Quarter of those who quit register last year had been on it for less than a year, reveals Social Work England – Community Care

Being a social worker is and will never be easy as VB stated and there does not appear to be anything coming to make any of the work any easier only very much worse.

In all areas of social care the need is so much more than any of the resources available and unfortunately I can’t see this changing anytime now. Even, if Local Authorities are aware of the problems, they themselves, in all areas, are suffering from lack of resources and this current government is far from listening and I fear the next will be very much similar for no government is prepared to fund social care to the degree that is required, even to continue as it is. In real terms the funding is decreasing requiring the little to be spread ever so thinly so the demise of social care will continue.

In this social care can’t survive and in declining further means the NHS decline will also continue.

We all need a listening government in so many areas, but social care is a very extreme situation.

I appreciate what social workers are doing with so dwindling resources, they are doing what they can and all know it is way insufficient causing ever increasing workloads with ever increasing in complexities of need.

I feel social care needs at least £12 billion now and similar for years to come, this will not only sustain social workers but be a so needed increase to the resources for all care workers.

Anything less will continue the decline., leading to so many more safeguarding alerts, which will heap more blame on social workers, when really the blame should be resting with the government, not this one current, but all previous who also failed to listen. The government are ignoring the human rights of all in need of care.


Source: Quarter of those who quit register last year had been on it for less than a year, reveals Social Work England – Community Care


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