Should the IRO role be abolished? – Community Care

As is the case in Social care everyone is so overworked, due to caseloads and to some extent complexities.

Everyone on social care should be providing good quality input and be there for the child, but we all know that is not so, for numerous reasons some being too large workloads, ineffectual supervision, management pressures to get results causing at times for shortcuts to be made leading to poor quality outputs, pressures to support the team at the expense of the child (Loyalty to the team, so that mistakes are ‘put under the carpet’)

So, Independence from Local Authorities is a must, but Quality of IROs is a priority as it should be for anyone in Social Care.

But much is down to funding, which is a government problem for Social care for it should never be done on the ‘cheap’, but unfortunately sufficient funding has been a problem for as long as I can remember, perhaps since social care has been around, for no Government wants to accept accountability and responsibility and there is no transparency.


Source: Should the IRO role be abolished? – Community Care

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