Wheelchair User Dragged Himself Up Stairs ‘After Rail Staff Refused To Help’ | Same Difference

Yet another example of Disability discrimination, however, this time at a Rail Station and not at an airport, just shows that the existing legislation is in no way providing equality.

Accessibility needs to be there as a right and all staff to be educated to ensure access is available at all times and to the right quality. To not provide what is required is, in effect, stating that persons with disabilities are not welcome and appropriate actions should be taken as a matter of course whenever this is evident.

Equality is a human right with no exceptions.

Access covers a large and many areas for it is not just at entrances and exits, but throughout the business property in every area and facility. This includes all hospitality venues including suitable toilets, for while disability toilets are available in most areas, they should be available in all areas and they should be of good quality in every sense.

What is not currently available in most areas are Changing places toilets, https://www.changing-places.org/, which are very few and this needs to change.


Source: Wheelchair User Dragged Himself Up Stairs ‘After Rail Staff Refused To Help’ | Same Difference

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