‘Desk-based social work that can be done from anywhere’: Ofsted issues warning over remote working – Community Care

Yet another issue affecting Social workers on top of all the others.

Yes, remote working could be a major issue, as if other measures are not implemented for supervision then this could be problematic for all social workers be they experienced or not. Then would supervision be done remotely also.

But, surely ‘hot desking’ was just as problematic, but maybe for other reasons.

No matter what none of this solves the burdens of work, for social workers are still very seriously over worked, which lack of supervision could easily add more problems to.

Supervision is essential for it is an opportunity for social workers to raise any issues they have, but then will they be listened to, especially in the current climate of lack of finance for social care.

The working loads, the work pressures, lack of supervision and maybe more so, lack of consulting their peers and others all adds to the stresses of social work and could well affect the quality. That in turn would cause problems for those who the social workers have in their caseload, so problems for everyone all round, with a Government not listening, the ‘elephant’ in the room, whom no one wishes to mention, but are behind the finance problems.

For someone who is a carer of someone in a social workers caseload, many problems do occur, of which communication is a major issue. As, with working from home there is no central point to find answers on a social workers availability, so if phone calls and emails don’t produce communications when needed that creates another failure of the system.

A system which is seriously underfunded, serious lack of social workers availability due to insufficiencies of social workers and over work burdens, causing ‘burnout’ leading to essential time off, thereby either increasing workload for the social workers left, or issues not being dealt with, or maybe now being temporarily being looked after an agency social worker, who needs not only to understand the system the local authority uses but getting to know person requiring a social worker, when sufficient time may not be available, leading to disconnect and maybe errors creating even more problems.

The problems with Social Care are not resting in isolation, for these problems could well cause increases in safeguarding concerns causing more to an overburdened workload and more calls on finance. But, not only that for insufficiencies in Social care cause health problems both mentally and other conditions, hence increasing problems and workloads for the NHS in many areas, including mental health which is another insufficiently funded and resourced area in addition to all the others. Not even mentioning community and public health.

The ‘elephant’ needs to be dealt with, but when Government is not listening the problems get worse, which is why there are these serious problems today, due to not only this Government not listening, but every previous government. But, the blame is never placed at the Government, but on the social worker and maybe, eventually the Local Authority.

So, everyone suffers, except the Government who should be made to shoulder the blame.


Source: ‘Desk-based social work that can be done from anywhere’: Ofsted issues warning over remote working – Community Care

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