‘Before, there were peaks and troughs – with Covid, it’s relentless’: social work eight months into the pandemic | Community Care

Social Workers have always worked under extreme pressure, both from management and service users, the latter just expressing their own feelings and wishing support. While the former, put more pressure on top of the extreme pressure already there and if support is given it is the exception, not the ‘norm’.

As someone with an adult 50 year old daughter with severe Learning disabilities and autism, who, luckily still lives with myself and while we have an excellent 24/7 care package, this does not stop problems and concerns from occurring.

So, unfortunately I am one of those persons contacting our already extremely overworked social worker and wishing results, as while I understand, to some extent, the social workers stresses, my first priority has to be my own family.

I also hear of concerns from other families as I also facilitate a learning disabilities/autism carers support group, but regretfully we have not been able to meet this year due to COVID-19, except for email contact.

Social Care is in an extreme crisis for those who are employed in a social work capacity and also for paid carers and the Individuals they provide care for together with their families.

While, to a large extent, this crisis is down to the complete lack of sufficient funding for social care, which as always been the case, but this has been exacerbated by 10 long years of austerity cuts to Local Authorities from Government and many additional costs from COVID-19, which are not being completely covered by this Government, but all the problems related to in this article.

The future for Social Care does not bode well for the future, unless, this Government provides what as been required and promised for many years, but will they, who knows, for previous Governments have not dealt with this when they should have done.

To cover some of the finance problems , with regards to actual care delivery, I did create the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,


I appreciate this will not solve all the crisis problems, but it would show some commitment to do something from this Government, which has been sadly lacking for many considerable years.


Source: ‘Before, there were peaks and troughs – with Covid, it’s relentless’: social work eight months into the pandemic | Community Care

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