Children and adults with disabilities are feeling abandoned | The Star

This article is in the Toronto Star so is referring to the situations in Canada, but it could so be elsewhere.

So why are persons with disabilities and many other conditions (of which there are many) so discounted by some who do not have disabilities.

With some it will be ignorance as they will not have been, in many aspects anywhere really near persons with disabilities and do not fully understand what is occurring, what has occurred or could occur. These people where ever they are need to be educated and especially so where these persons are in positions of power and influence. As persons with disabilities have rights as do anyone and as such their rights need to be respected.

With others it will because they are selfish and will always put themselves above others be they be with disabilities or not. With these individuals to alter their beliefs will not be easy, if it is ever possible.

It is therefore that there needs to be regulations and Laws to ensure that the rights of persons with disabilities will always be respected and if they are not there will be easily effected means to ensure they are.

This is not down to special treatment being given, but that to achieve equality more may need to be done to ensure equality is achieved.

Much of this could be done by having essential welfare benefits being available which need to be claimed for.

But not all for benefits will not cater for access issues, be they to be with buildings, services, all forms of transport, work and many more as well as many other issues.

We, who do not have any disabilities take much of what there is for granted and maybe don’t notice that difficulties could arrive, but for some many difficulties will arise and there has to be means which will diminish these difficulties to ensure equality for all.

Source: Children and adults with disabilities are feeling abandoned | The Star


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