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Disabled People Fear Shortage Of Personal Assistants And The Loss Of Independence

This has been coming for many years as social care has been abandonded by this Government and all previous Governments, meaning all aspects of social care has been underfunded, which has affected care workers employed by care agencies tremendously. However, there is another aspect of care worker and this is what is being referred to, whereby the care worker is not employed by a care agency, but by the persons in receipt of care. Normally this will be funded by, Direct Payments from a Local Authority (LA) to the person in receipt of care or to a managed account company who manage the Direct Payment on behalf of the person in receipt of care.

For LAs to provide Direct Payments they inturn need to be funded and this is from Government through Grants to the LAs from Government, but from 2010 these Grants have been drastically reduced under the Austerity Cuts programme introduced in 2010 and they have not beed reversed. These cuts in Grants were not solely re social care but for all services provided by LAs.

The bstate of social care is in a dire state in the UK, but itis, apparentky not on the Government agenda and therefore much needed care will not be given, which also has an impact on the NHS. For lack of social care soon leads to health inequalities resulting serious health declines, when the services of the NHS will be required.

So, this much shortsightedness by this and all previous Governments is also seriously affecting the NHS. Much more health problems and maybe more serious and in greater degrees than should be all due to extreme lack nof finance from Governments.

The bincreases in use of the NHS results in an insufficiency of beds due to the increased health issues and by also lack of social care to enabe required discharges from hospitals, thereby causing major problems in A&E with patrient buildups as hospital beds are not availoable for A&E to ntransfer patients wo wards. This then causes delays for ambulance patients not being able to be transferred from ambulances into A&E. This means ambulances have to be retained at hospitals, thereby reducing the available ambulances to attend to more patientgs causing ambulance arrival time to drastically increase, which in turn can lead to possible patients dying before they can access ambulances.

All round major problems due to governments not sufficiently financing social care, another lack of Duty of Care from Government.

However, Governments are not generally blamed but social care, NHS and ambulance services are and they are just doing the best they can withever reducing resourses.

This can’t go on and should never have been allowed to occur, but is due to ignorance or a direct action to not act by Governments, Governments need to be made fully accountable.

Same Difference

A disabled member of the House of Lords says she “fears” disabled people could end up living in care homes if a “severe” shortage in personal assistants is not addressed.

Baroness Jane Campbell, a cross-party peer, and others have been struggling to recruit PAs in recent years.

Personal assistants, known as PAs, help with care and general tasks to enable individuals to live independently.

The government said £500m will be used to “develop the existing workforce”.

Veteran disability campaigner Baroness Campbell contacted the BBC’s Access All podcast to say: “The situation is so bad I fear disabled people will be forced back into living in instructional settings.

“Most of us escaped from them in the 1970s to live independent lives. We don’t want to go back.”

The Baroness is a wheelchair user with the muscle wasting condition spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

According to the Local Government Association (LGA) about 70,000…

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15 Scots with learning disabilities and autism in hospital for more than 20 years | The Scotsman

As well as being a Human Rights issue, it is a disgrace that persons with learning disabilities and autism are referred to these hospitals and are there for much of their lives. But, much of this is down to lack of sufficient planning and development of services, with funding being a major issue. Social care due to incompetent Government management both today and many, if not all over the past 40 years, is in a major crisis, but also housing as a role to play, which again is a funding and planning issue which has and is causing an extreme short supply of suitable housing.

There is also the public view of Social Care, which, very unfortunately does not have the degree of understanding and priority as does the NHS. But is just as important and needed as is the NHS and both are very closely related. As degrees of insufficiency in the NHS, housing and social care lead to more and increasing health issues for the NHS to deal with, thus creating capacity issues within the NHS..

Social housing has been allowed to decay, coupled with the inability to raise the housing stock. This brings health issues, which are not being sufficiently dealt with and therefore the cycle of deprivation continues.

So solve the very grave funding issues of social care, build more suitable housing and maintain existing stocks, which in turn will decrease the need and reliance on the NHS, which also needs to be suitably funded.

The ‘Duty of Care’ with the Government, the local Governments and the services concerned is causing much concern and much disregard for the individuals and families involved.

Years of Government incompetency’s, lack of forward planning and the required funding have all come together and this while causing the problems are also affecting the human rights of the individuals and families concerned.

These areas are as important as all others being defence of the UK, Policing, Local Authority services and the tory 10 and more years of austerity cuts to the local authorities are as much to blame as the other issues. The population of the UK as been seriously disregarding by successive Governments and this needs to change.


Source: 15 Scots with learning disabilities and autism in hospital for more than 20 years | The Scotsman

Government seeks overseas care staff to fill mounting shortages – Community Care

There are many factors here and some are being looked in isolation.

The problems are that care work is viewed by many as being unskilled, when to provide good quality care it is far from it as many skills are required for care work is not all about care.

Some of the areas are

emotional support
ability to manage a persons finances
understanding moving and handling
technical support for a cared for persons equipment
understanding medication and its dispensing
with many others

So with many care workers being on just the National Living Wage hourly rate of £9.50, even the Real Living Wage of £9.90 is no where near the rates for skilled workers, which care workers should be classed as.

Also we need to get away from the idea that all care workers work in care homes for many don’t, for many work for home care providers and also many are employed direct by persons in need of care and everybody is paid a meagre salary.

As to PA care rates, well in 2010 they were far in excess of rates paid to care workers employed by care providers and if the real living Wage had been in existence it was well above what it would have been.

So what is the significance of 2010, well that was when austerity cuts were placed on Local Authorities by the then Tory/ Lib Dems collation government and the cuts went on for at least 10 more years and then there was and is COVID. So, as austerity cuts made any significance to the salary differentials for PA rates and Agency provider rates, well I believe it has and maybe to some extent is one of the reason care workers are so low paid.

But maybe not so, as care workers have aways been very low paid and social care as never been funded as sufficiently as it should have been.

While all this occurring safeguarding concerns are increasing and so is abuse of vulnerable persons, be they adults or children. Some even get as for as criminal proceedings, but again it is viewed that the problems stem from inefficient LAs and unreliable social workers, who are so over worked is it really not believable that mistakes are made, but the Government and Government inactions are never considered and blamed, they are never held accountable, when they should be.

So why are we all fighting each other and even LAs, when all this should be firmly placed at the Door of the Health and Social Care Secretary and the resulting Prime Ministers, who have done little and in reality nothing for social care, as there are even major shortage of Social Workers.

Lets all of us agree that Social Care is in a very grave and deep crisis and that is resulting in making the crisis in the NHS even worse, with bed blocking long ambulance waits, A&Es not meeting targets due to the crisis in Primary Care with GP Practices.

All this is interrelated and it affects us all, but we are so intent of blaming each other, when all the blame should be heaped on the Government. Even to the extent that until now this Government has done all it can to stop non-UK persons coming to the UK to help care worker recruitment. It is not non-UK persons who are stopping care worker salaries increasing, but the total lack of concern by this Tory Government and all previous Governments, from whichever Party they came from.



Source: Government seeks overseas care staff to fill mounting shortages – Community Care

Police spending ‘almost third of time on non-police work’ | The Independent

So, ‘Police spending ‘almost third of time on non-police work’’, and a fair proportion of that time, could well be on transporting patients to hospital. Really, Police should be there for what they are employed for and that is dealing with crime.  Well what is occurring to the NHS is a crime, but not of a police definition, but a crime committed by the Government in allowing by insufficient funding and at many times interfering in the operations of the NHS doing what it knows best to do and that is caring for patients, when the Government has no idea of caring in any situation.

The Government expertise is meddling in areas where they have no knowledge, thereby causing many more problems.

Like creating targets, which have no possibility of being achieved, such as the 4 hour A&E wait times. What with the crisis with ambulances waiting at hospitals to transfer their patients, the state of Primary Care at GP surgeries, an abundance of patient with a severe insufficiency of GPs, so patients are bypassing GP surgeries and attending A&E instead.

The government need to get their act together and fully fund all aspects of the NHS, more funding for the Police so they can combat all crimes.

But it is not just the NHS and Police, but a defunct education system, let alone the serious crisis in social care. This not only put vulnerable people at risk through lack of social care, but this lack also severely impacts the NHS. Lack of social care progresses conditions that with sufficient social care would not progress or not to the degree they are doing. But also patients due to be discharged from hospital are not being due to the lack of social care, hence no beds being vacated, thereby patients in A&E can’t be progressed to wards, leading to ambulances queuing at hospitals, leading to Police to transfer patients which should have been by ambulances, thereby insufficient Police to deal with crime.

All this being caused by a Government not governing adequately, who appear to be saying what crisis, well their complete lack of attention to leads to that conclusion.


Source: Police spending ‘almost third of time on non-police work’ | The Independent

Full extent of NHS dentistry shortage revealed by far-reaching BBC research – BBC News

This crisis is, to some extent, not new, as there have been shortages of Dentists for many years and of those dentists many are not wishing to do dental work in the NHS. However, this crisis has become much more serious, even though there have been moves to increase places for dental students. But when these students do qualify many are not wishing to work within the NHS, or even, by some, to work in the UK.

This situation has been caused by a number of reasons

  1. interventions by previous Governments in altering Dentist contracts, in many instances without reference to dentists and their association, leading to much distrust by dentists in Governments
  2.  lack of government investment into dental work over many years and when there is investment, while insufficient, maybe also not in the right areas
  3. governments need to work with dentists and not against them, which many dentists feel the governments have been doing

All this leads to lack of service to NHS patients as they aren’t able to afford private dental care.

There are various forms of dental insurance, both, as I have found, none that will fully cover all the cost of dental work.

The NHS was set up in 1948 for health care to be free at the point of delivery, but over time this has been far from so in dentistry and it is becoming even more so in other areas of the NHS, especially with regards to prescriptions.

Much of the UK population have incomes which are far short of what is required to lead reasonable lives, which is now even more so with the vast increases in energy costs, so access to dental work is being denied to many on the basis of costs.

This is so far short-sighted by the Government for while dental is looking after teeth and gums, so any none access of dentistry causes much teeth and gum decay, so many other ailments can be spotted by going to the dentists, thereby by not going much less early warnings of other health conditions are not there, hence, even more health costs are being incurred, as when found the conditions will be well progressed therefore requiring more costly interventions.

This short-sightedness by Government has to stop and all NHS services need to be fully funded immediately and in doing so less involvement by Government into health services.

This is also needed in social care, which is, itself, in dire need of investment, perhaps, even more so than the NHS and also welfare benefits.

The Governments needs to be there for all of the population of the UK and not just certain sections and that goes, also for every part of the UK and not favoured Southern areas, especially London. Much is and has been said about ‘leveling up’ but currently not much leveling up is being seen.





Source: Full extent of NHS dentistry shortage revealed by far-reaching BBC research – BBC News

Adult care bereft of cash for current pressures and long-term reforms, warn MPs – Community Care

At long last there is action in Parliament, albeit, reports from Select Committees, it is a start from a less than zero base, one that has been around for many years, maybe from when Social Care became evident, even pre 1948. No Government has bothered to look at Social Care and it has been left to meander its course for far too long. For without a fully functioning Social Care there is no hope for the NHS, for they are, forever, interrelated. So any crisis in Social care only adds to the crisis in the NHS, while not providing reasonable care for those in need of Social Care, so they are left to suffer causing vast declines in health, not only for the individuals concerned but also their families.

Whie the NHS was created in 1948, so should social care have been incorporated fully in the service and not been left outside to fail.

Fail it did not only because of the workers within social care, but they and social care have been left without adequate funding and recognition, hence the forever increasing crisis in social care. Made much worse by 10 years of austerity cuts to Local Authorities, (LAs)  and then massive costs for going on another 2-3 years due to COVID. During this time those in need of social care have been ever increasing numbers and not only that, much increase in complexities for care required.

Many Safeguarding concerns have arisen, but blame has only been made to in dividual social workers and their respective councils and not where it should have been, on this and all previous Governments. Thus causing unnecessary pain  and suffering and at times, deaths to both children and adults.

But the Government and government funding has been the ‘elephant’ in the room, which has never to be mentioned.

This completely wrong and should never have been left to arise.

even when some funding has been made available, it has always been so far short of what is really required and never sustainable. Addition responsibilities have been place on LAs by Governments and never been, seriously funded, if funded at all.

The Select Committees are saying additional funding of £5-7 billion is required now and not the miserly amount offered by this government, but even that is way sort as it has to be, at least £12 billion now, but even that would only bring funding to 2010 levels, which was way short then.

Government and Government Ministers need to take the crisis in social care seriously and give it the extreme priority in needs and deserves.

Source: Adult care bereft of cash for current pressures and long-term reforms, warn MPs – Community Care

Family Of Woman With Down’s Syndrome Denied Intensive Care Seek Answers From Covid-19 Inquiry | Same Difference

While we all hold the NHS in great esteem for all it does and the great staff it employs, it does not mean that it could be better and do much more.

Even though some funding is and has been available for the NHS and other health related services, this funding does fall well short of what is really required, especially when the increases in the UK population are accounted for and the degrees of complex needs and other health related conditions are taken into account.

Some health facilities are more short of funding than others, especially mental health and when this is coupled with the severe lack of funding for social care and some areas of public health, it does show the considerable short fall that the NHS is experiencing. Indeed, even with all these shortfalls the services are still expected to come up with savings, when in re

However, the Government is never held accountable for their lack of funding and the onus is always carried by the NHS when there are no areas where savings can be made, without cutting existing services even further

The Government is causing these dilemmas, but not accepting responsibilities.

Everyone appears to agree that ‘do not resuscitate’, DNRs) should never be considered without consent of each individual and, in many instances their families, especially when there are areas of lack of capacity with the individuals. But, as we can see this consent appears to be, in many instances, ignored by the NHS. To ensure consent is always the priority it, unfortunately means, that the legal aspects should be considered, but that is a costly exercise, especially now that access to legal aid has been more difficult to obtain, due to changes through Government actions.

This creates a great degree of loss of equality rights and this again is due to the current equality legislation being totally inadequate. Again a result of Government actions or more correctly inactions.

Yes, the NHS should be held accountable, for lack of resources should not be an excuse to restrict peoples rights, but in addition the Government and the respective Ministers also need to be made accountable, which they never are.


Source: Family Of Woman With Down’s Syndrome Denied Intensive Care Seek Answers From Covid-19 Inquiry | Same Difference

Dementia Patients Not Allowed To Use Toilet | Same Difference

This is disgraceful treatment on many counts and in these instances there was no element of ‘Duty of Care’, which should be there for everyone.

But, these days it is so easy to apologise, for we hear apologises so often now, that is an apology really meant, or just some other bland offering, such as, saying ‘hello’.


Source: Dementia Patients Not Allowed To Use Toilet | Same Difference

Social worker shortages sector’s biggest concern in delivering cap on care costs – Community Care

In effect Social Care is already broken, but no one is prepared to fully state this as it will show it is failing extensively so paper is created to cover the extensive cracks already there.

This is not fully due to irresponsible Adult Social Care authorities, but due to this and every previous Government not ever funding social care to the extent that is and has been required. For no Government has ever fully committed to social care funding, if any have to any degree, for they deliver their requirements, but never give sufficient and appropriate funding to ensure the requirements can be achieved.

This has lead to virtually every Local Authority to under assess the needs for every persons that requires an Assessment of Need, only including needs that can be resourced and ignoring any that can’t, so the true cost of social care needs is not known and never will be.

This is leading and has led to many care needs not being met, which eventually leads to more urgent care being required under the NHS or resulting in unnecessary early deaths of persons in need of care.

Social Care has to be an urgent priority for this Government and every second delay will and is causing much unnecessary health inequalities and deaths, which may be the wish of the Government either by ignorance or design.


Source: Social worker shortages sector’s biggest concern in delivering cap on care costs – Community Care

COVID nasal sprays could offer advantages over traditional vaccines – a virologist explains how they work

I am aware that research of a COVID nasal spray are ongoing as are research into COVID tablets and COVID patches all of which would, if they are as effective as the vaccines would be of great benefit to combat COVID infections and transmissions. But I fear the same urgency, importance and finance are not being placed on these areas and too much reliance is being given to the current vaccines.

To have these other forms of COVID products would be beneficial in m any other ways for they would be much easier to transport and administer for they could well be administered with the interventions of medical personnel. This would be not only of great benefit to the so called, developed world, but even more so for the so called, undeveloped world, sometimes referred to as ‘3rd world ‘ countries.

How I so hate that terminology for we should be all equal, no matter where in the world we reside.

While I so wish these alternative forms of COVID treatments were here now, as |I have said for the many other parts of our world, but I have also personal reasons, for my own daughter is one such person with a needle phobia and so currently is unable to be COVID vaccinated, which is causing me so much great worries.

She is, currently, undergoing needle phobia therapies, but her phobia is so deep routed due to all the many operations she had to undergo from birth, which has left a deep rooted fear of not only needles. But also, what she feels the needle may lead to, the many medical procedures she undergone for many years from birth. This is coupled with her lack of degree of understanding, even though she is in her 50s, she has learning disabilities and autism which as caused a severe lack of understanding capacity to a large degree. Not only is she unable to give her consent, she has no understanding of what consent is. However, she is willing to take other forms of medication be it liquid or tablets as she as not experience negative effects of the forms of medication and has a great trust in those caring for her. To enforce anything upon her will break that trust meaning she will be even more vulnerable than she currently is.

So for many reasons this new research into nasal sprays, tablets and patches is of great importance and I so hope the expertise and degree of importance, urgency and finance is of equality to that of the original research into COVID vaccinations.

Source: COVID nasal sprays could offer advantages over traditional vaccines – a virologist explains how they work