Full extent of NHS dentistry shortage revealed by far-reaching BBC research – BBC News

This crisis is, to some extent, not new, as there have been shortages of Dentists for many years and of those dentists many are not wishing to do dental work in the NHS. However, this crisis has become much more serious, even though there have been moves to increase places for dental students. But when these students do qualify many are not wishing to work within the NHS, or even, by some, to work in the UK.

This situation has been caused by a number of reasons

  1. interventions by previous Governments in altering Dentist contracts, in many instances without reference to dentists and their association, leading to much distrust by dentists in Governments
  2.  lack of government investment into dental work over many years and when there is investment, while insufficient, maybe also not in the right areas
  3. governments need to work with dentists and not against them, which many dentists feel the governments have been doing

All this leads to lack of service to NHS patients as they aren’t able to afford private dental care.

There are various forms of dental insurance, both, as I have found, none that will fully cover all the cost of dental work.

The NHS was set up in 1948 for health care to be free at the point of delivery, but over time this has been far from so in dentistry and it is becoming even more so in other areas of the NHS, especially with regards to prescriptions.

Much of the UK population have incomes which are far short of what is required to lead reasonable lives, which is now even more so with the vast increases in energy costs, so access to dental work is being denied to many on the basis of costs.

This is so far short-sighted by the Government for while dental is looking after teeth and gums, so any none access of dentistry causes much teeth and gum decay, so many other ailments can be spotted by going to the dentists, thereby by not going much less early warnings of other health conditions are not there, hence, even more health costs are being incurred, as when found the conditions will be well progressed therefore requiring more costly interventions.

This short-sightedness by Government has to stop and all NHS services need to be fully funded immediately and in doing so less involvement by Government into health services.

This is also needed in social care, which is, itself, in dire need of investment, perhaps, even more so than the NHS and also welfare benefits.

The Governments needs to be there for all of the population of the UK and not just certain sections and that goes, also for every part of the UK and not favoured Southern areas, especially London. Much is and has been said about ‘leveling up’ but currently not much leveling up is being seen.





Source: Full extent of NHS dentistry shortage revealed by far-reaching BBC research – BBC News

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