GPs must not be allowed to hold patients to ransom over working hours – Jayne Dowle | Yorkshire Post

When starting out life in a workplace where possible, it is best to look at the prospective working hours as some jobs fit well with 9.00am to 5pm and other don’t.

But generally it is best to be flexible about the hours you work as sometimes flexibility will suit you and other times your employers, so flexibility works both ways.

However, with service professions not only is the flexibility with yourself and your employers, but also your customer base.

Whereas some professions can be viewed as Monday to Friday, while others being a 7 day service.

Office working could generally be seen as Monday to Friday but not always as sometimes Saturdays could be included but not Sundays.

But with hospitality, shops, care and health and others are generally looked upon as 7 day working with much flexible hours starting before 9am and finishing after 5pm.

Care is generally a 365 day service 24/7 and in many instances health also, especially hospitals, but also why not Community Health, including Primary Care (GPs). We can become ill at anytime and not between certain hours and care and health should be available as and when it is required.

So, GPs wishing to work only 5 days between 9am and 5pm is not providing the service which is required, how would people feel if hospitals where only a 5 day service between 9am to 5pm, not feasible as you can’t have inpatients being sent home for the weekend and only being readmitted between 9am and 5pm. The NHS needs to be a 365 day service 24/7 and not only hospitals, but every part of the NHS, with no exceptions. Remunerations needs to be a consideration and all persons in the NHS being remunerated accordingly. This is even more so in the care profession, which is, so sadly not remunerated so, as care workers are not seen as being important as they should be and are in urgent need of much greater remuneration, much more so than GPs.

Source: GPs must not be allowed to hold patients to ransom over working hours – Jayne Dowle | Yorkshire Post


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