Police spending ‘almost third of time on non-police work’ | The Independent

So, ‘Police spending ‘almost third of time on non-police work’’, and a fair proportion of that time, could well be on transporting patients to hospital. Really, Police should be there for what they are employed for and that is dealing with crime.  Well what is occurring to the NHS is a crime, but not of a police definition, but a crime committed by the Government in allowing by insufficient funding and at many times interfering in the operations of the NHS doing what it knows best to do and that is caring for patients, when the Government has no idea of caring in any situation.

The Government expertise is meddling in areas where they have no knowledge, thereby causing many more problems.

Like creating targets, which have no possibility of being achieved, such as the 4 hour A&E wait times. What with the crisis with ambulances waiting at hospitals to transfer their patients, the state of Primary Care at GP surgeries, an abundance of patient with a severe insufficiency of GPs, so patients are bypassing GP surgeries and attending A&E instead.

The government need to get their act together and fully fund all aspects of the NHS, more funding for the Police so they can combat all crimes.

But it is not just the NHS and Police, but a defunct education system, let alone the serious crisis in social care. This not only put vulnerable people at risk through lack of social care, but this lack also severely impacts the NHS. Lack of social care progresses conditions that with sufficient social care would not progress or not to the degree they are doing. But also patients due to be discharged from hospital are not being due to the lack of social care, hence no beds being vacated, thereby patients in A&E can’t be progressed to wards, leading to ambulances queuing at hospitals, leading to Police to transfer patients which should have been by ambulances, thereby insufficient Police to deal with crime.

All this being caused by a Government not governing adequately, who appear to be saying what crisis, well their complete lack of attention to leads to that conclusion.


Source: Police spending ‘almost third of time on non-police work’ | The Independent

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