Council tax rebate is welcome, but only by those who pay council tax, only those in bands A to D as many will already be having rebates, single dwellers, those whose properties have been altered to accommodate mobility and other factors by reducing the band size by one and maybe other methods.

For some who pay council tax it will be welcome more than others as it is a tax on property values rather than income, so the less a person earns the greater the rebate maybe on the whole of the persons economic values.

But what about persons in property bands E and above, as not all in larger properties are wealthy and could be living hand to mouth already.

But there is the £200 rebate on heating costs for everyone, but again some people are already having to decide do we eat or heat. This again benefits some on lower incomes more than those on larger incomes and is only a loan so needs to be repaid

What could have been included

  • an increase in the income tax bandings to increase the personal Allowance by 6.75% to £13420, while bringing in another band from £250,000 of 47%
  • increase all welfare benefits, except retirement pension and carers allowance by 10%
  • increase carers allowance so it is equivalent  to National Living Wage and in doing so remove some of the restrictions, such as the income limit and allow the allowance to be paid to persons on retirement benefits
  • bring in a 1% tax on energy company profits
  • close all loopholes in the corporation tax system
  • bring in some help for startup companies especially those who will employ less than 10 persons
  • remove VAT on energy bills


Source: Rishi Sunak announcement live: Chancellor unveils £150 council tax rebate as gas bills hiked

It’s not just SEND teacher training that’s needed. How we educate all children is broken – Special Needs Jungle

Teaching is just one of many systems which are out dated and lacking resources and investment, but this is not new as all are not fit for the 21st century, some more than others.

As with all systems for assume the ‘one fits all’ principle, which is so outdated and really was never correct. For everyone of us is an individual , but individuals are not recognised in any of the current systems as to have adaptable systems costs and we are told money is not available, but is that even true. For when finance is required for any pet project it is found. More than likely by removing finance which is desperately needed by its current project, but is deemed to be more importantly needed by the pet project.

Is the pet project really that important or is it just the favoured project of that moment in time and tomorrow a different pet project could arise on a political whim. That is not the way to proceed, but that is how it has been for many years, but just because it is so for many years does not make it correct.

Education needs to reform, but let the experts decide being those on the ground and not just teachers, but also parents and maybe even some children. We all need to work together and not just for the good of the many, but for the good of all.

In the interests of costs, schools have been allowed to become too large, as have class sizes, but is cost the only reason for the supply of teachers and teaching assistants are also in short supply.

The education of children has been tweaked in many ways over the years and not all tweaks have been really required if we consider quality, children’s needs and many other factors.

Also it is not just SEND which is underfunded, but the whole education programme and is the programme also correct.

Many factors are not right and these cause many problems including

teacher satisfaction

children being left behind

children not being understood

disillusioned children

creating problems not just at school but also at homes

and much more.

Will it be put right, I fear not and the rolling ball of insufficiency will continue.

Source: It’s not just SEND teacher training that’s needed. How we educate all children is broken – Special Needs Jungle

Landmark report reveals frontline social care workers should be paid an extra £7000 a year | How One Care Worker’s Dual Role Supports Residents At The Lawn Care Home In Hampshire

This is so true and has been so for many years. For Social Care is the forgotten health care service.

Much has been said about NHS workers, but even then only a restricted few. Not saying nurses don’t deserve a substantial pay rise for they do, but social care workers even more so.

There are so many staff shortages in social care that only limited care can be given and not to all that need care. If recognition is not given then even the limited social care being given currently could be even more reduced. Any reductions in Social Care will have serious effects on health care and the NHS.

The Government need to keep its promises to Social care and deliver all that is required for the consequences of not doing so are so bad and devastating for all concerned.

That is why I support the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,

Please you support it also.


Source: Landmark report reveals frontline social care workers should be paid an extra £7000 a year | How One Care Worker’s Dual Role Supports Residents At The Lawn Care Home In Hampshire

Guardian Interview With Jo Whiley

There so much wrong with the system, not just the vaccine programme, that I fear is there anything right.

Since 2016 the LeDeR programme as been inforce through Bristol University where all deaths of persons with Learning Disabilities should be reported to and they in there research provide much needed research information on the early deaths of persons with Learning Disability.

This information is reporterd to NHS England so the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, MP should be fully aware of all the apsects of early deaths of persons with Learning Disabilities.

But he ignored all this research evidence when creating the priority lists for the Vaccine Programme and even the assessments for shielding throughout the COVID pandemic.

They have all the evidence, so the only conclusion is the Hancock and the rest of this excuse for a Government purposely ignoring the evidence because they feel people with Learning Disabilities have no equal right to live as others in .

This is abuse, total abuse and the whole Government should be charged with neglect of persons with learning Disabilities, as this is a major safeguarding concern.

This Government have totally disregarded their Duty of Care for all persons with Learning Disabilities, be they Children or adults.

Unfortunately they are not aloner on this for all previous Governments have also been as guilty be they Conservative, Labour, or Coalitions, not one person in any of these Governments have shown any degrees of concern,for a large part of the English population.

It is as though persons with Learning Disabilities are ‘out of sight and out of mind’ can this and previous Governments be seen as the ‘3 Wise Monkeys’.

The general public are also a matter of concern for they also treat persons with Learning Disabilities very similar to the Government as do certain elements of the media.

Social Care is not on anyones radar when it should be the Top Priority.

For as many years as I can remember there has been the promise of a ‘SWhite Paper on Social Care’ which by now has gone completely grey and is now reduced to dust, as is the passage of time.

Funding is and always has been a major concern, or the lack of it has been, and the 10 years of austerity cuts have on ly made it a much more serious concern. With austerity cuts the Government was wanting savings to be mad, but with Social Care there where no opportunities to cuts for these was no slack only a great deal of need, many of which was and is being unmet and the unmet is forever increasing. This then affects the incidences of further and more complexities in the need for health care, so increasing healtyh costs. If there had been proactivity instead of reactivity and in some onstances even no activity, these further draining costs being imposed on health would not have taken placer as the needs would have been met and not lead to health issues because they were unmet.

But this requires forward thinking, commitment and a genuine wish to care, none of which any Government has done for I can see.

Only when deaths occur is action taken by inituation reviews, but are the lessons ever learned from these reviews, well the simple answer is no not ever, for I feel there is a complete unwillingness to do by by all the appropriate authorities.

This is a complete disgrace in any Society and all concerned should be ashamed of themselves, but more than ashamed there should all be prosecuted for their complete lack of Duty of Care.

By supporting the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,, would be a start.

Same Difference

The Guardian have interviewed Jo Whiley on her campaign to change the vaccine priority list and her work as a DJ and presenter.

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Major Bristol inquiry recommends mental health institutions should shut – Bristol Live

This is a concern I have had for a few yearsand I still feel the major problems are as follows

  1. lack of funding throughout the whole of social care, which then filters into health care
  2. lack of knowledge of learning disabilities and more certainly Autism
  3. lack of staff qualified or not, including care staff in social care, due to abymals rates of pay, immigration systems against care workers being allowed into the UK freely, esspecially changes since Brexit affecting EU workers and also others around the world
  4. lack of commitment by the Government to social care, even the now supposed mandatory COVID vaccines
  5. plus many others

The Government need to urgently bring forward the long promised ‘White Paper on Social Care’, immediate reversal and repaying of all the cuts to local authority budgets due to austerity cuts, mandatory training on Autism in every care setting, including the NHS.

I have been promoting the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care (, but this petition will prompt the Government into action, all it needs is your support.

This is what you can do, so please sign and then share the petition.

Source: Major Bristol inquiry recommends mental health institutions should shut – Bristol Live

Fix care for all – Public say social care should a top priority | Care Industry News 

Social Care should have been a top priority for many years, but it has not been for neither the Government or the public appreciate how important social care is. Perthaps social care is more important than health, for without social care health would be off the scale. For it is having social care, even though in many instances it is lacking in both quality ans quantity, than saves health for being required even more.

So a fully funded social care would have a tremendous affect on health and the costs of health would be substancially reduced, so the required increase in social care spending, will evenbtually reduce the costs related to health care.

This is why I support the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,

If you, also supported the petition then you would not only being helping those in need of social care and their families, but also helping to reduce the costs of health care. This is a long-term view but is really required, for if not the costs of health care will continue to increase, as will the suffering of people in need of social care.

You or your family may not need social care currently, but your time will come, so look to your future and do now what will help you when you need it.

Currerntly social care needs you, so please sign the petition,

Then it will be there when you eventually require it.


Source: Fix care for all – Public say social care should a top priority | Care Industry News Fix care for all – Public say social care should a top priority

How the UK’s four social care systems measure up against each other | Community Care

Even though the article is short in volume on a very important topic, it is very depressing reading.

Social care is extremely important for those who are reliant on it, so a fuller article is required. It is my bet that none of the 4 areas are doing as much as is actually required on the exact need for social care. So while it is good to see what each area is doing, what is more important is full research on what is really required.

I have been saying for many years that this is what should have been happening for without that information, no one will be aware of what the unmet needs are. But I know from my own experience with my own family that some social workers come to the assessment and state very early on that there will not be sufficient funding for all care needs, so in many instances they do not record what they feel will not be met. While this gives the respective recipient of care a more accurate idea of what they may receive, it is not the correct methodology.

We all know that social care is seriously underfunded, much more so than health, and so far as I am aware it has always been underfunded. But with 10 years of austerity cuts and then, so far, a year and a half of increased costs due to COVID, this has resulted in a vast seriously fall in funding from one that was very seriously underfunded to start with.

No one really wishes to rely on social care to live a reasonable life, but circumstances do mean that many have to.

It should not be a fight to receive social care, but it is and many families do provide care for much longer than they should because they do not wish their relatives to go without care, but a time comes to us all when it is inevitable.

The systems need to be seriously looked at and with great urgency, but from what I see that is not occurring.

In 2015 the Cameron Government was reported to be ready to produce such a provision, but for some reason decided to defer to April 2020, but then there was COVID, but would this Government even done something then.

For they had the opportunity to include provision in the Queen’s speech a few days ago, but did not except for a few words. Is anyone really understanding the urgency to sort out the crisis in Social Care.

I fear not, so persons in need of Social Care will continue to suffer from inadequate social care provision.

I support the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care, will you do also?

However, under-funding is but one area of the crisis in social care, as there is also a major insufficiency of persons wishing to enter the care profession, the under-funding could be a reason for the pay rates are abysmal, but also are the working conditions.

Hopefully everything will be sorted soon, for hope is all I have and people in need of care have.


: How the UK’s four social care systems measure up against each other | Community Care

Boris Johnson faces backlash after failing to honour his pledge to fix Britain’s social care system | Daily Mail Online

Boris Johnson faced a massive backlash this evening after devoting just nine words to social care in the Queen’s Speech.

Yes, he does and it is about time.

But, so it is for the media, for at long last the Media writes about social care and its chronic under-funding, as Social Care has never been sufficiently funded.

I support the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,, please also do so.

For more information, please see,!Aq2MsYduiazgoEy6ROxeV0abd2mT?e=IeXIaf

Social Care needs your support, so please do so.

Source: Boris Johnson faces backlash after failing to honour his pledge to fix Britain’s social care system | Daily Mail Online

Social care cuts and increased charges causing ‘huge distress’ to disabled people | Community Care

Social Care, why call it Social Care for in many respects it is not social and care is the last thing that is done.

Much is down to funding or the complete lack of it, but it is also down to attitudes of those in authority, for in many instances, if not all, persons who are deemed to be in need of care are told what they can have, instead of being asked what their choices are.

Person-centred care is nowhere near, even though it is quoted in many instances, for most of ot is institutional care even when it is happening within a persons own home and certainly is in many, if not all Care Homes and other settings such as Supported Living, Respite, although Hospices, maybe different.

I am not, in many respects blaming authorities and those that work within the Local Authorities, but they are reacting to the lack of resources.

This also has some bearing on the quality of care being delivered, which again funding has some bearing, but also attitudes of care providers and the carers they employ for some are not there for the correct reasons. here they are there for themselves and not the persons they are supposed to be caring for. I am not saying that this is the case for many, but even one is one too many.

Then there is the lack of persons prepared to come into the caring profession, for they can earn more working in supermarkets the in caring and have many less responsibilities.

For caring, to do it correctly there are many responsibilities, there are the standards, treating people with respect and dignity, maintaining confidentiality and others, but then even these are, in some respects not maintained. Again these are few and far between, but it only takes one to destroy what has been achieved by the majority.

Governments current and many previous have promised to look at Social Care and improve it, but we are all still waiting, as though no one cares about social care, especially this current Government.

For Social Care has never been sufficiently funded, and then we had 10 years of austerity cuts and now over a years of increased costs due to COVID-19, is there any wonder that Social Care is not what it should be.

The £4.6 billion is ‘chicken feed’ compared to what is required, which would be around £12 billion and then this would only bring the funding to 2010 levels, which as mentioned previously was way insufficient.

This Government needs to, urgently, take this on board, for Social Care, in its present state, will have great difficulty to survive, in fact, it is surprising it has managed so far.

We all need to do what we can to hold the Government to account, which is why I support the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care, Please do what you can to promote it?

Source: Social care cuts and increased charges causing ‘huge distress’ to disabled people | Community Care