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Social care cuts left me and my disabled son alone in lockdown | Metro News

As the article states this is far from a ‘one off’ situation, for getting Social Care support has never been easy and funding has always been a major factor. We then had 10 years of austerity cuts and now over a year of COVID-19.

Then in March 2020, what did the Government do, well they brought in the Coronavirus Act 2020, in which there were temporary easements of requirements created in the Care Act 2014 for adults and similar legislation for children was brought in. Even though in September 2020 the easements were withdrawn, they are still there for adults.

This Government have been great in covering many other costs related to COVID-19, but not in respects of Social Care. A ‘White Paper’ on Social Care has been promised by many Governments, but not forthcoming. Johnson in his 2019 election victory speech outside 10 Downing Street even stated that he already had a plan, so where is it?

Nowhere it appears, yet another broken promises, why is it you can always guarantee that promises will be broken, but we still believe when they are made.

There is a petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,,

please sign and then share to show the Government that we care, even if they do not

These non-actions by this Government are creating many Safeguarding issues, for this is causing ‘neglect’ and family carers can’t cover all of the slack, for they do enough already, saving over £130 billion a year on caring costs. To do more will incur family carer breakdown, thus creating many more issues for the NHS in many more health issues.

: Social care cuts left me and my disabled son alone in lockdown | Metro News

This has been a hard year for disabled people. We must do better in 2021

Well done to the  APPG for Disability, however a word of caution for a promise from Boris does not mean it will be fulfilled, for what about his promise in Downing Street in his winning electoral speech in 2019.

For here he promised to solve the crisis in Social care and now a year after the fulfilment of this promise is still awaited.

So, what is a promise from Boris, just another statement, when there is no intention to keep.

To remind him of his promise I created the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,

Perhaps the APPG for Disability  should also create such a petition?
Meantime, I would appreciate your support for my petition.


Source: This has been a hard year for disabled people. We must do better in 2021

Coronavirus: social workers highlight mental health and poverty fears

There was a major crisis in Social Care well before COVID-19, but this crisis has now been expanded to untold proportions, so where is the promised review of Social Care from Government, a review that has been promised for as many years that I can remember.

One way, which could be immediately sorted is for this Government to provide to Local Authorities (LAs) all the funding which has been withdrawn from them since 2010 by way of the austerity cuts imposed on LAs by previous Tory Governments.

But, you could say can this be afforded, but the afford has not stopped the outlay of £billions or is it more like £trillions to many other areas, but not a significance amount to social care. Yes, some £millions have been provided by this Government, but, in reality, it is ‘peanuts’ to what is actually require, just to bring funding to 2010 levels, which was then still many £millions short of what was, really, required.

Social Care has never been sufficiently fully funded, going back to 1970 and before, therefore need has been outstripping funding for many years, leaving many vulnerable persons without the care required to cover all there needs.

This has a ‘knock on effect, on other areas, many which are health related, including mental health, which then has a bearing on funding for health care, which is also insufficient, but not as so, as for social care.

This article mentions all of this in respect of COViD-19, but this has been occurring for many years, at most times unreported, but COVID-19 has highlighted this, but it is nowhere new, just more focused and a drastic increase in need.

But, is this Government listening, it would appear not, but they can not be totally blamed, for blame has to be placed on all previous Governments for their dereliction to their ‘Duty of Care’ to those in need of social care. Where this is not attended to, it not only reflex on more use of health care resources, but on the ‘early deaths, especially with regards to persons with Learning Disabilities as shown in the LeDeR research,

This is a crisis, which is not going away and this Government needs to immediately take action, which it and previous Governments should have done years ago, but do they really care, well by their actions, or should it be inactions, it would appear not.

Is it a care of the ‘3 Wise Monkeys’,, it would appear so.

This all prompted me to create the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,

With more information at,!Aq2MsYduiazgoU-im1cgVmsze0kV?e=AAhKp8

This is a very grave crisis and can not be allowed to continue, for if it does it shows a complete lack of the ‘Duty of Care; for the whole of the UK and shows there is no concern for those in need of care.


Source: Coronavirus: social workers highlight mental health and poverty fears

‘Before, there were peaks and troughs – with Covid, it’s relentless’: social work eight months into the pandemic | Community Care

Social Workers have always worked under extreme pressure, both from management and service users, the latter just expressing their own feelings and wishing support. While the former, put more pressure on top of the extreme pressure already there and if support is given it is the exception, not the ‘norm’.

As someone with an adult 50 year old daughter with severe Learning disabilities and autism, who, luckily still lives with myself and while we have an excellent 24/7 care package, this does not stop problems and concerns from occurring.

So, unfortunately I am one of those persons contacting our already extremely overworked social worker and wishing results, as while I understand, to some extent, the social workers stresses, my first priority has to be my own family.

I also hear of concerns from other families as I also facilitate a learning disabilities/autism carers support group, but regretfully we have not been able to meet this year due to COVID-19, except for email contact.

Social Care is in an extreme crisis for those who are employed in a social work capacity and also for paid carers and the Individuals they provide care for together with their families.

While, to a large extent, this crisis is down to the complete lack of sufficient funding for social care, which as always been the case, but this has been exacerbated by 10 long years of austerity cuts to Local Authorities from Government and many additional costs from COVID-19, which are not being completely covered by this Government, but all the problems related to in this article.

The future for Social Care does not bode well for the future, unless, this Government provides what as been required and promised for many years, but will they, who knows, for previous Governments have not dealt with this when they should have done.

To cover some of the finance problems , with regards to actual care delivery, I did create the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,

I appreciate this will not solve all the crisis problems, but it would show some commitment to do something from this Government, which has been sadly lacking for many considerable years.


Source: ‘Before, there were peaks and troughs – with Covid, it’s relentless’: social work eight months into the pandemic | Community Care

‘Our profession must be much more inclusive to disabled people’: a letter to the chief social workers | Community Care

An article telling how it is and then strengthened by the comments of Social Workers trying to work within the industry, but finding many problems.

Social Workers go through years of training and obtaining required qualifications, but when they come into Local Authorities (LAs) are they allowed to do the job they have trained so hard for, I feel not.

For within LAs social work is geared around systems, which at the best of times are a barrier to good social work, not counting the extremely large caseloads given to social workers.

Unfortunately social workers are in the middle for they are directed by social work managers to work within the limitations of LAs systems and when go to their clients, their clients are wanting what these systems will not allow to be delivered, when legislation, which is also seriously deficient, says should be possible.

As social workers know what is generally available, they do, when they should not, only put forward what they feel can reasonably be agreed by the system.

Should the day ever come when clients wishes will be possible the full costs of Care Plans will not be known, for they have never been put forward to be costed.

But funding for social care is a major problem and it has always been, but 10 years of austerity cuts on LAs was bad enough, but then came COVID-19 and the money available was even further distant from what is required.

This is why all LAs are well over budget and some could go bankrupt and this all leads to a further deterioration of social care, making the most vulnerable even more so.

In the next few years, without substantial Government funding for social care, LAs will reduce the number of social workers they employ, so they can balance their budgets, thereby increasing workloads for social workers even more, resulting in less choices granted for the persons in need of care. This at a time when needs are substantially increasing.

Every aspect of social care is suffering not just in respects of Social Workers, but care homes, home care, respite, supported living , hospices, etc. Good quality care should always be delivered, but in many instances this is not so, for the care profession is desperately short of care workers. There are insufficient people coming to do care work, which is not surprising when the abysmal pay is taken into account with poor working conditions, working unsocial hours, etc.

This leads, in some instances, in poor quality care being given and this is not picked up on CQC (Care Quality Commission) and LAs inspections.

In fact, are these inspections done to the highest standards or are some organisation and poor practices allowed, so that the numbers of care organisations and care workers are not reduced further.

If the delivery of poor quality care is not stopped, then the quality of care will diminish even further.

Not a good analysis of care in the UK, but one that is desperately in need of improvement.

Please support my petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,

This may not solve everything, but it will be a good start.


Source: ‘Our profession must be much more inclusive to disabled people’: a letter to the chief social workers | Community Care

Emmerdale Star Chris Bisson Reveals Personal Connection To Laurel And Jai’s Emotional Story

This is an extremely emotive issue, whichever way the storyline goes and I do hope Emmerdale deal with it in a sensitive way. The story will generate distress, as they will have to go through the process of deciding whether to terminate or proceed with the birth, which will create many views and opinions through the script and with the viewers, as well as with the cast.

Same Difference

Emmerdale star Chris Bisson has opened up about his personal connection to Jai Sharma’s upcoming storyline.

Jai will face a big decision with his partner Laurel in upcoming episodes after discovering that they’re expecting a baby together.

When the couple learn that their child will be born with Down’s syndrome, they ultimately make the decision that Laurel will have a termination – after some very difficult and intense conversations.

Speaking on Digital Spy’s Soap Scoop podcast, Chris – who plays Jai – explained:It’s a difficult story for me, I’ll be quite straight about that.

“I have a cousin who has Down’s syndrome, and he has been the centre of our family. I’ve had to have difficult conversations with both charities and with family as well.

“I had to speak to my auntie because my cousin is a massive Emmerdale fan, and I wanted her to know that…

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“Government waiting for the roof to fall in before repairing the leak”: Mencap responds to the Chancellor’s spending review | Mencap

I fully support Mencap, but I doubt whether £7billion is enough, for £12billion is much nearer the mark, and especially waiting to 2023/2024, for the funding is required immediately, for can Social Care wait that long.

I have been promoting this problem for years and now others are seeing the problem, except the Government, a way to show the Government the strength of feeling in the UK is to support my petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,

If further information is required then please see here.


Source: “Government waiting for the roof to fall in before repairing the leak”: Mencap responds to the Chancellor’s spending review  | Mencap

Our adult son has a learning disability. How will he cope as coronavirus surges? | Society | The Guardian

Many aspects of Social Care should be better than they are and many of the various organisations are working to the best of their ability to provide the best care possible, in spite of all the restrictions.

The recently introduced 3 forms of tiers and the initial National lockdown were bad enough and now the forthcoming National Lockdown 2.0 from tomorrow.

But, as mentioned, briefly in the article, the Government in March/April 202 saw fit to introduce the Coronavirus Act 2020, which brought in the opportunity for Local Authorities to apply for temporary ‘easements’ from regulations in respect of Adults from the Care Act 2014 and in respect of children similar regulations, without much, or any consultations.

This at a time when more Social Care is being required much more, not less, so many in need will be going without the much needed care, bringing even more worry and concerns to individuals in need of care and their families.

Initially these temporary easements were only for 6 months. while the easements for children were reviewed, but not sure, if they were removed, for adults they were not even reviewed and are now retained for at least another 6 months from 1 October 2020.

So, the crisis in Social Care is still very much with us and until the Government recognise and then are prepared to act this crisis will not improve, only get even worse, if that was deemed possible.

So, my petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,,  is even more relevant.


Source: Our adult son has a learning disability. How will he cope as coronavirus surges? | Society | The Guardian

Care worker pay falls behind that of retail staff and cleaners, as turnover continues to mount | Community Care

It is good to see all the areas now taking up the cause of Care Workers pay, with the exception of the Government, but while pay is a major problem it is not the only one.

Yes, reference is made to staffing, staff recruitment and staff retention, which is currently, far from good and will only become worse from January 2021 with the introduction and impact of the government’s post-Brexit immigration system. We were promised by the Government that they would consider including the care professions as an exception, but that, again, is another broken Government promise.

It may be better to list the promises that have not been broken rather than those that were broken. That is easy because it is none.

This Government has shown contempt for the care profession, except for NHS workers to some extent, and even more contempt for those who they care for. The current state of play with the benefit system is a case in point.

I honestly feel that this is a Government conspiracy, to kill off people in care, for how they dealt with hospital discharges re COVID-19, to care homes is a proven point. Even with the hindsight, they appear to be considering something similar now, what more can be said.

This Government is extremely despicable, as they treat social care and people in need of social care as not being required and inhuman respectively.

This Government does not know the meaning of care and caring, perhaps, because they feel they will never have need of it.

As this Government is this way, I created the petition, Solve the crisis in Social care,

Should further information be required please see,!Aq2MsYduiazgoCxbqKkiEprEdBum?e=W9Zc4g

Source: Care worker pay falls behind that of retail staff and cleaners, as turnover continues to mount | Community Care

Children with disabilities disproportionately affected by pandemic – iPolitics

Unfortunately, this comes as no surprise to myself, as this is usually the case, when changes occur, for persons with disabilities, certainly with intellectual disabilities, as they need more not less to be equal.

Hopefully, this has occurred by accident or lack of knowledge, which is bad enough, but if, it was done with knowledge then that would be inexcusable.

It is often the case that systems and changes to systems are implemented on the ‘one size fits all’ approach, but children, especially children with intellectual disabilities, are not automations and, therefore, do not fit the ‘one fits all’ approach.

This appears to have happened in Canada, but it could easily and does, occur anywhere in the world.

The authorities wherever and whoever they are need to understand disabilities, especially unseen disabilities, but, initially they need to understand and before that they need to understand that they need to understand.



Source: Children with disabilities disproportionately affected by pandemic – iPolitics