Social Care is in crisis, which needs to be solved

Myself and my family rely on Social Care for the continued care of our daughter, who has learning and physical disabilities and autism.  We have for many years (50 odd years) undertook the caring without the direct involvement of Social Services, however, with advancing years and continuing decline in health, care is now required from Care Providers and is funded through Adult Social Care.

But due to 10 years of austerity cuts initiated from Central Government and underfunding from our local council well before, for at least the last 40 years, Social Care is in crisis.

With this in mind please see below

As you are aware Christmas 2019 has now come and gone and next week will be the New Year 2020, however, if the ‘Crisis in Social Care’ is not Solved soon there will not be many more New Years for the care, required for persons in need of care, to be provided by Local Authorities due to their lack of funding. This will then have a much greater impact on health care provision, which is itself in crisis.

So, please could I interest you to see my latest petition by following the link


Also hoping you had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year.



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