Social worker shortages sector’s biggest concern in delivering cap on care costs – Community Care

In effect Social Care is already broken, but no one is prepared to fully state this as it will show it is failing extensively so paper is created to cover the extensive cracks already there.

This is not fully due to irresponsible Adult Social Care authorities, but due to this and every previous Government not ever funding social care to the extent that is and has been required. For no Government has ever fully committed to social care funding, if any have to any degree, for they deliver their requirements, but never give sufficient and appropriate funding to ensure the requirements can be achieved.

This has lead to virtually every Local Authority to under assess the needs for every persons that requires an Assessment of Need, only including needs that can be resourced and ignoring any that can’t, so the true cost of social care needs is not known and never will be.

This is leading and has led to many care needs not being met, which eventually leads to more urgent care being required under the NHS or resulting in unnecessary early deaths of persons in need of care.

Social Care has to be an urgent priority for this Government and every second delay will and is causing much unnecessary health inequalities and deaths, which may be the wish of the Government either by ignorance or design.


Source: Social worker shortages sector’s biggest concern in delivering cap on care costs – Community Care

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