PIP Disability Benefit Claims ‘Misrepresented’ By Assessors

The incompetence of some of the PIP assessors goes on and on. It maybe that only a small proportion of these assessors are incompetent, but, even one assessor or even one PIP assessment done wrongly is one too many.

But it appears it is much more than one assessor and one PIP application and more than likely many more areas than one area of the UK.

Here we are dealing with peoples lives and it requires 100% of completed assessments to have been assessed correctly.

Misrepresentation of what has been told to the assessor, leading to the assessor giving a totally different representation will never be acceptable and those assessors, need to be, at least, retrained or more effectively removed as assessors.

For even one incompetent assessor is one too many and brings the whole process into disbelief and suspicion.

Same Difference

A man seeking disability benefits has claimed he was misrepresented in a report made by Capita, the firm which assesses benefit claimants.

A Nolan Show investigation found that he was first assessed by Capita and scored zero points – meaning he was classed as not needing benefits.

The Department for Communities looked at his case again and also scored zero.

The Nolan Show knows the testimony given by the man to both Capita and the department.

It shows how his answers appear to have been misreported in the final assessments.

It comes after a scathing report from the Northern Ireland’s public services ombudsman, Margaret Kelly, on the system for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) assessments.

Capita provide the assessment service on behalf of the Department for Communities.

Communities Minister Deirdre Hargey has committed to bringing the service in-house and has said people have the opportunity to appeal to an independent…

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