Wheelchair User Says Life Has Become A Battle | Same Difference

Problems are everywhere for many people don’t care for they believe that they come first and no thought for others.

Our towns and cities were not built to accommodate everyone and most are way outdated, but endeavour to accommodate the 21st century with 18th centuries structures.

Even modern structures are no that disabled friendly.

Yes, equality legislation have been brought in to use, but in its drafting there are so many get out clauses for business, especially those in old buildings were if the costs to change are too great then they are aloud to continue as they were or adapt using inferior structures, such as portable ramps rather than a permanent structure.

These Governments past and present ‘talk the talk’ but never the ‘walk’, the legislation they produce is just playing at equality.

As to street furniture and illegal parking there are insufficient persons looking out for such offences. This is mainly due to years of austerity cuts, where costs are the priority together with cuts, rather than quality and quantity.

We see this everywhere, health, social care, police, etc. you name it numbers have been reduced until efficiency and effectiveness are there to fail. Currently it is passports, DVLA, airports, etc

We are on a downward spiral, with no reverse gear.


Source: Wheelchair User Says Life Has Become A Battle | Same Difference

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