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Fix care for all – Public say social care should a top priority | Care Industry News 

Social Care should have been a top priority for many years, but it has not been for neither the Government or the public appreciate how important social care is. Perthaps social care is more important than health, for without social care health would be off the scale. For it is having social care, even though in many instances it is lacking in both quality ans quantity, than saves health for being required even more.

So a fully funded social care would have a tremendous affect on health and the costs of health would be substancially reduced, so the required increase in social care spending, will evenbtually reduce the costs related to health care.

This is why I support the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,

If you, also supported the petition then you would not only being helping those in need of social care and their families, but also helping to reduce the costs of health care. This is a long-term view but is really required, for if not the costs of health care will continue to increase, as will the suffering of people in need of social care.

You or your family may not need social care currently, but your time will come, so look to your future and do now what will help you when you need it.

Currerntly social care needs you, so please sign the petition,

Then it will be there when you eventually require it.


Source: Fix care for all – Public say social care should a top priority | Care Industry News Fix care for all – Public say social care should a top priority

Mother Asks Victoria Derbyshire: Will I Ever See My Disabled Son Again?

A good question, but who knows the answer is another.

As to why adults are not being treated with more priority is yet another,good question, for does this stem from this Government’s inability to understand disability in its entirety, let alone the specific relationship to learning disability and also autism.

For this Government and many previous Governments have decided to ignore matters relating to disability for a large extent and at times, even bring forward measures to reduce the quality of life for disabled people further than it is currently, which is far from ideal. As the quality needs to be urgently improved not reduced.

As to learning disability, which covers a vast range of conditions, as does each specific conditions, let alone a persons having one or more conditions.

Then the relation to children, which have been, virtually, totally, ignored in connection with COVID. Even more so, there is no vaccine for any children, let alone children with Learning Disabilities and/or autism.

Is this ignorance on behalf of the Government, which would be bad enough, or is it of no concern to them.

In virtually any reference to vulnerable persons, it appears to be only reference to elderly persons and while they are extremely vulnerable they are far from the only vulnerable persons who need to be considered.

In some respects adults with Downs Syndrome are receiving some consideration, but not enough, for they have been included in the vaccine priority groups, but not any others with learning disabilities and/or autism, except in relation to their age.

But it is not only the Government what is appearing to ignore persons, children and adults, with learning disabilities and/or autism, but the general media and certainly a fair proportion of the UK population. That is except, following the Government condemnation of persons with disabilities.

For when persons with disabilities are mentioned it is generally as a form of scorn, criticism and general abuse from many of the public, following the Government line.

This is also how Social Care is viewed by a fair proportion of the UK population, perhaps, because that, currently, they feel they have no use for it while they do or can see why health is important.

But in reality Social Care is just as important as health care and in some respects even more so. For a lack of social care will, eventually have a serious impact on health care resources.

I have said, many times that finance of social care is of prime importance, so support for the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care is vital,

So coming back to ‘Will I Ever See My Disabled Son Again?’, well in the short-term I fear the answer will be no. However, I do hope, and the Government will need to change their actions, that soon this will not be so, for children away from their loving and concerned parents is not good for anyone, child and parent and will have a detrimental effect on their health, physical and certainly mental.

By ignoring this question and many others is extreme short sightedness by this Government and others in authority.

Same Difference

As well as this interview, Victoria spoke to the parents of a severely disabled 14 year old boy in a care home who haven’t seen their son since Christmas Day. They raised the very important issue of children’s care homes, which have had no coverage at all while elderly care homes have been everywhere.

The vaccine is, of course, currently only advised for adults.

Same Difference joins countless parents in asking a very important question: What about learning disabled children? We call for them to be given priority for the vaccine…

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Learning Disability Vaccine Plea: ‘Don’t Leave Us To Rot’

Again this government are ignoring persons with disabilities, even though they are proven to be at risk, why is this Government continuing to treat persons with learning disabilities in this way.

They have more difficulties in claiming benefits due to many of their disabilities not being visible.

As it states ‘a recent Public Health England report warning they are six times more likely to die from coronavirus, as a group, they have not been prioritised for a vaccine.’.

So, ‘Legal action is being taken against the Department of Health and Social Care, which says it is working hard to vaccinate all those at risk.’, however, it is plainly obvious that they are not working anywhere near hard enough.

I did welcome when the words ‘and Social Care’ were added to the ‘Department of Health’, but it appears that it just is words for there is no particular actions being taken, was it just a cheap publicity stunt, well it appears to be.

Same Difference

As high risk groups continue to be immunised there are growing concerns that people with learning disabilities have been missed out.

Despite a recent Public Health England report warning they are six times more likely to die from coronavirus, as a group, they have not been prioritised for a vaccine.

Legal action is being taken against the Department of Health and Social Care, which says it is working hard to vaccinate all those at risk.

Nikki Fox reports.

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Updated: £120m care staff funding branded ‘gesture politics’ | Local Government Chronicle (LGC)

Again this Government is falling way short on funding for care, as £120 million will not go far when spread across all the Local Authorities (LAs) and it is only supposed to be covering care homes. So, does this Government not realise that social care is far more then care homes, for it includes home care, respite, supported living, hospices and also for both children and adults.

For £12 billion is required, but that will only bring social care funding to 2010 levels, which even then was well short of the funding required to ensure social care is there for all who need care and the ensure both good quality and quantity even more.

Unfortunately, social care has never been sufficiently funded leaving many in need of care with insufficient care, or even no care.

One would hope that this lack of funding is due to ignorance, as by design would be despicable.

This Government and many previous Governments have promised to look at social care, but looking is only one action, for providing the required funding is now, extremely urgent.

To not provide all that is required for social care shows that these Governments do not care and in no way are they abiding by their ‘Duty of Care’.

We all need to make this Government aware that this inaction is not acceptable and this could be achieved by supporting the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,

Thank you





Source: Updated: £120m care staff funding branded ‘gesture politics’ | Local Government Chronicle (LGC)

Autism is not a mental health issue, yet I was sectioned | Metro News

This is how it is and I hope in time, it will be how it was.

Yes, it is well before time that the Mental Health Act was was revised and the White Paper is a start, but not a finish. Even when, I hope the White Paper progresses to an Act, it will not be a finish for this needed to be reviewed regularly, that is until everything should be as it should be.

But time does not stay still and neither should progress, for it should always be looking to improve, but no, not ever, to regress to how it was.

Autistic and and learning disabled people need to be listened to for their eventual actions are just another method of communication and it is not their fault that others observing the communication fail to understand it.

Autistic and learning disabled people are not at fault and to some respects not the persons failing to understand the communication, but it is the system.

It is as though the system is in charge, when it should not be, for systems should be there to be challenged and not relentlessly followed.

But at times it is believed to be easier to follow than to challenge and this has to be changed, for challengers to systems should be welcomed and not be resisted.

For there needs to be a system of transparency and not of secrecy.

Secrecy leads to frustration and frustrations leads to violence, but it is the violence which is then dealt with, when it should be the secrecy.

As I have said looking to change the Mental Health Act is a start, but the main area that needs to be looked at are systems wherever these systems are. What also needs to be considered when systems are looked at is that it is not be looked at by just including the so called, experts, for we are all experts in one way or another and the best expert, ‘experts by experience‘ should be the main people to be included. These experts by experience should not be looked at as an addition to the process, but need to be an integral part of the process and be equal to any others present. They should also be there at the start of the process, well before they are any preconceived opinions formed. This is co-production in process and should be followed in all areas of change or any formation of systems.

I truly hope in the changes to the Mental Health Act that it is changed for the better and not the worse, but that will depend on how it is reviewed.

Unfortunately, it appears that, in the main, experts by experience are included on a consultation basis, when it should be on a co-production basis. For to get changes for the worse and not better for the persons to whom the system will be imposed on, will only make the lives worse for them and will be costly in both money and time as well as very bad outcomes for the persons it is being imposed on to.



Source: Autism is not a mental health issue, yet I was sectioned | Metro News

Care review head defends appointment against claims of unsuitability

While I do welcome this review process, I do value and respect the concerns of others, as to what effect the views from ‘Experts by Experience’ will be taken into account. Especially, as historically they have not been.

Another main concern, is why has it taken this long, for these are actions which should have been taken years ago

Again another concern, is what is happening to Adults, for this appears to be only in respect of children and Adult Social Care is of the same extent of concern as is Children’s Social Care.

For all of Social Care is in crisis and has been for many years.

The lack of funding, while being a major concern, is, but one of many and all have to be solved to save social care.

Although, funding is a very major concern and has been for years, as Social Care has never been sufficiently funded, but 10 years of austerity cuts from Conservative Governments and then COVID has exasperated the funding problem.

The continuance of a recognised social care system may not have long and any reviews have to be implemented urgently, but not rushed, as the reviews have, for once and for all, to solve all the crisis’s in social care, so that those in need of social care can receive it both in good quality and also quantity.

As well as the reviews, it may be that support for the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care, should be a major consideration.

So, please view the petition, link being,

Everything needs to be done for this Government to take the urgently required appropriate action.


Source: Care review head defends appointment against claims of unsuitability

Council breached Care Act guidance by setting arbitrary limit for funding woman’s live-in care | Community Care

It is good that the Ombudsman found in favour of Ms X and Ms Y by using the Care Act 2014.

Now all this occurred during 2017 to 2019, which was preCOVID-19 and I fear a different outcome was be achieved should this have occurred during 2020 or even now as the some of the Care Act 2014 provisions were ‘temporally’ withdrawn by the Coronavirus Act 2020.

The care needs and support plan would still be the same, but, not, perhaps the Ombudsman outcome.

Should this be correct how can this be right for care needs should never be ignored.

This part of the Coronavirus Act and the similar section for children should be immediately withdrawn and bring persons in need of care as the priority and not the Local Authorities.

Of course much of this would be not as much of a concern, if Local Authorities (LAs) had sufficient finance to fully fund all care needs, but this has been severely restricted due to 10 years of austerity cuts imposed on LAs by Conservatives Governments and the additional costs relating to COVID-19 none of which have been anywhere near covered by the minimal reimbursement of COVID costs by this Government.

Persons in need of care have enough to contend with, without their care needs being insufficiently catered for. This Government and their predecessors have a lot to answer for.

What can we do, well supporting the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,, could be one solution.


Source: Council breached Care Act guidance by setting arbitrary limit for funding woman’s live-in care | Community Care

ADASS urges emergency workforce plan as NHS pressures and staff gaps risk ‘overwhelming social care’ | Community Care

I agree with this article as £10.90 is far in excess of what the majority of care workers receive for many will be receiving the National Living Wage of £8.72 or just above.

I myself employ 2 Personal Care Assistants (PAs) to care for my adult daughter and they are only on £9.00 and have not had a pay rise in 2020/21, in fact no PAs in Sheffield have had a pay rise.

In this there could be some who are still being paid less than the National Living Wage.

In 2010 my PAs were paid £7.20 and were not granted a pay rise until 2015 when they got £8.00 and that was not increased until 2019 to £9.00.

This was not my choice, but before I give a pay rise I have to get the agreement of Sheffield Adult Social Care, as their pay is funded through Direct Payments.

This article is a breath of fresh air, even though £10.90 is, still insufficient, but at least it would be a rise in pay.

This article is adding weight to my petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,


Source: ADASS urges emergency workforce plan as NHS pressures and staff gaps risk ‘overwhelming social care’ | Community Care

Study finds Care Act knowledge gaps among social workers and lack of impact of supervision | Community Care

This article and the research on which it is based is a ‘breath of fresh air’ within Social Work and hopefully ‘lessons will be learnt’.

However, from past experiences I fear they will not be, for in many instances lessons have not been learnt and the same mistakes still keep occurring.

Why is this?

Well the lack of finance for social care could be one reason, for without appropriate finance lessons will never be learnt.

Another could be not allowing social workers to be social workers, in that management directives being given that do not support social work objectives.

Social workers moral, which is not good due to the ever increasing work loads and lack of appropriate supervision and not being trusted.

This and many other reasons is leading to institutional social work, instead of person-centred social work, where the system is more important than the persons needing care and support.

If this is not changed then effective social work will cease to exist.


Source: Study finds Care Act knowledge gaps among social workers and lack of impact of supervision | Community Care

Thousands of vulnerable people held unlawfully in care homes – report | Dementia | The Guardian

So, another problem relating to social care,  but is it another problem for it is relating to an existing problem and that is the insufficiencies in Social Care.

For in Social Care there is a capacity problem, in that there are insufficient care workers to provide care to all the persons in need of care in the location they wish to be in.

Many of these persons placed in care homes would wish to stay in their own homes, but to do that more care workers would be required in home care.

Also many of these persons in need of care will need 24/7 care, but there are insufficient care worker to provide the minimum care of, say, visits of 15 minutes to 1 hour. Then there is the question of good quality care, which is far from consistent.

But the lack of care workers is but one of the problems, the main being insufficient funding to provide all the care which is needed.

However, if there was a miracle and a Government came that was prepared to fund social care sufficiently, it would not be able to do so.

This being because when Social Workers do Assessments of Need they tend to only record needs which they feel their Local Authorities (LAs) will fund.

Unfortunately Social Care has never been sufficiently funded, due to this current and previous Governments not willing to fund social care sufficiently. With the 10 years of austerity cuts and now the additional costs relating to COVID-19, this insufficiency is even more serious, which could lead to social care fail for everyone.

When this occurs, even more pressured will be placed on health care, which is already under great pressures.

Yes, this current Government has provided some funding to cover some of the costs relating to COVID-19 costs, but nowhere to the extent required.

An immediate amount of £12 billion needs to be provided, but this will only return the funding to 2010 levels, which has previously been stated was insufficient.

As  this should be monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and(LAs), but again there is an insufficiency of funding for this to be done fully.

So, Social Care is in a very serious crisis, which led me to create the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,

Some of the issues raised in the petition were mentioned on Boxing day in a Sky News report, Social Care – The Other Health Crisis,, regarding an investigation they have done into the crisis in social care.

They highlighted many of these issues and called on the Government to abide by the promise made by Boris Johnson in 2019 in his election winning speech outside 10 Downing Street, one promise that is still outstanding.

Unfortunately Social Care is not well thought of by many persons not in need of Social Care, that is until they do need it. Much of this is down to the Media in how they report on care and the attitudes of Governments, both now and previously and this is also reflected in how benefit claimants are treated.

This all has to change and change now.

Supporting the petition could be a start.

Source: Thousands of vulnerable people held unlawfully in care homes – report | Dementia | The Guardian