Differences between key workers – Institute For Fiscal Studies- IFS

I welcome this work done by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, in so far as it goes, but I do feel further work is required, especially now that we are no longer in the EU, so a range could be UK, EU, non-UK/EU.

Further, a more in depth look at Social Care, as does it include non-care workers, of these non-care workers, a split between Social Workers, others in Local Authority departments, and a more defined split of actual care workers, with regards to workers in care homes, home care workers, respite, supported living, hospices, etc and also split between children and adult care workers.

Also a more in depth split in health into the various health sectors, Doctors, Consultants, nurses, catering, technicians, domestics, administration, etc.

Possible in depth in other areas also.

For this would show the deplorable situations within Social Care and other areas.

Much is said about qualifications, but in Social Care, while qualifications  are important, the knowledge about how to care is of even greater importance and this is the qualification of life.

For in care it is not just about turning up, and for some they do not turn up, but how you care when you do. As in care you are not there to care how you yourself feel, but how the person you are caring for feels, show them respect and respect their property.

However, these skills are not taken into account in the rate of pay for caring, when they should be, thereby making the pay rates to be far too low for the responsibilities undertaken by care workers.

Then there is the Government , public and media attention to the respect for care workers and this needs to change. For care workers are there to help those in need of care to live a life of their own choosing and not chosen by Government, the public, media and in some instances care workers.

For this to have any reasonable chance of being achieved the Government needs to reimburse LAs for all the austerity cuts put on them by previous Tory Governments and the additional costs relating to COVID-19.

However, this would only bring the finance situation to that of 2010, which at that time was very much insufficient, for when you look at Social Care it has never been sufficiently funded and this is down to all Government, be they Labour or Conservative and maybe others, if we go back far enough.

There have been many promises, by many Governments to sort out funding and many other aspects relating to Social Care, but none have do so, thereby creating many aspects of crisis in Social Care over the years.

This can’t be allowed to continue and to bring the matter to the attention of everyone, I created the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care, https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/solve-the-crisis-in-social-care.

I ask you all to, please sign this petition and then share within your own networks.

Some more information can be found here, should it be required.


Source: Differences between key workers – Institute For Fiscal Studies – IFS

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